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    Wendy is a character that appears in Neverland in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. She is from the fourteenth Disney movie, Peter Pan.


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    Kingdom Hearts

    A very dreamy girl, whose wish is to visit Neverland came true thanks to Peter Pan who guided her there. But Hook as revenge for Peter Pan kidnapped her.


    Before her adventures in Neverland, Wendy was reluctant to abandon her childhood, despite her father's insistence to end her childhood fantasies, almost all centered on Peter Pan. Wendy tends to play the role of mother. caring for her siblings and telling stories to lost children.

    Wendy is very fond of Peter and that is why Tinker Bell was jealous of her at first. However, in the end, Wendy and Tinkerbell have a friendly relationship.


    Wendy is a tall young woman, around 12 years old. She has big blue eyes and curly light brown hair. She also has bright red lips. During her adventure in Neverland, she was dressed in a blue nightgown and black sneakers. Plus a blue bow in her hair.


    Wendy has no apparent abilities, however something made her believe that she did not have darkness in her heart, that is to say that she was one of the Princesses of the Heart. However this was false. What led to believe that is still unknown.


    Wendy comes from the 1953 Peter Pan movie.

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