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    • 1 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    • 2 Kingdom Hearts II
      • 2.1 Meeting with Sora
      • 2.2 Meeting with Naminé
    • 3 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    • 4 Kingdom Hearts III

    Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days

    Roxas with the two Keyblades.

    Roxas was born in Twilight Town and was soon recruited by the Organization, specifically by Xemnas. He was friends with Axel and Xion, who when they finished their missions (based on collecting hearts from the Heartless) would meet at the Clock Tower (Twilight Town) to eat sea salt ice cream. His fighting style is similar to Sora's as he is his incorporeal. Throughout his stay in the Organization he lived some missions with bursts of memories of Sora. This makes him doubt his past as he did not remember anything. Over time he begins to doubt the plans of the Organization and begins to wonder why he can wield the Keyblade.

    He was curious about Hayner's group, whom he wanted to befriend.

    Roxas was surprised to discover that Xion took on the appearance of his past self, and even more so when he discovers that Xion has the desire to become the "real" Sora and absorb Roxas, declaring that it was the reason for which he was created. Roxas fights her, knowing he couldn't eliminate her, he must have lied to her. Thus when she is defeated and returns to her original appearance, Xion is absorbed by Roxas, who tells her the true plans of the Organization and happily vanishes, turning to ice. From here Roxas can use two Keyblades: Fiancee and Distant Memories. Filled with anger and pain, he decides to fight the Organization, keeping Axel out of it. Along the way he meets Riku, who after a tough battle in which he ends up dying, resorts to the power of darkness taking the appearance of Ansem, linked to him through the darkness that inhabited his heart, and in which he ends defeating Roxas. Riku and DiZ place him in the "Virtual Twilight Village".

    Kingdom Hearts II

    In this game, you start out as Roxas in the "Virtual Twilight Village". A boy who

    Roxas en el opening the KH2.

    He lives in Twilight Town, and his friends are Hayner, Pence and Olette. Roxas begins to have battles with the Nobodies, strange beings, that most take them as foreigners.

    He also meets a girl named Naminé, with whom he has long conversations, in one of them he asks her if she knows her real name, but is interrupted by Riku, who also steals her money and later her blue Struggle Trophy crystal.

    In the Twilight Town Tournament, when fighting Vivi, who was controlled by a shadowy Nobody, time stops and Axel appears. Seeing that Roxas does not remember him, he wants to fight him, to whom he reveals that he was number XIII and chosen of the Keyblade. Roxas does not understand this and when he was going to fight he is again interrupted by DiZ, who tells him to go with him. Axel sees the danger this would cause his old friend and tells him to follow him instead. Roxas returns to Twilight Town by shouting the names of his friends. He beats Vivi and continues the tournament.

    On the sixth day, Roxas begins to feel strange; He has very strange dreams, and when he goes to tell his friends, they appear to be ghosts or holograms. As he goes out into the alley he meets Axel and some Nobodies. As he defeats the Nobodies, time stops again and he hears DiZ telling him to go to the mansion. Roxas goes and Axel reacts again, saying, "Then it's time."

    Roxas arrives at the mansion and opens the door, but several Nobodies appear and he manages to escape thanks to Riku destroying them. When going to the room of Naminé, this one says to him that it should not exist, and that both are incorporeal. When he tells him that he is going to disappear, Roxas is scared, but Naminé is kidnapped by DiZ and Riku, so Roxas keeps going until he finds DiZ's laboratory and destroys it.

    As he continues towards the capsules, Axel infuriates him and Roxas unleashes his full potential. After defeating him, Axel tells him that they will meet in another life, and disappears into a portal of darkness. Roxas finds Sora inside a kind of flower, which is a capsule. Then DiZ appears as a hologram and Roxas fights him to no avail.

    Roxas agrees to join Sora, saying just before his vacation is over and that Sora was someone lucky.

    Encounter with Sora

    Sora arrives through Axel to the Non-existent World. Upon reaching the Skyscraper of Memories, he is surrounded by a herd of Nobodies, while Donald and Goofy alert him that a portal of darkness opens in front of him, and Roxas emerges from him. Upon clashing their Keyblades, they are transported to the Station of Serenity, where they fight and Roxas asks "Why did he choose you?". He also clarifies to him before the battle that he had once defeated Riku and Sora is shocked.

    Roxas appears to have won the battle after a series of blows that cause Sora to lose his Keyblade, but through carelessness, Sora retrieves his sword, and deals a fatal blow. Roxas lets go of his fading swords, and falls behind Sora, his hood falling off, and as he turns around with a smile he says "You're a Good Other ...".

    Sora returns to the Skyscraper of Memories, and repeats Roxas' phrase, but Donald and Goofy explain that he disappeared and that they had to fight the Nobodies alone. Sora, decides to continue on his way, since it seems that only he could see it.

    Sora vs Roxas

    Meeting with Naminé

    "I see myself as you remember me. And you see yourself as I remember you." -Roxas when he met Naminé, before joining up with Sora once more.

    After the initial defeat of Xemnas and after the disappearance of most of the members of the organization, Roxas and Naminé reunite. Roxas projects through Sora before Naminé. They are happy to meet again, and say that unlike other incorporeal, they came to know their original "self" and become whole. Lastly, Roxas and Naminé believe that as long as Sora and Kairi are together, they too, and must accept their place within Sora and Kairi after being promised by their colleagues that they would always be together. With this, they merge with their original "self". Even though Roxas is gone at this point, he can be considered present when Sora and Riku enter the final battles against Xemnas, as Roxas and Sora are technically the same body when Xemnas dies.

