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 Each filtering bag Secret Reports are the texts written by the members of Organization XIII that can be read at the end of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. 


  • 1 List of Secret Reports
    • 1.1 Day 7: Meaning
    • 1.2 Day 8: Purples
    • 1.3 Day 9: On the right track
    • 1.4 Day 14: This kid?
    • 1.5 Day 15: How dare they?
    • 1.6 Day 22: Castle of Oblivion
    • 1.7 Day 23: Research note 326
    • 1.8 Day 24: The upper floors
    • 1.9 Day 25: False ties
    • 1.10 Day 26: Axel's shares
    • 1.11 Day 27: Lapdog
    • 1.12 Day 28: Finish off the traitors
    • 1.13 Day 50: A strange sensation
    • 1.14 Day 51: Action must be taken
    • 1.15 Day 52: Another mission
    • 1.16 Day 71: The end of the traitors
    • 1.17 Day 72: Human
    • 1.18 Day 73: Now what?
    • 1.19 Day 74: Xion's Face
    • 1.20 Day 75: Something has to be done
    • 1.21 Day 94: Like silk
    • 1.22 Day 95: My Past
    • 1.23 Day 96: Friends
    • 1.24 Day 97: Boredom
    • 1.25 Day 117: Roxas and him
    • 1.26 Day 118: You have changed, not me
    • 1.27 Day 119: Hearts and emotion
    • 1.28 Day 149: He's the fake one
    • 1.29 Day 150: Deal with Xion
    • 1.30 Day 151: These dreams
    • 1.31 Day 152: As a person
    • 1.32 Day 153: It's going to be tremendous
    • 1.33 Day 171: The Plan for # i
    • 1.34 Day 172: Meanings
    • 1.35 Day 173: The bet
    • 1.36 Day 174: Only a replica
    • 1.37 Day 193: Dreams or memories?
    • 1.38 Day 194: The Aftershock
    • 1.39 Day 224: Xion
    • 1.40 Day 225: My secrets
    • 1.41 Day 255: Final stage
    • 1.42 Day 256: Who does each see
    • 1.43 Day 257: On the cards
    • 1.44 Day 276: After the truth
    • 1.45 Day 277: The true purpose
    • 1.46 Day 296: Hidden Truths
    • 1.47 Day 297: Contact with Riku
    • 1.48 Day 298: Change of plans
    • 1.49 Day 299: The Value of a Lie
    • 1.50 Day 300: Sunset and us
    • 1.51 Day 301: Xion or Roxas?
    • 1.52 Day 321: My site
    • 1.53 Day 322: The plan
    • 1.54 Day 352: What I should do
    • 1.55 Day 353: A non-existent future
    • 1.56 Day 354: Where I have to return
    • 1.57 Day 355: Mind
    • 1.58 Day 356: Unforeseen events
    • 1.59 Day 357: To my best friend
    • 1.60 Day 358: Objectives
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Secret Reports List

Day 7: Meaning

Author: Xemnas

A name defines an object. It gives an idea of ​​its size. It gives it meaning.

We have undertaken the Replica project to develop a new force. And our shadowy walking puppet needs a name, something that defines "No. i", that gives meaning to its emptiness.

Day 8: Roxas

Author: Axel

Every day we have new members. Number XIII turned out to be a boy, Roxas. And now Xion is number XIV.

Today's mission was to show Roxas what this is about. I think they've been pampering him since he came. He's not a bad kid, but he's not focused. Although, yes, he fights well. At least we won't get bored.

Day 9: On the right track

Author: Saïx

Xion is under observation and Roxas has started his training.

It is vital that Xion does not contact Roxas until they are sure he will do what is expected ... which will take almost ten more days, according to Vexen. As for the Master of the Keyblade, Marluxia will keep a good eye on him, I have no doubt.

Day 14: This kid?

Author: Axel

Today I had another mission with Roxas. Is it really my responsibility?

At least start talking like a normal person. Perhaps he is recovering his memory… Is he the chosen Nobody of the Keyblade? I do not see it clearly.

Day 15: How dare they?

Author: Larxene

Ha! How dare you say you don't need me to keep an eye on the Chosen of the Keyblade? And they go and send me out to teach basic magic to that half-haired Nobody! ... I should have set him on fire.

Bah, there is little left. As soon as I arrive at the Castle of Oblivion, our plan will be in motion and babysitting is over. Finally!

