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    • 1 Antes de Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    • 2 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix/Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    • 3 Kingdom Hearts II
    • 4 Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

    Antes de Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    When Xehanort split into two entities by removing his own heart, both his heartless, Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, and his incorporeal Xemnas were born. After this separation Xemnas found his companions and among the six apprentices they formed the old Organization XIII whose common goal was to create their own Kingdom Hearts and thus be able to recover their hearts. However, Xemnas had another plan in mind, much more important by that time, because what he was really looking for were containers for Xehanort's heart.

    To that end, he spoke to Xigbar revealing his true intentions and the true meaning of the Nobodies. Well, apparently, when someone becomes Heartless and Nobody, their heart does not disappear, but divides into two: one part is completely diluted in darkness and from it the Heartless are born and the other is enclosed in the Nobodies, and it is allowing them to think and operate rationally. If a heart totally related to darkness becomes a Heartless voluntarily, it can retain its intelligence and sanity to continue acting as its original self, this is why Ansem had in his Heartless form abilities that others did not possess such as dialogue and the intelligence. Likewise, if someone also voluntarily becomes a Heartless, they can keep their will. However, if he is not akin to the dark, he will not be able to retain abilities beyond that will, that is why Sora as Heartless retained his will to follow and protect Kairi but could not contact or dialogue with his companions.

    Xehanort was aware that a part of the hearts remained in the Nobodies, but he did not reveal it to the rest of the apprentices, who by studying the same thing as him believed they knew exactly how the heart worked. Knowing this, Xemnas created the Organization with the intention of getting more receptacles for his own heart. To Xigbar, being already one of those receptacles, he revealed the plan and between the two of them they led the Organization in pursuit of its true objective. It is known that of the remaining members who got, at least one more, became a container of Xehanort's heart and therefore would also be aware of this original plan: Saïx.

    The excuse of recruiting new members for the organization was given to an important question: a keyblade necessary to free the hearts imprisoned in the Heartless. Events in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance revealed that Xemnas, Xigbar or Saïx were perfectly capable of wielding a Keyblade (since they were already half Xehanorts) and thus of releasing hearts for Kingdom Hearts.

    This was a problem, since if the founding members observed that there were already one or more Keyblade chosen among them, they would see no point in continuing to recruit members for Organization XIII (since what the other members longed for and his goal was to get a heart of his own). Therefore they needed the thirteenth and last member recruited for their plan to be a bearer of it so that, by creating the artificial Kingdom Hearts, Xemnas could fill the rest of the members with his own heart. However, Roxas and Xion's rebellion along with Sora's awakening frustrated these plans and made it impossible for them to complete them as planned.

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix/Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    I've been to see him, he looks a lot like you. »- Xemnas a Roxas.

    At the instant of Roxas' birth, Xemnas emerged giving a name to the newly created Nobody having incorporated him into the Organization in order to, supposedly, free hearts from the Heartless and create new ones for the group's members through Kingdom Hearts. However, Xemnas' true plans were to turn the young Keyblade wielder into a new vessel for his own heart. However, the newcomer needed preparation and to bend to the darkness little by little for it.

    In Roxas's first week of life, Xemnas began to wander through Hollow Hold where he encountered Roxas's original self, Sora. Speaking to the Chosen of the Keyblade that reminded him of "him" and stating that it was "incomplete", the Organization leader set out to test Sora, leading the Chosen One into an intense battle. Faced with Sora's victory, Xemnas congratulates him, which leaves the Keyblade holder confused what he was talking about before attacking him. Disappearing before being hit, he reappears behind Sora, explaining that he was out of his understanding and tells him that they will meet again, before disappearing.

    After this, Xemnas meets with Roxas in the Kingdom of Darkness, where he tells him that he has gone to see him, detailing that he looked a lot like him. However, Roxas does not seem to recognize him, to which Xemnas replies that he is the only thing there has ever been, or perhaps the only thing there ever was. Roxas corrects his question, saying that he was referring to his name, Xemnas hesitates and asks him if he remembers his real name. With no answers, Xemnas gets up and calls out Sora's name, before disappearing.

    After this, Xemnas gives orders to the rest of the members of the XIII organization to instruct Roxas in his new purposes as a member of the Organization and his main function, while he is dedicated to concocting an emergency plan for the chosen one of the Keyblade.

    With a safety plan in case neither Roxas nor Sora could be manageable, Xemnas used the base of Roxas's memories to create a clone based on Sora, resulting in the birth of Xion. Despite becoming the fourteenth member of Organization XIII, Xemnas does not make her an official member of it. After Roxas training and having tested it in different missions, Xemnas sends all the members to different missions to promote their plans, leaving Xion in charge of Roxas and Axel in the background.

