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    Kingdom Hearts II / Sephirot (Boss) Guide

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    This article is about how to beat sephiroth. Maybe you are looking for to the character.

    In this part of the game, he will first come across you during the invasion of the thousand Heartless, after a cutscene referring to Cloud, he will disappear. Later, after Cloud's fight with León, he appears to him defeating 7 Heartless and then disappears again, you will not see him again until much later.

    Upon completing the second visit to Hollow Hold, now called Radiant Orchard, Sephiroth will be in the Dark Depths. Press Triangle and after the scene the combat will begin.

    As for the equipment for this fearsome confrontation it must be carefully selected. Eliminate to start all the Combi and Air Combi +1 you have and activate all the lethal + you have, as well as the support skills Glider, High Jump, Quick Run and Aerial Dribble at the maximum level (if you play KH 2.5 Final Mix + must also be added to the previous list, Somersault), Aspire Damage, Last Rattle, Once again, Heal Blade, Defender, Air Recovery, and Madness Charge. As action skills activate all the available ones, especially Horizontal cut. The most recommended Keyblade is the Artema Weapon or, if it is not available, Distant Memories is also a viable option. Establish direct links to elixirs, ethers, Reflection ++ and Cura ++ (all other magics will not work against him).


    • 1 First Phase
    • 2 Second Phase
    • 3 Third Phase
    • 4 Fourth Phase
    • 5 Strategy
    • 6 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

    First phase

    As soon as Sephiroth begins, he will open the fight with "Oblivion". This lunge attack will hit you several times if you do not use the reaction command in time, leaving you in a critical state as soon as the fight begins. After this the real combat will begin. In this first phase he will teleport and attack you with Octacorte in very fast combos, they can be blocked if you have good reflexes and a cool head to wait for him and then counterattack. In this first phase it also has its "Eruption" attack already seen in the first Kingdom Hearts in which it invokes columns of fire that attract and damage you, you cannot block them but the reflex spell ++ in combos will allow you to avoid it enough to counterattack. As the last attack it can disappear and reappear several times from the air to attack without rest until you are killed, to avoid it use the Counter-cut ability to interrupt it as soon as it reappears and counterattack with an aerial combo.

    Second stage

    Here, in addition to the attacks of the first phase, he will use Dark Balls, which you must block with Reflection so that they do not reach you or dodge by moving and jumping with aerial dribbling, his speed will be increased as well as his range with the Octacorte.

    Third phase

    His dreaded "Heartless Angel" attack enters the scene, as in Kingdom Hearts I this will leave you with a VT point and no MP if it reaches you. To avoid this, fix the target on it constantly and when you see that it begins to float, jump and use aerial dribbling with a glider to reach it and hit it before completing the attack. Now not only is his speed fearsome, but he's constantly teleporting across the battlefield both to avoid you and to catch up with you with his attacks. His dark orbs will also appear whenever he moves or attacks.

    Fourth phase

    This is the worst of all, when he has about 4 bars of VT left, he will combine all his attacks at high speed including the Heartless Angel. Even so, do not despair because you can predict it, since before doing so it will teleport four times in a row, the Meteor Shower attack is also added to its repertoire during which you will not be able to reach it with what you can only dodge its blows. Glider and Reflection will help you a lot in this case.


    Start avoiding "Oblivion" with the reaction command and facing him directly with a chained combo, after the counter-block use square to use lethal jump and be able to chase him with an aerial combo, after doing the aerofinal, he will disappear and you will have to start over. Block his first eight cuts and fight back mercilessly. If it hits you with an attack, heal yourselves and make good use of the Madness Charge ability. If you reach it in a combo with this ability activated and you use horizontal slash you can send it into the air and chase it with another combo followed by several horizontal slashes. By not detecting this attack as a finishing blow you can hit it for a long time and drastically decrease its HP before it disappears again and hopefully you can even fully recover your MP during your offensive. Also be careful with his "Forget" attack as he will use it more and more often as the fight progresses.

    Make sure you always have him in your sights, when you hear him declare "heartless angel". As soon as you hear him set the target, jump, use aerial dribble and plan to reach him before he can execute it, if he reaches you use an elixir quickly to remedy the problem before he finishes you off. Likewise make sure you have him fixed when he uses his cut with teleportation in the air or he can take you down with that move in a matter of seconds.

    If you press it too much or miss a combo, it will use Eruption, which can leave you in a very dangerous position, if you see him start this blow immediately use Reflex ++ if you still have MP or run away with all you can otherwise. Reflection will give you a lot of help also in the advanced phases of the fight because it will avoid its dark orbs and also you will return all the damage that you would receive. Finally his Meteor Shower attack can only be dodged so plan everything you can and use reflection in the last hits if you want, hopefully Sephiroth will reappear near you and you will return the damage of the attack.

    In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix this boss can be made easier thanks to the Summation Form of fusion that will allow you to interrupt many blows and avoid them in addition to healing him, causing great damage, especially with Quick Lunge.

    Be that as it may, with persistence, you will finally rise to victory after an exhausting fight, Sephiroth will "congratulate" you after it and ask you to look for Cloud, you will find him in the Radiant Garden square. After warning him, return to the Dark Depths, to enjoy a spectacular scene in which, finally, Tifa will reward you with the keyblade, Fenrir.

    Finally a minimum level of 70 is recommended to emerge victorious in this battle without complications.

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

    Defeating Sephiroth unlocks the trophy The one-winged angel.

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