Day 22: Castle of Oblivion

Author: Axel

The Castle of Oblivion plan is underway. Our little hero must have made a move ...

His incorporeal and I have seen each other these days and have had some ice cream together. He doesn't talk much, but at least he's more expressive now.

I have told him about the Castle of Oblivion, but he seemed not to follow me. I guess it's understandable.

Day 23: Investigation note 326

Author: Vexen

The project is going according to plan. The "# i", the most refined replica, is a greater success than expected.

The other receptacle, unworthy of even having a number, has been taken to the Castle of Oblivion for experimentation. Although incomplete, both could be classified as special Nobodies.

Day 24: The upper floors

Author: Zexión

Marluxia has managed to bring the Chosen of the Keyblade to the castle.

I perceive many goings-on between the members of the Organization and the details of each project are scarce. I suspect that some of those projects are nothing more than personal machinations.

Marluxia seems especially suspicious.

Day 25: False ties

Author: Lexaeus

Getting information out of Zexión would be a waste of time. I know, but there is so little data ... What is happening with the upper floors? What should we do down here? We are kept in absolute ignorance of errands.

Zexión speaks of the bond that unites us as an Organization, but how can there be such a thing? Still he's the only one I trust.

Day 26: Axel's Actions

Author: Zexión

It follows that Axel's seemingly inscrutable actions are the result of Saïx's orders.

Why else would they eliminate Vexen? He just wanted to investigate. Weren't we all supposed to win with the fruits of their experiments? What is Axel thinking? ...

Day 27: Lapdog

Author: Marluxia

Axel is already on his way, although I highly doubt that he is aware of what we are up to.

Vexen was not part of our plans, so why eliminate him, assuming Axel's orders were to take down the traitors of the Organization?

Understanding your motives deserves our full attention.

Day 28: Finish off the traitors

Author: Axel

I've found out everything I needed to know about the replica project, but where is the other subject of study, the other replica?

Vexen ended up in the middle of it all… A shame, but it was inevitable. He couldn't let his project fall into the wrong hands.

What worries me most are traitors, those who could interfere in our path. The one with the keyblade is harmless.

Day 50: A strange sensation

Author: Xion

Roxas has woken up today. I think you've been dreaming all this time.

Being with him is strange and familiar to me, like the beating of the waves against the shore. I wonder why it is ...

Day 51: Action must be taken

Author: Saïx

The Replica project is still on the right track, but something is not right at the Castle of Oblivion. The shady ones bring news of missing limbs, but they are very rare. I lack sufficient data to understand the situation.

I doubt Axel has succumbed, but I must prepare for the worst. The first thing will be to find the chosen one of the key.

Day 52: Another mission

Author: Axel

I have lost sight of the chosen one and the other intruders. I am the only one left in the castle.

All the others have been eliminated. They ordered me to finish off the traitors, but I believe that now no one deserves more than me to be treated as a traitor.

In any case, I have one last thing to do before I go.

Day 71: The End of the Traitors

Author: Xigbar

Saïx's hand hovers over what happened in Oblivion Castle (more than the hand, the entire arm), so Axel is sure to be involved as well.

It is clear that Xemnas ordered Axel, through Saïx, to finish off the traitors. They didn't tell him about anyone in particular, but I have no doubt Xemnas already knew their names beforehand.

Day 72: Human

Author: Axel

The more you know someone, the less you need to understand each other. Simple gestures, looks ... read between the lines.

That veiled ambiguity is the perfect way to confront what happened at the Castle of Oblivion.

But the Chosen of the Keyblade and Roxas have gotten straight to the point. It may be something human, or just that they are special.

Day 73: Now what?

Author: Xion

I have lost the ability to wield the Keyblade ... and I don't know why! I have no idea what to do ...

It happened suddenly, after Roxas woke up. If I can no longer collect hearts, I will be of no use to the Organization. This doesn't look good at all ...

Day 74: Xion's Face

Author: Axel

I've never understood why Roxas likes Xion so much. I know they both arrived almost at the same time and they are both newbies, but how does that tie you to someone who always covers their face?

Well, today I saw it. Suddenly, she took off her hood… It turns out that Xion is a girl and she is nailed to Naminé!

Day 75: Something has to be done

Author: Xion

Since I can't use the Keyblade, Roxas accompanies me on missions.