    Xemnas observa a Roxas

    Xemnas finally extends his plans and operations to the second castle under his command, the Castle of Oblivion. Sending three of its members (Vexen, Marluxia and Larxene) to carry out their experiments on the use of memory control of Naminé who was kidnapped and made a prisoner of the Organization. Xemnas had placed Marluxia in charge of the castle and leaves it to Vexen to continue with his breeding project which he then uses to create a False Riku, spawned from the DNA of the original.

    Xemnas was also the one who issued the order to Marluxia to lure Sora to the Castle of Oblivion and experiment with the hero. However, one of the shady had brought rumors of treacherous activity taking place in the place, which led the leader of the Organization to send Axel to neutralize the threat, during these events, Zexion and Lexaeus go to the Castle of Oblivion encouraged by Xigbar who tells the youngest of the founding members, everything about the Chamber of Awakening, before this Zexión begins to investigate on his own in the castle of oblivion which makes Axel receive special orders to finish him also because his act It is considered "treason" although Xemnas' motives are really to eliminate No. VI before he discovered his true plans because he was the most intelligent of all his companions really and thus Saïx could replace him as second in command without suspicion, these orders are from fact transmitted to Axel through Saïx by means of a deception of nº VII, who affirmed that he needed Zexión dead to be able to get closer to Xemnas and thus defeat carlo, in this way Axel himself would not ask too many questions. After eliminating all potential rogue and extremely dangerous threats to his plans, Xemnas' plans take a slight twist.

    With Vexen's death, Xemnas' plans are forced to depend on Xion's well-being. He places Axel in his charge with the task of capturing her every time she tries to escape in order to find out who she really was, and later, sends Axel in search of the Awakening Chamber, but he never managed to find the camera despite the efforts invested.

    During the event of the year, Xemnas orders the remaining members to do their best to create powerful Heartless for Roxas just as Xaldin was doing for Beast. These missions did not have the objective of collecting the hearts of those powerful rivals but of creating new incorporeos to be able to replace receptacles that had previously fallen or been eradicated in the ranks of the organization.

    Roxas little by little feels remorse for the requests of this group and begins to question their motives until he loses confidence in them when he questions his own being and his own feelings for Xion and Axel are strengthened, finally repudiating what Xemnas is ordering them to do. . Roxas finally decides to leave the Organization in search of Sora to answer all the questions that the group refused to answer. However, Xemnas manages to capture Xion and alter her in order to obey him and orders her to go after Roxas to absorb him and become a perfect replica of Sora.

    Xion ends up being defeated as she begs her last breath for Roxas to stop Xemnas. Roxas, emotionally shattered and having seen enough of the Organization's betrayal, heads to the Nonexistent World to destroy Xemnas as he begins to lose Xion's memories and inherits his Keyblade. However, Riku manages to stop Roxas and takes him to DiZ to be sealed in a digital replica of Twilight Town. Deeming Xion a failure, Xemnas interrupts the project and orders Axel to bring Roxas back or kill him.

    Kingdom Hearts II

    True to his words in the previous meeting, Xemnas and Sora meet again in Hollow Bastion, the same world they met for the first time, this time restored, and accompanied by Demyx, Xaldin, Xigbar, Luxord and Saïx, although Sora does not seems to recognize him in their first meeting. Taunting and taunting Sora, he fosters the Chosen's desire to defeat them. Xemnas makes an empty joke about how he thought they could have become friends, and then walks away. From then on, Xemnas remained in the castle while the members of his group traveled on the various missions he entrusted to them for Sora to eradicate the Heartless and increase the number of hearts for Kingdom Hearts.

    Reappearing in the Hollow Bastion invasion, he reaches the Computer Room by accessing the Chamber of Rest before reappearing atop the hill to look at Sora and the rest. King Mickey, seeing his face quickly identifies him as Xehanort's Nobody. Xemnas retreats, but King Mickey pursues him and incites Xemnas into a fight while Sora, Donald, and Goofy are hampered by the Heartless. After a grueling battle, the three of them make their way to the cliff where they finally run into King Mickey who addresses Xemnas by his original name. Stating that it has been a long time since he has left that name unusable, Sora demands to know about Riku and Kairi. Xemnas replies that he doesn't know anything about a "Kairi", and as for Riku, he tells Sora to ask his own King. Retreating into a dark portal, he is followed by King Mickey for himself. However, due to King Mickey appearing again in Twilight Town, presumably Xemnas managed to escape or King Mickey lost his trail.

