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La Lea's Keyblade, is the unnamed Keyblade that Lea shows, complete with Axel, in the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance ending, becoming an official wielder of it.

In fact, at the end of the game, it is shown in the ending how Lea invokes her Keyblade, surprising everyone, especially Sora, Riku and Yen Sid himself.


Its handle would be one of Axel's Chakrams, joined by a fiery orange flame-shaped blade. It is apparently a Keyblade with a "key ring", according to the. As a curiosity, it should be noted that it is a combined Keyblade, since the handle is Axel's weapon, the Chakrams, and its blade, has a similarity to the color of his clothes that he wore when he was Lea, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is, in short, a mixture of both his original being and his incorporeal.

It is unknown if it will be a Keyblade with a lot of attack, magic or balanced, but it is speculated that it is very good in the magical aspect. In fact, it is also not known if from now on he will only use this Keyblade or will continue to use his Chakrams as well. At the moment, he has been seen summoning and using both weapons, so it is possible that Lea's Keyblade also has the ability to metamorphose (in a similar way to how Terra, Aqua and Ventus did with their Grooving Key, already as Noheart and Latent Consciousness do to turn them into various weapons). In any case, Lea's combat form as of now is still unknown.


  • If we look back (exactly to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) we can remember that Ventus gets a keyblade called Crackling Flame, which he gets after meeting Lea, and if we look at the design of this keyblade and the one that appears In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, we can see the great similarity that exists between the two, although in one the handle is the shield of young Lea and in the other it is one of Axel's Chakrams.

Read with your KeybladeRead showing his Keyblade to Yen Sid and the others.
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