Axel also gives me a hand so that no one finds out, so I don't think anything will happen.

But ... what will I do if I can't wield the Keyblade again? I can't lie forever.

Day 94: Like silk

Author: Axel

The hearts gathered by our two chosen Keyblades, Roxas and Xion, have come together to form the great Kingdom Hearts.

Our efforts have paid off, and it is ready to be harvested. All plans go smoothly. Too good, in fact, although this is not the time to get carried away by paranoia.

Day 95: My Past

Author: Xion

Neither Roxas nor I have any recollection of our lives as humans. I don't even remember my early days as a Nobody ...

Roxas says the same thing happens to him, but I don't know ... I'm completely blank. I don't remember the day I met Roxas, or Axel ... Nothing!

Day 96: Friends

Author: Axel

Xion is once again able to wield the Keyblade, but I don't know how or why. It may be somehow related to the hero of the Keyblade and they don't want to tell me.

I think I've been spending more time talking to Roxas and Xion lately than to my old friend Saïx.

I guess this is being friends.

Day 97: Boredom

Autor: Demyx

Every day I work, work, and more work. I'm getting bored. I'd kill for a vacation.

Even a Nobody needs rest, right? And when I have it, there is going to be nothing but my sitar and me. Oh yes!

Day 117: Roxas and him

Author: Xigbar

Roxas progresses by leaps and bounds. His face and the way he wields the Keyblade… they are exactly the same.

All worlds seem separate, but a strong thread connects them. Always. And a Nobody cannot leave behind the things he did as a human… It has always been this way… and it always will be.

Day 118: You have changed, not me

Author: Axel

Talking to Roxas and Xion always brings back memories of my life as a human, of when I was a kid. It's a strange feeling.

There's no reason why I can't comment on this to Saïx, but I won't. It is strangely nostalgic, but it is not me who has changed, but him ...

Day 119: Hearts and emotion

Author: Xaldin

Watching that filthy beast struggle reminds me how vile human hearts can be.

We become incorporeal to avoid the shackles of emotions. But then later we discover the magnitude of the loss: some things cannot be done without a heart.

Bah, in any case, the emotions seem despicable to me.

Day 149: He's the fake

Author: Xion

That guy who wears a coat like the Organization's is very dangerous ... I won't be able to beat him if I don't get stronger ...

But I am not a sham. No way! He, he's the phony!

Day 150: Deal with Xion

Author: Saïx

As we expected, the copy begins to show its limits. The project promised, but a puppet is nothing more than that, something to play with until it breaks.

I have no idea what Roxas and Axel especially see in that puppet ...

Anyway, I prefer to concentrate on finding the best way to get rid of that nuisance.

Day 151: These dreams

Author: Xion

I wasn't ready to see Roxas again. I can't help but compare myself to him. We both use the Keyblade, but we are so different.

I wonder if he also dreams ... It seems that I do not do anything else. Last night I dreamed of the ocean ... I was drowning.

Day 152: As a person

Author: Axel

Roxas and Xion must have argued over something. Knowing them, it will be silly, but good.

Let's see them, it's as if they were human ... Poof, that brings me to my head.

I wonder if Roxas understood the wrong button ... I'm afraid it went in one ear and out the other ...

Day 153: It's going to be tremendous

Autor: Demyx

I've finished my new hit!

I always have that heavy scarface on me giving me the tabar to work, but what do you expect me to do against a monster like that?

Stop and think about the abilities of each one when you distribute the work!

Day 171: The Plan for # i

Author: Saïx

Xion has failed in his mission. If this continues, destroying it and using the next replica to copy will undoubtedly give a higher quality final project.

The # i was part of the initial consignment, raising questions about his abilities. It would not be surprising if the current situation is due to a failure in its operation. Why would Xemnas want to keep it? ...

Day 172: Meanings

Author: Axel

What did Saïx mean? Why isn't Xion qualified to be a member of the Organization? He said it was enough to look at her ... look at what? Maybe the fact that he is equal to Naminé?

The two could be related. Xion must be someone's incorporeal, but whose? ... What is Saïx hiding?

Day 173: The bet

Author: Luxord

I find myself envying children. Perhaps there is a fundamental difference between those who become disembodied as adults and those who do not.

The longer you live, the more you are exposed to losing the bet. But a child can look to the future without fear of anything ...

Bah, I doubt that anyone sees life as I do, as a simple set.

