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Kingdom Hearts Guide
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This guide YES contains plot and plot details.

This is the complete guide to Kingdom Hearts game. Following this guide will help you defeat the enemies you encounter throughout the game.

  • 1. Worlds of Dreams
  • 2 Target
  • 3. Magical
  • 4. Donald and Goofy
Destiny Islands
  • 5. First visit
City of Paso
  • 6. First visit
  • 7. Second visit
  • 7. Third visit
  • 8. Fourth visit
  • 9. First visit
Deep Jungle
  • 10. First visit
Olympus Coliseum
  • 11. First visit
  • 12. First visit
  • 13. First visit
  • 14. First visit
Halloween town
  • 15. First visit
Neverland country
  • 16. First visit
Hollow Bastion
  • 17. Second visit
  • 18. Third visit
End of the world
  • 19. Last
  • 20. Ansem (Boss)
Additional content
  • 21. Olympus Coliseum
    • 21.1. Copa Fil
    • 21.2. Pegasus Cup
    • 21.3. Hercules Cup
    • 21.4. Hades Cup
  • 22. Special Chiefs
    • 22.1. Ice Titan
    • 22.2. Sephiroth
  • 23. Secret Bosses
    • 23.1. Secret Boss 1: Kurt Zisa
    • 23.2. Secret Boss 2: Specter


  • 2 Guide
    • 2.1 Olympus Colosseum
      • 2.1.1 Boss 1: Cloud (Difficulty: * * *)
      • 2.1.2 Final boss of the Olympus Coliseum (I): Cerberus, guardian of Hell (Difficulty: * * * * *)
    • 2.2 City of Paso (II)
      • 2.2.1 Boss: Reverse Armor (Difficulty: * * *)
    • 2.3 Agrabah
      • 2.3.1 Boss 1: (Centipede) (Difficulty: ****)
      • 2.3.2 Boss 2: (The tiger's head) (Difficulty: * * * *) 
      • 2.3.3 Boss 3: Jafar (Difficulty: * * *)
      • 2.3.4 Agrabah Final Boss: Genius Jafar (Difficulty: * *)
    • 2.4 Monster
      • 2.4.1 Boss 1: Parasite Cage (Difficulty: * *)
      • 2.4.2 Final Boss in Monstro: Parasite Cage II (Difficulty: * * *)
    • 2.5 Atlantic
      • 2.5.1 Sub Boss: Shark (Difficulty: variable)
      • 2.5.2 Boss 1: Úrsula and her Eels (Difficulty: * * * * *)
      • 2.5.3 Final Boss of Atlántica: Ursula Gigante (Difficulty: * * * * *)
    • 2.6 Halloween Town
      • 2.6.1 Boss 1: Lock & Shock & Barrel (Difficulty: * * *)
      • 2.6.2 Boss 2: Oogie Boogie (Difficulty: * *)
      • 2.6.3 Halloween Town Final Boss: Giant Oogie Boggie (Difficulty: *)
    • 2.7 Neverland
      • 2.7.1 Deputy Chief: AntiSora (Difficulty: * * *)
      • 2.7.2 Final Boss of Neverland: Captain Hook (Difficulty: * *)
    • 2.8 City of Paso (III)
    • 2.9 Hollow Bastion
      • 2.9.1 Sub-Boss: Riku (Difficulty: * * *)
      • 2.9.2 Boss 1: Maleficent (Difficulty: * * *)
      • 2.9.3 Boss 2: Maleficent Dragon (Difficulty: * * * * * *)
      • 2.9.4 Hollow Bastion Final Boss: Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness (Difficulty: * * *)
    • 2.10 City of Paso IV
    • 2.11 Visiting the Hollow Bastion again
      • 2.11.1 Boss: Behemoth (Difficulty: *)
    • 2.12 A T E N C I Ó N
    • 2.13 End of the World
    • 2.14 Olympus Colosseum
      • 2.14.1 Copa de Phil
      • 2.14.2 Pegaso Cup (Difficulty final round * * * *)
      • 2.14.3 Hercules Cup
      • 2.14.4 Hades Cup
    • 2.15 Special Chiefs
      • 2.15.1 Olympus Colosseum Gold Cup: Ice Titan (Difficulty: * *) (Repeatable)
      • 2.15.2 Platinum Cup: Sephiroth (Difficulty: * * * * * * *) (Repeatable)
    • 2.16 Secret Bosses  
      • 2.16.1 Secret Boss 1: Kurt Zisa (Difficulty: * * * * *)
      • 2.16.2 Secret Boss 2: Specter (Difficulty: * * * * *) 


  •  ;:Very easy
    • ;Easy
      • :Normal Easy
        • :Normal Dificil
          •  ;:Hard
            • :Very difficult

Olympus Coliseum

Go and talk to Fil (the fat little Satyr who trained Hercules). From then on, the scenes are unmissable, you will know quite well the way to go.

Boss 1: Cloud (Difficulty: * * *)

Cloud greatly improved his appearance since Final Fantasy VII (and I'm not saying it because of the graphics) his clothing is much more surprising, his immense sword is "mummified" giving him a great look, and in short: he is even darker than before. Requirements to face Cloud:

  • Potions for Sora, Donald and Goofy
  • Be wide awake and use TARGET (L1) to find out where it is.

