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Tetsuya Nomura (野村 哲 也) is a well-known character designer and game director who has worked for Square Enix since 1992. He is the original creator of the Kingdom Hearts series. He was born on October 8, 1970 (he is currently 45 years old), and his work at Square Enix stands out around the Final Fantasy saga and more recently the success of Kingdom Hearts, in which he has participated since Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.


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Criticism and Controversies

While his illustrations and style were praised by many Final Fantasy fans, especially those who discovered the series with the release of Final Fantasy VII, Tetsuya Nomura has been criticized by fans of the original character designer: Yoshitaka Amano. Along with the release of Kingdom Hearts II, came the use of some of the original Final Fantasy characters created by Amano, such as Setzer Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI. Since Final Fantasy VI was a Super Nintendo game, that is, with little graphic power, a new design of the character had to be made, which was made by Nomura himself, altering the appearance and personality of the character. In Kingdom Hearts II it is absolutely ostentatious, causing a lot of anger among some fans.

In 2000, Nomura indicated in an interview that he would like to work with Nintendo, which Square Enix denied in a severe statement since they were commercial rivals at the time.

Many fans criticize the style of anime that Nomura uses in his games (most seen in Kingdom Hearts) and how it alters the attitudes and aspects of the characters that are not original. Even so, a sector of more recent fans supports these designs and defends the original Nomura style.

More recently you can see the controversy over the new Kingdom Hearts 3D game: Dream Drop Distance, in which several fans have expressed their displeasure upon learning that the game will not be dubbed into Italian or Spanish, this despite not directly affecting it. , it is seen as a blow to their work as many fans have agreed not to buy the game and to make their own patches using their graphics and designs.

In 2016, in an interview with Nomura and Sakurai (creator of the Super Smash Bros. saga) the former stated that the impulse to create the Kingdom Hearts saga comes from Super Mario 64.

Next projects

He is currently dedicating himself to new games in the Final Fantasy saga, such as the Final Fantasy VII remake while developing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III, the latter being the end of the Xehanort framework and the beginning of a new arc with new adventures for Sora and his friends.


  • One of Nomura's many favorite scenes in the various Kingdom Hearts games occurs in Kingdom Hearts Re: coded, which is when the Digital Sora confronts and fights the Digital Roxas.
  • Luxord is the favorite member of Organization XIII of Tetsuya Nomura, since the powers of Luxord are related to Nomura, since the hobby of this is the games of table and chance.
  • Nomura's favorite scene in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is when Latent Consciousness rises to confront Terra-Xehanort.

Nomura "Chibi" Style Designs
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