Day 174: Just a replica

Author: Saïx

Xion is still sleeping. The analyzes on its operation do not indicate relevant changes. The copy seems to work, but a replica is a replica.

The last report on the matter that I made to Xemnas did not clarify anything. He just smiled ... Sometimes, I find it impenetrable.

Day 193: Dreams or memories?

Author: Xion

When I finally wake up, I go and pass out again ... Why? ... Is it because I am a failure?

Even passed out, I have done nothing but dream. It was kind of nostalgic, but what? Why can't I remember it?

It could be an important memory of my human life. I can only remember the soft and distant sound of the waves.

Day 194: The aftershock

Author: Axel

I thought I would never see the word "replica" again. Anyone with two fingers of a brain would realize that Riku's replica is not unique, but I am the only one in the Organization who knows of his exceptional copy ability and that he managed to create an entity.

The fact that I knew all this and did not find out the truth about Xion shows how extraordinary she is.

But my questions remain unanswered. Whose replica is she? From Naminé? From Kairi? ... Or maybe someone else entirely? Why has the Organization admitted it? And why does such a good replica fall unconscious or lose its power over the Keyblade from time to time?

Day 224: Xion

Author: Axel

Although Xion is a replica, like a doll, it is still Xion. I understand that, but how am I to behave with her now? Riku's replica was just a tool, but I can't use Xion.

No, I was wrong from the beginning using Riku's replica.

Is an artificial doll worth less than an incorporeal one that should never have existed?

Both things are ambiguous, flimsy to say the least. And she is my friend. Although none of us should exist, that does not detract from the bonds we form.

On the next day off, I'll tell him to all go to the beach. I wish we could...

Just a little vacation. If we can be together and laugh at nonsense, we will surely forget all these worries.

Day 225: My secrets

Author: Xion

I feel heavy and my head hurts. I have dreams too intense to be able to rest when I sleep.

Axel knows something. Hide some secret. I think the key could be in the Castle of Oblivion, the place where I was born.

Day 255: Final stage

Author: Xemnas

Xion's appearance must vary depending on the relationship that the viewer has with her. Saïx only sees her as a puppet.

The project is almost finished. Through Roxas, Xion is creating a copy of the Keyblade hero. The proof is that it sometimes seems to take the shape of this when I look at it.

Day 256: Who does each see

Author: Xigbar

Xion's disappearance is fascinating. If she's really getting out of our control, it's a sign she's getting closer to the hero's core, but it seems Saïx still doesn't really "see" her.

I would like to know how others see it. I see her as the hero, although I suspect that Xemnas sees something completely different about her.

Day 257: On the cards

Author: Luxord

You breathe tension, I feel it. If you make a big bet at a time like this, you could get a bad card and lose everything.

In any case, high stakes bets pay the most.

I am eager to see what results this hand will bring.

Day 276: After the truth

Author: Axel

Xion has disappeared. Roxas doesn't know anything yet, but Xion has figured it all out, so it's paramount that we find her.

We don't have a heart, so we accept the facts that are presented to us as the truth. But there is something much more important behind that truth. Saïx would mock someone without a heart who considers another a friend, but that does not prevent the case from happening.

As the Keyblade hero's Nobody and that Nobody's replica, they are both special. Unique, in the broadest sense of the word.

But that doesn't change the fact that we're friends. Nothing will. Do you get it, Xion?

Day 277: True Purpose

Author: Saïx

Axel and Roxas are up to something, but nothing they hatch will change the fact that the Organization has abandoned Xion.

The plans have split and diverged, and they move on to the next phase.

Projects No. i and Replica have only paved the way. Our true goals are others.

Day 296: Hidden Truths

Author: Xigbar

None of us really know what is happening in the Castle of Oblivion. There are rooms that even Xemnas does not know about. They even know very well that Xion was born there.

I wonder if the truth about this site will ever come out.

Day 297: Contact with Riku

Author: Axel

The man they call an impostor, that fake member of the Organization, is Riku. If Roxas dug into the recesses of his memory, he would surely remember.

But it is too early to report on that. First I have to find out why Xion was with him. If he is supporting the hero, he would have signed his sentence.

What are you playing Xion?

Day 298: Change of plans

Author: Saïx

Axel has not reported that the imposter and Xion are cooperating. That news came to me from Roxas. The boy is much easier to handle than Axel; although it is true that Axel has captured Xion and brought her back.

