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    Sora and Riku staring at the sunset, thinking about their next adventure.

    "Scraps"(also called" Blank Points "or" Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts ") is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Unlike previous secret videos," Patchwork "uses the game's graphics engine and has dubbing (previously rendering), rather than being a video hinting at a future game, it is considered to be the true ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


    • 1 Synopsis
      • 1.1 Veiled truths
      • 1.2 Silhouettes that are etched in the memory
      • 1.3 Two that were never to meet
      • 1.4 All the scraps are where they fell
      • 1.5 There where they still await you
    • 2 Characters in order of appearance
    • 3 Requirements
    • 4 Video


    Veiled truths

    Master Xehanort and Terra vie for control of Terra-Xehanort.

    The secret ending begins with Terra and Master Xehanort standing in a black abyss. The two of them have a faint glow around them as they are actually their hearts inside the new Xehanort and they are having a conversation. Master Xehanort wonders aloud how Terra can stay there after being possessed. Terra responds that it is still her body and her heart, and that she is not going to allow Xehanort to get hold of it. Xehanort simply shrugs, convinced that Terra will not be able to cope with his darkness as Terra could not master his own, but Terra reveals that Master Eraqus resides within him, and no matter what it takes, no he is going to stop fighting until he has foiled Master Xehanort's plans. The old man shows no interest in his words, and happily informs Terra that his possession was but one of many paths he may choose to follow.

    Silhouettes that are etched in the memory

    Braig ponders if the new Xehanort is Terra.

    The new Xehanort, now with longer hair, brown eyes, and a lab coat, is shown walking the corridors of Ansem the Wise's castle. Braig walks over to him, drapes his arm around his neck, and starts talking to him, but Xehanort pushes his arm away. Shocked by his response, Braig immediately deduces that the new Xehanort may have actually lost all of his memories. Looking into his eyes, Braig asks if the man in front of him is actually Terra. Xehanort still doesn't respond. Braig pats him on the back and says lightly that it doesn't matter and that "everything is under control." As they walk down the hall, Ansem the Wise and Ienzo appear at the scene, holding hands and eating sea salt ice cream. Just before turning a corner, Ienzo stops, drawing the attention of his teacher. The boy turns to see Braig and Xehanort walk away behind them. Thoughtful, Ansem also watches as the two of them move towards the opposite side of the hall.

    Two that were never to meet

    Wandering through the Realm of Darkness, Aqua bumps into Ansem the Hooded Wise.

    Ansem the Wise appears hooded the Dark Margin, dressed in a black robe. Aqua appears next to him, asks his name and how he ended up in the Realm of Darkness. Ansem is surprised, since he does not usually "have visitors". He then says that it is his second time that they are on those shores and explains that his memory has almost completely faded, just like the first time, making it difficult for him to remember his past. Aqua sits next to her and claims that she fell into Darkness and that she has been wandering around that place for a long time, unable to find a way to return to her original world. Ansem asks her why she wants to go back, to which Aqua replies that she promised her friends that she would come back together with them. Hearing the word "friends" Ansem remembers that she had once met a boy who was very similar to her, a boy who was loyal and faithful to his friends and who traveled the world to safeguard the Light.

    Ansem explains to Aqua that the worlds were about to succumb to darkness repeatedly, but they were always saved by that boy, wielding his Keyblade. Hearing this, Aqua asks if the boy's name turns out to be Terra or Ventus. Ansem tells him that it is neither of them and further explains that it has been more than a year since he had met the boy. He reflects aloud that he was blinded by revenge and did terrible things to the boy and his friends, causing many people to suffer. He attributes it to his conscience and the fact that he has the heart of an investigator, and reveals that while the boy slept, he hid the results of his investigation within him. Ansem realizes that the boy, whose heart is connected to many others, could open the door and save those who are suffering because of him, pointing out that everyone is waiting for a new beginning born of a dream. Right after, Aqua asks the boy's name.

    All the scraps are where they fell

    Terra and Ventus observe a shooting star as they say Sora's name.

    Naminé appears in the White Room of the old Twilight Village mansion, finishing a drawing of Sora in the Paopu Tree. She says Sora's name and the scene changes to Roxas, Xion, and Axel, who are sitting happily together on the Clock Tower, sipping a sea salt ice cream and looking out into the sunset. All three say Sora's name. Ventus appears sitting and sleeping in Tierra de Partida, where Terra goes to meet him. Come wake up and say Sora's name as a shooting star falls. Back in the Dark Margin, Aqua begins to cry tears of joy after hearing the name of the boy she met on Destiny Islands. She also says Sora's name while looking at the moon of the Realm of Darkness.

    There where they still await you

    Sora is seen sitting atop the Paopu tree in Destiny Islands, holding the King Mickey card from the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts coded, with a look of determination on his face. Riku walks up to him and asks if he's made up his mind yet. Sora replies affirmatively. Kairi appears on the scene and Sora explains to her that he has to go and help the people in need, because he is who he is because of them. Kairi smiles and puts her Always Together charm in his hand and says, "See you soon."

    Characters in order of appearance

    Maestro Xehanort.pngMaestro XehanortLandTerra-XehanortBraigAnsem the WiseIenzoAquaNamineRoxasXionAxelVentusSoraRikuKairi


    In order to unlock "Patchwork" in the Trio Reports, the "Memory Stick" must contain at least one complete file on Expert or Master difficulty, or on Normal difficulty with the reports of all three characters at 100% (all missions of the coso, commands, stickers, etc).


    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep — "Retazos"
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