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Upon entering Ansem's lab, the PCM forces Sora and company into the computer and imprisons them in a cell. After meeting Tron and allying with him, they make their way to the central core and Sora uses his Keyblade to repair it. But they need a password to access the DTD and Mickey shows up to help them. Thus they can defeat the Hostile Program, an enemy created by the PCM, and block it.


  • 1 Tour / First Visit
    • 1.1 Boss: Hosta Program
  • 2 Tour / Second visit
    • 2.1 Boss: PCM y Sark

Tour / First Visit

After the cutscene save your game at the Save Point, and hit the door until the Reaction Command appears, which you will use to open it. Watch the cutscene and Tron will take on your team. Go down the corridor and open the two chests: the Pit Cell Area Map and a Mythril Crystal. Stand on the circle of light to get to the next area, where you will see a scene.

You will now find yourself in the Canyon. Follow the path to find four chests: Drive Recover, Mythril Stone, Mega-Potion, and Mythril Gem. Go back to where your companions are and examine the machine in the center. An event will start:

You have two minutes to find the real block, which is red. However, the block is moving too much, so I recommend that you first destroy some white blocks to grab the spheres and fill your bar, which will allow you to perform the Reaction Command to freeze the machine and consequently prevent the red block from move.

More scenes, and then you will have to return to the first room of this world. Here examine the computer, and then you will return to Hollow Bastion. When the scene ends, go to the wall and examine it by pressing the triangle button. More scenes, and then you will receive a new Form: Master Form.

In the corridor you will find a new chest. Open it to get one more Summon: Ukulele Charm.

Go to the computer and examine it to enter the cyber world again. After the scenes you will have an event. In the first part of this event you have to defeat five Heartless, and in the second part you have to survive until you manage to escape through the hole.

Now head to the Canyon. At the top of the road, turn to the Northeast to find an access. Get into that access to enter the "Dataspace" / "Data Space" room. Go over to the computer and examine it. A fun event will start: You have two minutes to turn off all three monitors. By killing the Heartless you will get spheres that fill your bar. When the bar is full, approach one of the monitors and perform the Reaction Command to turn it off. Repeat with the remaining monitors.

+ HP will be given to you upon completing this event. Tron will learn a skill. Go back to the Canon and go to the platform that is on your right (in the Northwest of the map) to get to the tower. In the tower, kill the Heartless in the hallway, open the two chests (AP Boost and Tent), and then go to the access on the right (the one on the opposite side of the red wall). You will enter the Communications Room, where you will see some scenes. Open the two chests here to get a Gaia Belt that increases your defense and resistance to thunder-type attacks, and the map of the Tower: I / O Tower Map. Save your game in the Save Point, and return to the previous room. Get ready to fight the Boss.

After the cutscenes examine the computer to return to Hollow Bastion. You will receive the Photon Debugger, which increases the damage you deal with thunder-type attacks and you will have completed the first visit to the cyber world.

Boss: Hosta Program

Kingdom Hearts 2 Hostile Program Boss Fight (PS3 1080p)

It is quite easy to defeat this Boss. Focus on him and run up to him to hit him with combos. Grab all the spheres it drops, as these will fill your bar that allows you to perform a Reaction Command to freeze it. When you freeze him run up to him and hit him as hard as you can (If your skills are better on the ground, try to freeze him when he's not floating; if you specialize in air strikes, try to freeze him while he's floating). Eventually it will start shooting rapidly across the room; When this happens, move to the center and wait for it to stay still and then resume your attacks.

When lightning comes out of his hands, dodge them by jumping or moving away from them (when you're behind him the rays don't reach you), Tron has a Limit attack that can help you.

Tour / Second visit

Save your game at the save point. Then examine the computer and choose the second option, titled "Light Cycle". It will start an event where you have to defeat all the Heartless. Watch the cutscene and you will reconfigure your team. Now you have to go to the I / O Tower (it is the tower in which you fought the Boss the last time you were in this world).

In the tower another event will start in which you have to defeat all the Heartless. Do so, and then proceed through the door on the other side of the wall that is red. Watch the cutscene, and then go back to the previous room (don't forget to save your game), and proceed through the door in the red wall. In the new room go to the bottom, and stand on the green panel to board a ship. On the ship, examine the computer to initiate an event. You will have to kill all the Heartless before the bar on the left side of the screen fills up. If you successfully complete the event, you will disembark in an area.

Here you will see several chests. Open them to get a Orichalcum+, AP Boost, the Central Computer Core Map, and a Cosmic Arts (I recommend equipping it, as it increases your strength and magic and extraordinarily raises the maximum AP).

Save your game at the Save Point, and then advance to the next area. Watch the cutscene, and prepare for a double showdown.

Once you defeat the bosses you will see a few cutscenes, and then this world will be renamed to Radiant Garden.

Boss: PCM y Sark

This confrontation is divided into two phases, one against Sark and once neutralized, against the PCM and Sark at the same time.

The strategy against Sark is to first kill the Heartless, and then wait for the Boss to make any attack that launches a blast at you. You can use the Reaction Command to launch the blast that threw you back, leaving him unconscious for a few moments. When this happens, run up to him and hit him. When he recovers, repeat the entire strategy.

After defeating him you will realize that this is not over yet but now we must face both the PCM and a Sark with regenerated forces.

Nicia attacking Sark. You have to hit both legs, and then hit his head until Sark is unconscious (if he gets up and you don't "defeat" the head, you will have to hit both legs again to make him lean).

Once Sark is unconscious, hit one of the panels surrounding the PCM (the center head). When you destroy one, quickly and continuously press the triangle button to directly attack the PCM. Eventually all the panels will be placed again, and you will have to repeat everything again.

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