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    Top 100 PS2 Games - Meristation

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    Judit Llordes

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    Hi everyone! I found this report interesting and I thought you would like to read it. After Sony recently announced that PS2 would stop being manufactured worldwide, the specialized video game website Meristation has made a Top 100 with the best games of this legendary console. And of course not on the list are the fantastic Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II! The first game in the saga is in the Top 10 at number 7, ahead of Final Fantasy XII and surpassed by Resident Evil 4. In contrast, the sequel has been at number 25, ahead of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and surpassed by Dark Cloud 2. Meristation has accompanied a brief comment and image to each game. Surely you will enjoy reading the comments they have made about KH and KH2 and remembering the magical moments that we have undoubtedly had playing them. Goodbye PS2!

    • KH
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    Kingdom Hearts
    One of the craziest ideas in the industry spawned one of the best role-playing games in PlayStation 2. Mix the universes of Disney y final Fantasy? Yes but no. Through a cast of characters created for the occasion and seasoned with established heroes such as Squall o Cloud, We accompanied Sora in the rescue of his friends Riku and Kairi in a world plagued by shadows and darkness, using a Keyblade as a weapon to put an end to the evil plans of several villains from the Disney world. Exceptionally designed, with a story that knew how to capture the magic inherent in the two cited firms, it was Kingdom Hearts the last great game of Squaresoft, before merging with Enix and giving birth to projects of much smaller size ... with exceptions, of course. Mandatory. Source: Meristation

    Kingdom Hearts II
    After laying the foundations in its first installment, Kingdom Hearts II he was much freer by not needing to stop to explain the peculiarities of his concept. Sora again assumed the role of savior of the Magic Kingdom, accompanied as always by his faithful Donald and Goofy in various worlds out of movies of Disney as The Lion King o Mulan. The title exponentially improved almost all aspects of the original: much more refined gameplay (especially the camera), agile combat with great possibilities thanks to the inclusion of turbos, and of course magic spells and invocations. To top it all off, the title included some powerful plot moments and had the best possible Spanish edition, with an excellent dubbing into Castilian that even today continues to sound like one of the greatest ever made for the sector. Source: Meristation
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