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    «You can see that you are not a player.» - Neku to Sora during their first meeting.

    Neku Sakuraba is a character originating from the game The World Ends With You, which appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. He first appeared in a game demo at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show.


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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Sora is in Pass City calling for Riku, but finds Neku in his place, who was hanging from a nearby ceiling. Neku jumps up and shows Sora the timer in his hand, mentioning that he needs a partner to win the Reapers Game. He is accompanied by a spirit named Neko Cat, whose tail is shaped like a musical note. Neku had gotten away from his partner and says that he must find her (Shiki) to win the game. Sora helps him, though without really understanding the situation. Arriving in the Third District, Neku calls out a hooded stranger, who had made a deal. When he is about to attack Sora, Neku defends him. Finally he confesses that he had to hand over Sora to the mysterious hooded man and in return, they would return him and his partner back to their world. Still apologizing, Sora doesn't hold a grudge against him, claiming to remain friends.

    On Sora's second visit to Pass City, Neku returns to his partner Shiki, fighting the dreamlike ones.


    Neku's appearance is the same as in World Ends With You. He is slim, with spiky orange hair and blue eyes. He is shown dressed in a sleeveless shirt with a funnel neck, and a blue-purple stripe with a gold-colored one that goes down the middle of his clothes. He wears his blue-violet signature on one of his headphones. He also wears a yellow wristband on his left arm, and white pants held up by a loose belt. He wears black shoes with purple and gold stripes.


    Neku Sakuraba is the main character in the video game The World Ends With You. He was born and raised in Shibuya, Japan. This young man acts on his own principles and refuses to listen to others. He acts cold to anyone who tries to communicate with him, even resorting to wearing headphones to put distance between himself and the world around him.

    One day, Neku wakes up at Scramble Crossing, and finds that he can't remember anything except his name. Neku is forced to take part in the Reaper S game, performing daily missions assigned by the Game Master and surviving battles against the Noise and the Reapers. Later, Neku is forced to play the Reaper S game for two more weeks, discovering together with other people in the same situation the secrets behind Shibuya and about his own lost memory.


    • He, along with Joshua, Beat, Shiki, Rhyme and Mr. Mew, is the first character to appear in a Kingdom Hearts game without being original characters from the saga itself and being alien to Final Fantasy and Disney.
    • When Sora meets Neku, he can hear the theme song "Twister", from the game The Worlds Ends With You.

    Neku in The World Ends with You gameNeku's first appearance in front of SoraNeku talks about the Game to SoraNeku Sakuraba mostrando su contador a Sora.Neku talks to JoshuaNeku confronts the mysterious man hooded by Sora
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