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    Noheart (Nō Hāto in Japanese and "Sin Corazón" in Spanish) is an exclusive character in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and an optional boss, he is one of the most difficult bosses in the game, his name is an anagram of Xehanort without the X, wears a style armor similar to that used by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II, and carries Master Xehanort's Keyblade so it can be deduced that it could be the combat armor of said master (although it is not confirmed). It is recommended to be at Level 99 (to destroy the seal).


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    Noheart wears a bright blue armor, with black pants and a gray breastplate with a cross that crosses his chest, similar to the symbol of the Nobodies, although it seems to have the size reversed since in his case the cross in the middle is quite greater than the heart of the tip, this could be due to the letter "X" that Xehanort reveres so much and that is key in the Kingdom Hearts universe. His helmet consists of a pointed visor and a barbuta that covers the rest of his face, completing it, it is also adorned with a crown on him, on his shoulder he also wears a part of said crown. He also wears wide gauntlets and when seated he also wears a large cape. He carries Master Xehanort's Keyblade, which is his main weapon. The design may be very reminiscent of Nobodies, due to the fact that Xemnas wore armor almost the same as this one, although there are small details that distinguish them.


    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix

    His appearance is reduced to a mission of the Virtual Coso, in this he will appear sitting in the throne room of Tierra de Partida, his cape reminiscent of the one Xemnas wears in the final battle. At the beginning of the fight he will turn his keyblade into a sealing symbol and a barrier will prevent you from passing until you defeat the seal keyblade, it will have 5 bars of life. This part of the combat is not exaggeratedly difficult and it is only a prelude to what awaits us, his attack strategy basically consists of Noheart taking advantage of the barrier to launch several keyblades and shady volleys directed towards you to damage you, he can also create a black hole that will absorb and damage you. By knocking down the seal the real combat will begin.

    Noheart will remove his cape and fight face to face. It has 10 bars of life (2000 VT), and its attacks are very varied, and are explained below:

    • Umbrian Volley: Launch projectiles of dark energy aimed at you. They can be locked and returned. This is an attack that he uses constantly during combat.
    • Storm of Swords: It will be dedicated to making Keyblades appear and launch them like projectiles. They cannot be blocked. Like the shady volley, he will use it constantly.
    • Basic combo: He will attack in a 3 hit combo with the Keyblade. It can be blocked and countered.
    • Final+: A finishing blow variant of the basic combo, where he flings you through the air, surrounds you with keyblades, and damages you beyond your control. It is recommended to use Cura ++ right away to remedy the damage.
    • Dark crossbow: Turn his key into a crossbow and fire dark projectiles at high speed. He can shoot 1 to 3 shots.
    • Dark Burst: He turns his Keyblade into a leg and uses a 6-kick combo that ends in a shock wave finishing blow. It can be blocked.
    • Dark clamp: He grabs you by turning his keyblade into a clamp that you can get rid of with an X (circle in the Japanese version). If you don't, it seriously damages you with a dark discharge.
    • Black Boost: A variant of Terra's sonic boost, it drifts across the ground shrouded in darkness and damages you if it hits you. This is their most common method of travel.
    • Fake: If he manages to block an attack of yours, he transports himself to your back and attacks you with a sword combo.
    • Black Field: It creates a field of darkness that drains your HP little by little and slows your movements if you get within its range.
    • Air Rampage: Transforms the Keyblade into wings and launches at you in multiple thrusts. This attack was also possessed by Xion in 358/2 Days.
    • Drilling: Noheart leaps up and kicks to the ground, creating an extremely damaging shock wave that leaves you in shock if it hits you.
    • Black Explosion: His most dangerous attack. He transforms his key into wings and spends a few seconds absorbing darkness before making an explosion that leaves you with a single point of HP and with the commands in reload mode to prevent you from using Heal. Snaking energy bolts will also come out after the explosion, which also damage you if you touch them.

    In the remastering for PS3, they remade his combat style giving him a higher speed and attack but reducing his Vit to 7 health bars (1400 VT), also now he is vulnerable to fine techniques, he will not stop moving and also combine movements previously described within their combos.

    Combat Tips

    • The Healing Blade, One More Time, and Deathrattle combat skills are crucial against him.
    • On PS3, both Noheart and his Keyblade seal are vulnerable to Hit Shots, especially Celere Lightning, but he will hardly ever let you take aim at him.
    • Attacks like Electric Charge and Knockdown are a nice perk, in addition to various Cura ++.
    • The Harmonic Trance command style will do a lot of damage to Noheart, but physically attacking him can be suicide.
    • It is advisable to use the Healing Strike as the final attack. It acts as the Electric Charge so Noheart will not be able to harm you while you use it, and you will also heal yourself.
    • If you use Terra and have the Quid Vacuo key you will do very well against him, just like Chaotic. With Aqua and Ventus, the Innomita and the Artema Weapon, respectively, are advisable.
    • If you use Aqua, make sure that she carries magic such as Shield of Mines among the repertoire.
    • It is essential to have the Impulse, the Aerial Impulse and Block Heal equipped, as well as the corresponding counterattack of each character and other support and speed skills.

    Powers and abilities

    His powers are very similar to those of Master Xehanort and Terra-Xehanort. In addition to his great mastery of dark magic, he can use various keys by telekinesis and even transforms his into several parts, a skill shared by some previously seen keyblade masters (in KHII: Final Mix ++ Latent Consciousness, that is, the armor of Terra, also possessed this ability, turning his keyblade into a whip, ship, bow, claymore, cannon, among many other things, just as Ventus and Aqua are also capable of transforming theirs into ships, skates and bows into space, and even Master Eraqus himself divides his into chains of light during an attack to trap the opponent and then returns it to its form, although in that attack it only transforms the tip of the sword), and moves in a very similar to Terra-Xehanort when it comes to moving around.

    His offensive power can be compared to Latent Consciousness from Final Mix II, as he can inflict deadly blows with almost any move, increasing in power as the fight progresses and becoming more and more dangerous, yet his defense is poor with what if you are patient and play calmly, it can be easier than other enemies in the game such as the Armor of Eraqus.

    Related trophies

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

    Defeating Noheart unlocks the Silver Trophy The will of Darkness.


    • His armor is almost the same as Xemnas in KHII. This may be because Xemnas is Xehanort's Nobody. He also carries Master Xehanort's Keyblade as well. Adding these facts it is easy and logical to deduce from this that Noheart is the authentic armor form of Master Xehanort, perhaps with a younger form, since he is seen using the black impulse, which Terra-Xehanort also uses, which would explain let Xemnas also use a nearly the same one. However, it is not confirmed.
    • Upon defeating him, he will give us the Unlimited Crown Keyblade, which is the most powerful in the game.
    • Both Noheart and Eraqus' Armor appear only in Final Mix, in the Virtual Arena, and both are the armor forms of the game's Keyblade masters (Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus respectively).
    • The combat music is "Forze dell'Oscurita", which is a mixed remix of "Forze del Male" and "Darkness of the Unknown", which are Xehanort's and Xemnas' Heartless battle songs respectively.

    Noheart's Key TransformedNoheart's Keyblade


    Terra vs Noheart — (Critical Mode)
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