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    Wonderland is one of the first worlds Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel to after joining forces in Paso City. Arriving falling down a burrow, they are curious about the overwhelmed White Rabbit, who runs off in a hurry. Upon reaching a mysterious room, they see the cowering rabbit passing through a tiny door. When wondering how it has achieved such a size, the Passepartout of the door surprises them by talking and telling them that they should drink from the bottle that was on the table. By drinking from it, the three shrink in size, but when they find Passepartout sleeping, they are forced to take another path.

    Upon reaching the gardens of the Queen of Hearts, they witness the trial that Alice is undergoing, apparently accused of trying to steal the heart of the Queen of Hearts. Upon being sentenced to beheading, Sora intervenes to defend the young woman knowing that the Heartless were the real culprits, and promises the Queen that he will seek evidence to prove that Alice is innocent, who is locked in a cage.

    As they search the lotus forest for evidence, Laughing Cat appears and gives them a riddle-shaped clue related to the evidence. As Sora, Donald, and Goofy return with evidence that the Heartless were responsible, the Queen becomes furious and launches her Soldier Cards to attack them. After the fight, Sora goes to rescue Alice from the cage, but they find the cage empty. While the Queen orders her soldiers to search for Alice, Sora and his friends also go out into the forest to search for her, where the Laughing Cat reveals the presence of the gigantic Conjurer Heartless, who will appear in the Mysterious Room when the lights are turned on.

    Once the lights in the Mystery Room are turned on, the Conjurer makes an appearance. After defeating him, Passepartout wakes up, and when he yawns, he shows the lock of the world. Sora's Keyblade suddenly reacts and seals the lock, dropping a gummi block. After that, the Laughing Cat reappears and mentions to the three that Alice has been led by the shadows to another world.

    Once you arrive, you will see the little rabbit in a hurry and scared ... it seems that he has to go say something to an important person. Follow it. After a short cutscene, you are going to have to speak to the talking doorknob (you can shrink back to your normal height just by taking the potions on the table) after this valuable information, (and while you're still large) push the bunk or bed that is on one side of the wall (to the left of the door with the knob that, as I have said; speak) and sink it as if it were a floppy disk: a small door will be revealed, for the one that you can spend shrinking. Once you enter, stormy scenes with Alice will occur, you will realize that the histrionic Queen of Hearts is going to behead her for alleged and absurd crimes that not her, but other creatures that you already know, committed.

    You have to go to the forest to find evidence that Alicia is innocent. ** ATTENTION ** Looking for the 4 evidences is not necessary to continue advancing in the story. However, if you get them, the crazy cat will teach you magic Ice a little earlier than you should learn it. You choose what you want to do.

    • Tests 1 and 2 - the footprints can be found near the two large mushrooms that are together.- Talk to the flower, and give her what she asks, she, on the other hand, will enlarge you to your natural size. Hit the thickest tree of all and it will throw a fruit (in addition to turning) that will return you to your normal size. Now you have new ways to climb between branches and leaves, to return (from another point) to the room where the talking knob is located, you will fall in a place where a stale smell comes out.
    • That is another of the tests.- There is a trio of mushrooms in a single file ... once you get on them and look at a leaf, the third test will appear, which is a kind of antenna.-
    • The fourth test, the most annoying of all, will require you to mount yourself on top of a pair of brown-brown mushrooms, and go up, to lead to another exit that is at the beginning of the screen at the top, when you crush the trunk when you get big, a couple of leaves appear that makes the place accessible, to the room with the talking lock. You will be on top of a water tap, and you will have to jump on top of a box (be careful, don't fall) to find some claw marks, the final test.

    Evidence or no evidence, return to the Queen's throne, speak to the soldiers to begin their unfair judgment. After a few scenes, you will have your first serious battle in Wonderland:


    • 1 Boss 1 Wonderland (Soldier Playing Cards)
    • 2 Alice is lost
    • 3 Final Boss of Wonderland (The Conjurer) (Difficulty: * * * *)
    • 4 Medical Attention

    Boss 1 Wonderland (Soldier Playing Cards)

    The cards are attacking you, and together they are deadly dangerous for two reasons: they can lower your HP quickly, and you can never completely kill them, they will eventually revive to the minute. Solution? Forget about them, and focus on the altar in the middle of the stage that has three wheels embedded in its three sides: Smash the wheels! Hit them like they're enemies. Once you have finished this mission (and as long as you have managed to dodge the cards, which will be thrown at you) the fight will be over. If you want, give yourself the luxury of knocking out two or three cards, but remember: You're just wasting your time.

    Alicia is lost

    Yes, you have guessed correctly: it is you who has to go looking for her. Head to the forest and new scenes will come. Now go to a new path (which was blocked by a huge rock, in case it is still blocked, unlock it yourself) you will find the table where the Hatter usually sits ... but it seems that the place is abandoned. What will happen? Go through the door of the house. Turn on the lights of the lamps using AUTO-TARGET and Pyro magic. The laughing cat will speak to you ... now get on the table where the potions are, where once again our feline and strange friend will converse one last time, as a prelude to ... 

    Wonderland Final Boss (The Conjurer) (Difficulty: * * * *)

    The conjurer is difficult, most of all, because he has various attack patterns and you never know which one he will choose to attack you. For the first time in this battle you will appreciate the importance of Donald y Goofy as a team. 

    Requirements before facing Conjurer:

    • Put a potion or two on Sora
    • Charging potions to Goofy and Donald
    • ALWAYS use the AUTO-TARGET (L1) both to attack him and to cast magic at him.

    STRATEGY: the conjurer is immensely great. You need to have a lot of patience, because as you can see, his weak point is his head, and not even Sora's jump can go very well. So while you get on the table (and keep your touch and senses to MAXIMUM to avoid his constant attacks) prepare to wait for him to pass close and jump on him by pressing the attack button repeatedly: So, while he is falling, Sora can hit him with three to four strokes.

    Pay attention: while he is far away, and you are on the table waiting for him, do not stand idly by and help Donald and Goofy, who are below opting for the worst possible tactic against this immense heartless: attack him head-on. How can you help them from your location? Simple! Use the AUTO-TARGET (L1) and fire some magic. Soon Conjurer will get angry and break the table ... but don't worry, it will eventually be restored. With a little patience and speed, the conjurer will soon be history.

    Medical Attention

    After leaving Wonderland, you will have the possibility to go to the Colosseum of Hercules. This FAQ has a whole guide at the end to win each and every one of your important matches in the Colosseum ... plus important strategies. Check it out if you plan to venture. However (and since your first encounter in the Colosseum is part of the history of the game) here we go with the tactics to defeat the two bosses that you will find there:

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