It is impossible to know why he has done it. We can change plans if necessary, but that would only delay us.

Day 299: The Value of a Lie

Author: Axel

Roxas doesn't trust me after the whole incident with Xion, but I still can't tell him the truth, so I'll keep lying.

It is not supposed to cost much to lie if you are an incorporeal, you do not feel guilty at all. But then ... why does it hurt a little when I lie to him?

Dealing with Roxas is giving me this unique illusion of humanity ...

Day 300: Sunset and us

Author: Xion

Today we have watched the sunset, the three of us. I think we can never do it again.

It's like that dream, where I'm on the shore with Roxas and Axel, watching the sun set over the waters. I just want to stay with them ... but how? What should I do to get it? ...

Day 301: Xion or Roxas?

Author: Axel

Xion is carrying out missions at full speed. It seems frantic. I do not know why.

By the way, I still don't know what to say to Roxas. Even if Saïx hadn't ordered me to, I would have done anything to prevent Roxas from being killed.

I also don't know if I could have stayed in my arms if the same happened to Xion ...

Day 321: My site

Author: Xion

Axel has always helped me, so I assumed he would do it again ...

Since when did you know about me? ... Maybe long before we met at the Castle of Oblivion ...

He said I should think for myself. It has made me very happy, but as I get stronger, Roxas becomes weaker.

I have to cease to exist. Nobodies aren't supposed to exist, so I'm something of the biggest aberration of all.

Before I go, I want to help Roxas and Axel, even if it's just a little bit.

I think the boy I saw today is the same Sora from my memories.

Day 322: The Plan

Author: Xemnas

It doesn't matter if it's the hero's Nobody or a puppet, we only need a chosen Keyblade operative.

The details are irrelevant. The puppet has developed so much that the Keyblade hero is completely expendable.

What's more, maybe we shouldn't let Sora wake up. We can't control it and it would stand up to us.

We must continue with our plans with that very much in mind.

Day 352: What I must do

Author: Xion

Riku has given me this time. Axel told me to use it to think for myself. The Organization is determined to kill me or Roxas. They will never allow us to coexist.

I want Roxas and Axel. Saïx would scoff at this. It may be a trick of my artificial memories, but the time we have spent in the clock tower is real.

I wish the three of us could stay together, like this, forever.

But I have to end this. I will never forget the sunset today. Roxas and Axel may do it, but I never will.

Day 353: A non-existent future

Author: Axel

I have not been able to tell Xion that she is wrong. Nor do I see myself capable of ending it.

But is it her or Roxas ... One must be eliminated. There is no future in which the three of us can sit and eat ice cream.

I know Roxas will never understand ... And I don't want to admit it either.

Day 354: Where do I go back?

Author: Xion

I wanted to see Roxas one more time, but I couldn't. What would I have told him?

Have I ever existed? Even if it is not like that, I hope that those moments that we have spent together watching the sunset are real.

I know Naminé will tell me how to get back to where I belong. I must go see her without wasting any more time.

Day 355: Mind

Author: Xigbar

The loss of almost half of our members in the Castle of Oblivion has turned Xemnas' plans upside down.

The results are obvious, but can that be considered a success?

If Kingdom Hearts had a will of its own, I'd say it's rejecting Xemnas ... No, rejecting Xehanort ...

Today, Roxas has left the Organization.

Day 356: Unforeseen events

Author: Saïx

Our plans never anticipated the possibility of Xion and Roxas leaving. How has this happened? When has Roxas gotten strong enough to surpass me? What were you really up to, Lea? ...

We entered the Organization at the same time and conceived our plans together, but now, that seems no more than a utopian dream.

Everything has changed. You and I.

Day 357: To my best friend

Author: Axel

Roxas is gone. It's so like him to leave behind an award-winning popsicle stick ...

Maybe tomorrow they give me the order to go looking for him, but having left the stick here it is as if everything had really ended ...

Hopefully the three of us ... No, hopefully the two of us can have another ice cream together someday.

That's what friends do.

Day 358: Objectives

Author: Xemnas

Hopefully, we can get Roxas back into the fold. And although Sora will wake up, as a Keyblade hero he will be forced to free hearts. If he attacks us, we will have to subdue him and use his powers to our advantage again. I must be one with Kingdom Hearts and reach another level of existence. That is the starting point of all my true ambitions.

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