    Roxas and Naminé see each other for the last time, when Sora and Riku return to the Destiny Islands. When Sora and Kairi are reunited, they smile at each other, while Roxas and Naminé do the same. With the death of Xemnas, Roxas could be considered the sole survivor of Organization XIII, albeit a former member.

    === [[Kingdom Hearts coded]] In this game, Roxas appears as a digital copy of the real Roxas, being the final boss of this game. However, throughout the entire game he appears as an anonymous hooded man. When the Digital Sora defeats him, he takes off his hood revealing his face like Roxas. His combat style is the same as in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, having all the limits of its two versions, that is, large and medium energy pillars, along with the onslaught of emblems of the organization.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Roxas appears near the end of the game introducing himself to Sora. Unlike in their first match in which they fought, this time Roxas is very kind to Sora.

    In the Non-Existent World of the dream realm, following Sora's encounter with Braig, Roxas appears in what appears to be Sora's heart, but in a memory of the Non-existent World. Sora asks Roxas if he can help him, referring to what he should do as the memories of Organization XIII and the darkness were increasingly confusing him. Roxas tells him that he can't answer that, that he should do it himself. He then tells Sora that he previously thought it was okay to be united with him since he was complete that way, but tells him that there are many hearts united with Sora's. Sora doesn't understand what Roxas is trying to say, and Roxas replies that it can't be him. Sora says that Roxas is not himself, that Roxas was Roxas and nothing else and is sad because he wants Roxas to have a real life and not have to be attached to him. Roxas tells Sora that he (referring to Sora) retains all his feelings and memories and that it is best for him to be himself. Roxas takes Sora's hands and shows him all his memories, some very painful, so much so that even Sora notices the pain. When he finishes showing him his memories, Roxas disappears.

    Later, when Sora "defeats" Xemnas, Sora begins to be consumed by darkness and a Young Xehanort reveals the reason why Sora is weak to the darkness and Riku is no longer: Riku overcame the darkness within and has reasons. In order not to succumb to it, Sora, even though he has a heart that cannot be consumed by darkness, has Roxas within him, and since Roxas is a Nobody who also belongs in part to the darkness, it is what allows Sora to be consumed by it.

    Finally with Riku at the headquarters of Organization XIII, it is revealed that the Keyblade χ was divided into 13 fragments of darkness and 7 fragments of light, and that only when they face each other will the true Keyblade χ be created, which turns out to be what contrary to Kingdom Hearts. Xehanort already has 12 vessels of his heart ready, 12 Shards of Darkness, and he plans to make Sora, or rather Roxas, his thirteenth and final vessel. Mickey remains in doubt who is the seventh fragment of light since counting Sora, Riku, Ventus, Aqua, Terra and himself there is one more. Before Xehanort managed to turn Sora / Roxas into the ultimate vessel, Lea appears and saves Sora. Xehanort's 12 vessels and himself disappear warning Mickey and company.

    Riku later saves Sora from the darkness that seeped into his heart when Lea saved Sora. Roxas appears and asks Riku what he is looking for in Sora's heart. It is the answer to this question and those of Xion and Ventus that also appear that allows Sora to awaken.

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Intending to return the Seven Guardians of Light, Sora arrives in Twilight Town in hopes of finding a way to bring Roxas back. With the help of Ienzo and Pence, Sora's initial plan was to simply rebuild Roxas with the data that Ansem the Wise used to place him in the virtual Twilight City. However, after being pressured by Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, his plan changes to fully restore Roxas' life.

    After asking Riku if this is plausible, Riku remembers the Organization's replication program and thinks it is a way for Roxas to return if he has a ship. Unfortunately, this plan is rendered unlikely due to Even's absence.

    While venturing through space on the Gummi Ship, Sora and the company are contacted by Ienzo with some news. He had cracked part of the Ansem Code and discovered that Sora has three unique hearts within his body other than his own. They all agree that one of them is Roxas and based on his encounter with Vanitas, the second could be Ventus. Unfortunately, none of them can discover the identity of the third heart that belongs to Xion.

    Upon returning from Even as Vexen, he creates a replica canister for Roxas at the request of Ansem the Wise and has Demyx deliver it to Ienzo in the Radiant Garden.

    During the fight with Saïx in Keyblade Graveyard, Roxas's heart emerges from Sora and combines with the replica, stopping Xemnas' attack on Sora and Xion. Roxas explains to the shocked Xemnas that Xehanort had replicas ready and waiting for every one of Organization XIII's hearts, and that he owed his return to many, including Ansem the Wise and Ienzo. He also claims that Sora helped him return.

    Before resurfacing, Roxas's heart calls out to Sora after he and Xion are shot down by Xemnas. Roxas explains to Sora that he needs his help to claim "the last key", as that is what binds him to the world and that it helped connect his heart with Lea and Xion. Sora has an idea, he tells Roxas to wait for his signal and releases his heart with the Keyblade which is then combined with the replica. Sora runs forward and tries to attack Xemnas, but is knocked out. Roxas and Xion then go after Xemnas while Lea attacks Saïx. After Xemnas fights Roxas and Xion, Kairi jumps in and duels Xemnas, but is then caught, along with Sora, by Xemnas' powers, withdrawing them from the fight. Roxas, Lea, and Xion continue to fight Xemnas and Saïx on their own.

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