    With the sudden death of Axel, Xemnas summoned the members to what would be the last meeting of Organization XIII; debating what the former member bet his life on, Xemnas comments that something woke up when Axel approached Sora. After Roxas has been defeated and Xigbar has disappeared, Xemnas goes to the top of the Nonexistent Castle contemplating that Kingdom Hearts light before asking Saïx to finish off Sora and his friends knowing that the Kingdom Hearts was almost complete. The remaining members of the group having been defeated, Xemnas appears before his former master after learning that he was attempting to digitally seal Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas taunts Ansem, stating that he is the source of all the Heartless and that he inspired his disciple to go his own way that not even he dared. Although Ansem admits that Xemnas' intentions were justifiable, he questions his former student of all the suffering that such investigation led to. Xemnas reveals his intentions by mocking Ansem for being jealous that his own ward has outgrown him. However, Ansem laughs while claiming that neither of them truly understands the heart and that Xemnas' plan is destined for miserable failure before the machine explodes and with it Kingdom Hearts itself.

    Retreating as the light from the explosion envelops the area, Xemnas is horrified to find his Kingdom Hearts damaged by Ansem's actions and all those hearts that began to fall in the city and begin to become heartless. Having reached Sora and his companions at the top of the tower, Xemnas asks the three chosen to search for more hearts to repair the damage. Having refused their request, Xemnas enters a philosophical debate with them about light and darkness and then about the rights of those who are nothing. But as Riku and Sora refuse to believe the false sincerity he expresses, Xemnas admits that he feels no remorse for his actions and proceeds to confront Sora one on one on a separate stage.

    Xemnas ends up defeated, returning Sora to the Nonexistent Castle. However, without surrendering to his goal, he heads towards the destroyed Kingdom Hearts while urging to be one with it to obtain the energy necessary to destroy those common enemies they had. Sora and the others try to stop him, but Xemnas is sucked into Kingdom Hearts.

    Fortunately, the worlds created a door for Sora and the others to enter, because they would be the guardians of their destiny. Following Xemnas through Kingdom Hearts, they see that the last of the Nobodies has seized their power and transformed the kingdom into a place like the Non-existent World with a giant fortress in the middle. Separating Kairi and Mickey from Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy, the four fight their way to Xemnas. Having defeated him, they are somehow transported back to the Tower with Mickey and Kairi. Seeing Xemnas in need of more hearts and more anger, Sora tells him that the heart is much more than anger or hatred, and asked if he remembers that. Xemnas admits that he did not, before apparently having disintegrated in the dark.

    The new look of Xemnas

    With the help of Naminé; Kairi, Donald, Goofy and the King manage to reach the Destiny Islands safely, but before Sora and Riku can follow them, the portal vanishes revealing that Xemnas was still active, this time, on top of a gigantic mechanical dragon. After an arduous battle, Xemnas takes Sora and Riku to the Realm of Nothingness, this time wearing a robe that represents light and darkness. Exclaiming that if light and darkness are eternal, then so must the incorporeal. Riku affirms this but refuses to accept that something can last forever, while Sora adds that it does not make Xemnas an eternal being either. After an intense battle, Xemnas manages to seriously injure Riku before Sora after a series of combos with his sword and Riku's ended up killing him forever.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

    During the game, Young Xehanort, Xehanort's Heartless, and Xemnas intervene in Sora and Riku's Keyblade Master test. Xemnas takes it upon himself to get in the way of Sora's journey, making him question the evidence in himself and his own reality.

    Later along with Xigbar he stands in Sora's way and after a revealing dialogue, Xigbar gives him the order to take care of him, as he lost control of the situation. Sora wins the combat but is defeated by exhaustion in the dream world and the Young Xehanort kidnaps him so that Xehanort (the real one, in his old form) could turn him into one of his dark vessels (in principle they had thought as vessels to Riku and Roxas but both were useless because of their resistance to darkness and rebellion respectively).

    Riku intervenes to avoid the ritual, however Young Xehanort cuts him off, at that moment Mickey arrives and uses a Paro +++ to stop time and try to take Sora away, but Young Xehanort who can travel through time at will prevents them. this and faces Riku being defeated. Finally when Xehanort tries to make Sora his vessel again, Riku is held back by Ansem, while Xemnas holds Mickey, but then Lea intervenes, momentarily fighting Saïx. This meddling leaves Xehanort with no time to complete the transfer of his heart, but it does allow him to reveal his next plans. Xemnas then vanishes along with the rest of the New Organization XIII.

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