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    Lost Children

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    Each filtering bag Lost Children They are poor children who lost their parents, which is why they were adopted by Peter Pan. They live in Neverland forming a group with Peter. They always spend their time having fun, searching for hidden treasure or fighting Captain Hook.


    All lost children are disguised as animals.

    Bear Cub is a short, chubby boy with gray eyes and blond hair. He is disguised as a brown bear. Bear ears stick out from his hat. On his feet you can see how three black claws protrude from his costume. Bear cub always has his sleeves rolled up.

    Zorrillo is a very slim and tall young man with gray eyes and blond hair peeking out from under his hood. Dress like a fox. The costume has big ears that are orange on the outside and pink on the inside. The pants are oversized and have a large fox tail at the back. It is also always rolled up.


    The Lost Boys first appear in the Peter Pan movie. They are first seen when Peter takes the Darling brothers (Wendy, Juan and Miguel) to Neverland.


    • The Lost Boys number six in all, but only Skunk and Bear appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
    • Although they do not appear in Kingdom Hearts, all six appear in the manga.
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