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    Part of Pandora ⑤

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    La Part of pandora (パ ン ド ラ ギ ア ⑤ Pandora Gia ⑤ ?, lit. "Pandora Gear ⑤") is a part found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and can also be found as Part of Pandora +. When equipped, it transforms the user's weapon into a very formidable one with exceptional abilities. Obtained from the Moguri Shop for 10000 Heart Points after collecting all Secret Reports, and the upgraded version is obtained by synthesizing it.

    For the members of the Organization, this part guarantees their supreme weapon, the color scheme is the same as that of all the Organization's weapons with this part: mostly gold, red or blue and black. For Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku, this part provides you with a weapon based on the characteristic weapons of the Organization members. The King is the only exception, who receives the Star Scout.


    • Subparte D x4
    • Tecn. Luck x2
    • Total Orb x1
    • Mitrilo x2

    Weapons in which this part transforms according to the character that equips it:

    • Lasso of Flames (Sora)
    • Star Explorer (King Mickey)
    • Distant Memories (Riku)
    • Omega Weapon (Roxas and Xion)
    • Infinity (Xemnas)
    • Final Weapon (Xigbar)
    • Dragon Kingdom (Xaldin)
    • Égida (Vexen)
    • Virtud Cardinal (Lexaeus)
    • Radical Treaty (Zexión)
    • Dichotomy (Saïx)
    • Importance (Axel)
    • Santuario (Demyx)
    • The Wild (Luxord)
    • Sacred Lotto (Marluxia)
    • Night Flight (Larxene)
    • Centurion (Donald)
    • Frozen Pride (Goofy)
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