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    Unboxing PS4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III Edition

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    Valery Aloyants

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    Well, in the absence of 1 hour to finish the transfer of data between my old PS4 and the new one, I have decided to create this blog entry where I can share, in the community where I have spent the most time, of this beautiful edition.

    First I will show you the whole edition: the PS4 Pro with exclusive design, the controller with exclusive design, gift poster with the reservation and the Deluxe edition of KHIII (which includes pin, art book and metal box).

    Honestly, I liked the design of the PS4 more than I expected since the print looks much better in person than it did in the photos, in addition to the fact that the cover has a different texture than the usual ones (like rough) that I do not know if it can be appreciated in the photos that I will put later but that personally I have loved it. In the same way, the control has freaked me out because the print on the touch panel was not appreciated in photos either (and it is very cool xD) and to top it off it has a glossy finish of the *****, and I see myself reflected in he lol xDDD.


    Moving on to other matters, I show you in passing the Deluxe edition, which despite not being a hyper mega tocha edition, meets the minimum requirements of any good xD edition, a beautiful art book and a fantastic metal box. The book is a marvel, I mean, front and back cover are sublime without counting illustrations inside. On the other hand, the metal box honestly has a design that also knows how to win you over.


    As a last extra I leave you photos of the covers, the poster and the pin. Whatever edition you have, enjoy it to the fullest, because after 12 years of waiting I think it will be worth it xD. Greetings or /


    P.S. The poster is double-sided and on the other side there is an image similar to the back cover of the Deluxe Edition box (I just like this side so much compared to the other that I forgot to take a photo of it xDDDD)

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