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    Sora in front of a puzzle piece, depicted with a golden crown, on a tree at Disney Castle

    Un puzle is a minigame, considered as a secondary mission, which was added to the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix remake. As the name implies, the minigame consists of simple puzzles with different pieces, which when completed form illustrations related to the game. Upon successfully completing one of the puzzles by finding all its pieces and assembling them correctly, an item will be given to Sora as a reward.

    Through the various travels of Sora and his friends through the different worlds, they come across pieces of the different puzzles, represented with gold crowns, similar to those of Sora's necklace. There are 144 pieces in total, and each fits one of the six puzzles. The first four puzzles consist of twelve pieces, while the last two are larger, consisting of forty-eight pieces each. The puzzles can be accessed through Pepito's Diary; The pieces will not be automatically put in the correct place in the puzzle to which they belong, but must be selected and arranged manually by the player, who can select them with the button and move them with the left analog stick, and rotate them with the right analog stick until they are in the right place.

    Puzzle in Pepito's Diaro

    However, some pieces cannot be obtained until Sora acquires some of his abilities. Along with the Micro Organization XIII minigame, which aims to level players through the use of the Wise Form, the puzzle minigame encourages players to level up their other Fusion Forms to a higher level. Many of the pieces of the puzzle require that Sora know how to execute High Jump, which is obtained by leveling up the Brave Form; Aerial Dribble, obtained by leveling up the Master Form; and Glider, obtained by leveling up the Final Form. It should be noted that some of the pieces are also accessible with the creative use of the ability in another form (for example the puzzle piece on the hill of Halloween Town can be obtained using the Master Form, plus a jump and then an attack ).

    These puzzle pieces are very similar to the stickers in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep album label collection. Collecting all the stickers unlocks rewards, as does completing the various puzzles. The stickers look the same as the puzzle pieces.


    • 1 Puzzles and Rewards
    • 2 Related Trophies
      • 2.1 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
    • 3 Curiosities

    Puzzles and Rewards

    The following puzzles have twelve pieces each:

    The awakening (Awakening, Mezame?): Impulso HábilHeart (Hāto?): Cristal SerenoLights and shadows (表裏, Hyouri?): Read VetustoTo the wire: Materialized Illusion (Orichalcum)

    The following puzzles have forty-eight pieces each:

    The Aurora (Dawn, Yoake?): Anillo SupremoThe Twilight (Twilight, Yūgure?): Insignia Ilustre

    Related trophies

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

    Completing all the puzzles in Pepito's Diary will award the bronze trophy Each piece in its place.


    • The shape of the puzzle pieces is similar to the stickers in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
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