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    Kingdom Hearts II / CH Guide: First Visit

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    In this game, Sora visits Jack again after a long journey, this time Jack seems to be neglecting Halloween. When he walks and discovers the portal to Christmas City, he is obsessed with it, trying to emulate Santa Claus. Sally is very worried about him. Although he helps Santa Claus by saving his workshop from Oogie Boogie, Santa Claus is still not clear on Jack's purpose.


    After the cutscene, open the two chests in this location to get a Mythril Shard and a Hi-Potion. Now move towards where the buildings are. See the scenes. Once you are in the laboratory, open the chest to get the map of the area: Halloween Town Map, and then save your game in the Save Point. Get out of the lab. Watch the scene and then defeat all the Heartless; just be careful because some environmental objects damage you, such as the fountain, one of the bars, the drains, and the guillotine. After the cutscene you can open the chests to get a Mega Potion and a Mythril Stone. Move Southeast to enter the Graveyard.

    At the cemetery proceed south to enter the Forest. In the forest there are three chests containing Hi-Potion, AP Boost and Mythril Stone. Near where Jack is there is a tree with a Christmas tree. Examine it and watch the scene.

    Save your game at the Save Point and then go down the hill. In the town square of Christmas a scene will start, and then you will have to defeat the Heartless. You can help yourself with the Reaction Command to rotate the structure in the center and thus hit nearby enemies. Once you have completed the event, open the four chests that are in the plaza: Hi-Potion, Mythril Gem, Ether, and Mythril Stone. Enter the red house and watch the scene. Here open the two chests. From one you will get the map: Christmas Town Map, and an AP Boost.

    Save again and then proceed through access. A scene will start, and when it ends you will have to follow the tracks. When you get to the cemetery, I recommend that you go to the laboratory to save your game, and then return to the cemetery and finish following the tracks. You will enter a new area where a fight awaits you.

    After the fight is over, head back to Santa's house. Save your game inside it, and then head to the factory to face off against the Boss.

    After defeating the boss, watch the scenes and you will receive an important spell: Magnet Element. This spell emits a power that attracts enemies.

    Deputy Chief: Jailer

    During the first phase, the Boss will throw fireballs at you. The tricky thing is getting close to him to hit him. Focus on it and approach it from the side, as if you wanted to surround it, in order to avoid the fireballs. When you are close to him hit him with as many combos as you can. Repeat until its second phase begins. In the second phase he will launch ice attacks on you. As you will notice, it is flying very high, so if you cannot reach it you will have to climb the hill, focus it, and once it approaches you, jump towards it and hit it as many times as you can so that it falls to the ground. From here you can hit it easily. In the third phase the Chief will be in green. In this phase it can only use short-range attacks, so it will practically chase you. Attack him with combos. In the fourth and final phase he will attack you with combinations of all attacks. Use the respective strategies.

    Boss: Oogie Boogie

    This battle involves a certain strategy, as it is not a normal fight. Gifts will appear on the "ramp"; you use Reaction Command to throw them at the Boss. When you have thrown him, you can hit him until he gets back on the elevator. When the Boss starts to change ramps, you will have to go to the front of the ramp (where the red or blue light is), and when the light turns blue you can press the Reaction Command to move to the other ramp that has the blue light. When the Boss is on a different ramp than yours, gifts containing Heartless will appear on yours. It is best not to open them. The Boss basically has three attacks. The first is to call a hand that will try to crush you. If you look at where it is going to fall, you can dodge it. The second is throwing you explosive gifts; if you move constantly they will not hit you. The last one is to use a beam, but this beam does not move sideways, so you can easily dodge it.
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