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    Unknown He is one of the most difficult bosses in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep game because of his speed and strength, in addition to his abilities, since he is not only physically skilled but also has the magical abilities of the three protagonists and, in a few strokes, he will finish with you or he will kill you directly, especially if you do not have a level higher than 60 and you do not have the skills Last Death, Healing Blade and Once More. Still, the battle will be difficult even at level 99.

    Young Xehanort has 4 bars of life (800 VT) and although he has less defense than the reminiscent of Vanitas, he has a much more dangerous cast of attacks, which are described below:


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    • Basic Combo: An attack combo with the energy blades consisting of 5 chained hits, it is lockable, but very fast.
    • Advanced Combo: A much longer version and one that you will use more frequently of the basic combo. In this combination he will give 12 hits (although with 3 hits he will already leave 1 HP point or kill if he does not have the relevant skills).
    • Ascension: Stranger will jump into the air and try to catch the player with an energy whip. This blow can also be fatal on more than one occasion, because if it hits him and leaves him defenseless, it will kill him on the next attack.
    • Persecution: It will soar into the air and perform multiple lunges against the player, lifting them into the air.

    Aqua in front of the Stranger.

    • Sentence: It traps the player in a current of energy that will start a countdown, in which you will have to use a circle to get away by pressing it continuously, this is probably their most dangerous attack. The first time you use it the account will start from 5 but it will be reduced by a number each time it catches you with the attack, until it finally kills you on the spot.
    • Supernova: Similar in effect to the Mega Glare command, it will create a large fireball and hit it against the stage, damaging you if you are in its range of action.
    • Slice X: Unknown will jump into the air and throw a fiery cross-shaped slash at you that will chase you.
    • Pira: Stranger will envelop himself in columns of flames and rush at you multiple times, damaging you if you touch him. This attack is also Aqua's exclusive command, but he can also use it.
    • Tornado: An annoying attack like none. He will launch a Tornado at you that will damage you and send your commands flying all over the stage so you will have to pick them up again to use them. It is also a Ven exclusive command.
    • Weather: It will summon a meteor that will deal damage from the area where it hits. This is a Terra exclusive command.
    • Energy Rain: He will launch countless spheres of energy into the air that will turn into leaves and attack you relentlessly from all directions, perhaps this is the most dangerous attack after conviction that he has under his belt.
    • Outfit: For a while it will become invisible, and you will not be able to target it with a fixed target. It will continue to attack you in that state so you should not stop dodging at ANY time.
    • Multiplication: It will be divided into 5 clones that will attack you with the previous attacks separately, this can also be extremely dangerous.
    • Regression: If you cause Stranger to lose his balance, he will go back in time and heal some of the lost vitality, as well as attack you.
    • Drainage shell: If you attack him with elemental attacks or with an Accurate Shot after a few moments, he will block your blows and absorb damage, replenishing his vitality. In addition, if it receives more attacks to the same shell, it will release spheres of energy that will attack only when you are without movement.


    To begin with, it is advisable to equip yourself only with Cura ++ (4 or 5 panels) and with Pyric or electrical charges (the rest of the panels). Put them alternating loads and cures to quickly have the panel you want to use at hand, due to its EXCEPTIONAL speed and strength, try to have them at the highest level.

    Unknown in front of Terra.

    As action commands it is MANDATORY to have activated the evasion commands (Impulse, Somersault or Wheel) and Block Heal with all characters, as well as Air Impulse. Give up using other types of action commands. It's a good idea to disable Sonic Boost (if using Terra). It is recommended to keep counterattacks activated.

    The Shot is not the most important thing, because it will not let you aim at the maximum and it will also block you and heal when you use it. Even so, if you want to use one, Absolute Zero or Photonic Charge is recommended. As Final Blow, it is advisable to wear the Healing Blow with the three characters, as it will bring you great benefits, it is also possible with Ven to equip yourself with the final Stratosphere as it will give several blows to the opponent with a time interval long enough for them not to use "turn back".

    Regarding the skills, you must have VT +, Magic haste and Physics (so that your commands recharge in the shortest possible time), Final Combo +, Final blow +, Aspire damage, Last death rattle, Once again, Libra and Healthy Blade ( all of them as much as possible). Very useful, but not essential, they are Pyro Barrier, Ice Barrier, Electro Barrier, Dark Barrier, Ultra Reload and Defender. The keyblade to use must be the most balanced one possessed with Aqua and Ven, and the ones with the most attack with Terra. The Artema Weapon and the Eternal Crown (weapons obtained in the Coso) are a good option, as well as the Empty Quid (especially for Terra) or, failing that, the Chaotic one.

    Once properly equipped, we can face this combat of epic proportions.

    During combat you must focus on moving and dodging at all times with your evasion ability. This boss will not stop attacking at any time, so keep moving. As soon as you start, attack him with an Electric Charge and keep attacking until he blocks you. Then evade for a while while still moving while your attacks recharge. In this combat it is not very advisable to carry commands like Mine Boxes, since if you use them the stranger will go back in time with "Turn back" and heal himself, even so they can serve to charge your final hit bar in a neutral way. The Tenue command does not work with him either, you will become invisible but he will continue to see you and attack normally. The key to combat is to evade and attack as soon as you have the slightest opportunity.


    Here are some tips to avoid their attacks:

    • Both basic and advanced combos, ascension, doom and Energy Rain are physical attacks that can be blocked, however their long range and speed of execution will make this task difficult. It is best to block the combos to its end and then use the counterattack followed by a Pyric or Electric Charge. The rest of the attacks are better avoided with your evasion ability using it at all times.

    Unknown attacking Ventus.

    • Slash X, Pira, Tornado and Meteo can only dodge them, so use your dodge ability to do so as well. Be careful with Tornado, especially because if it touches you it will take away your commands and scatter them around the stage and you will have to retrieve them.
    • When it becomes invisible, run away. That's the only thing you have to do: use your evade command and run away. Heal when it touches you or you will die.
    • If he uses multiplication, go on the attack with an Electric or Pyric Charge. If you are lucky you will eliminate the clones in one hit and you can focus on the original again.

    Finally, it is recommended to be above level 70 to be able to defeat him. Still, you will have to have skill and a lot of luck to be victorious.


    • Upon defeating him, he will give us the Nameless Keyblade.

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    Defeating Stranger unlocks the Silver Trophy Fortune teller of the ages.


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