TACTIC: Jumps and runs constantly, Cloud looks like a frantic bull, for the simple reason that he will run at full speed to kill you with his sword. DO NOT attack him directly. To beat Cloud, you need to know his attack pattern, and memorize it to be familiar, and incidentally know what he does in each case:

  1. Frontal attack running towards you at tremendous speed. Solution: Equip the ability "somersault", (if you have it) use it every time he does this.
  2. Jump and bury the sword in the ground (creating a shock wave of several meters capable of damaging you). Solution: Jump HIGH, and land on him by burying the Keyblade in his head. Be careful, because it seems that when he falls, he is literally drawn to where you are.
  3. Once Cloud is not doing his typical attacks, being in front of him is not dangerous, and in fact it will help you to defeat him easily because you can execute various combos against him. Jump up and hit him, do a combo, and walk away.
  4. Using magic against him is also a good idea (in case you are too far away). Position yourself well and shoot.
  5. If you make sure in time that it is too strong for you, wait for Donald and / or Goofy (who will surely die quickly) revive. At that moment, you set TARGET to Cloud and press "Triangle", so that the living companion is fully focused on your selected enemy. Although it is the safest tactic, because you can beat Cloud without being touched, it is extremely boring and the slowest there is. Do not use it if you think you can beat him with the previous four sections.

Olympus Colosseum Final Boss (I): Cerberus, Guardian of Hell (Difficulty: * * * * *)

Health! Cerberus is the first boss to span your television screen multiple times. A visual delight to see him move around the screen, looking for you to kill you.

TRIVIA: There are several good tactics to take down Cerberus, and one of them is to ride on his back (where he can never harm you) and let Goofy and Donald take care of him. However, and taking into account that this is your first battle against Cerberus, and that Donald and Goofy are still weak, this tactic will not help for now (it should be noted that for this technique you have to be careful since with the blow to the cerberus soil you can fall).

TACTIC: The main problem with Cerberus is that his attacks are really devastating. So the good thing is that you focus on only one of their heads: the one on the right or the left, never the middle one, because to do so you would have to attack him head-on, and doing this is suicide. You have to attack it BESIDE, never head on (so you will make it very difficult for Cerberus one of his main objectives and that is 80% of the reason why everyone dies facing him: to bite you.

Perform an aerial combo trying to be sideways as much as possible. Once he has taken some damage (even though there are times he does at the beginning of the battle) Cerberus will begin to vomit a viscous, black liquid, like oil. RUN! Because deadly circles will start chasing you across the ground, like eruptions, and do a lot of damage.

Dodge their fireballs and always have potions on hand. With patience, Cerberus (for now) will be history. Well, once you have beaten him, you will have finished with your mandatory quota in the Colosseum ... the next battles held in this place will be purely optional, but much of the best that this game has (and perhaps the main reason why that several FF fans bought it) is in the coliseum, not to mention that here are bosses that are equivalent to the ARMA (or Weapons) entities of Final Fantasy. Bottom line: the toughest bosses in the entire game. At the end of this FAQ there is a special section dedicated to each and every Colosseum Tournament and the tactics to win. Good luck! Now let's board our Gumi Ship and enter ...

City of Paso (II)

Once you arrive, search the Distrito 1 to Yuffie, and talk to her ... she will tell you that Leon is killing Heartless as a training mode, and that he is at the entrance to the sewers. Don't be scared, getting there is easy ... you have to learn the Red Trio to find Leon. Now go out of DISTRICT 1 towards the DISTRICT 2, get into the door next to the fountain or enter the hotel ... if you enter it, get into any room and from the balcony jump into the plumbing system.

Fight the Heartless and go to the gate where the water drains (and through which you cannot enter), do you see the red trio symbol right in front? Well, activate it. Once the door has been gently knocked down, you will be able to enter, and see León. After this, go and talk to CID to give you special information.

After this, go to DISTRICT 3, kills everything that breathes or moves. Do you see the red door? Well, it's the entrance to Merlin's chambers. How to open it? Use the AUTO-TARGET near the door, and apply PIRO magic.

Enter the cabin through a hole on the side, scenes with Merlin will happen ... then talk to Cinderella's Fairy Godmother, she will give you an emerald with great powers, a soul was concentrated inside her when her world was destroyed for the Heartless, but his heart was so big, even they couldn't defeat him: Simba. Your first invocation. Once you practice magic (not required) and do everything you have to do, you can go out to the DISTRICT 3, you will meet Riku and there will be a funny scene.

Then go upstairs and enter the house that is there (If you have not followed the guide step by step and you have gotten lost, surely you have entered and found that there was absolutely nothing). Some scenes will happen inside it now, it will never be empty again ... it is Cid's house ^ _ ^

Go to DISTRICT 2 by the House of Gadgets ... a ton of Heartless will appear. Go out and, if you look carefully, you will find some stairs: Go up. Use the Trio on the wall ... now you will see a bell. Playing 3 TIMES exact, you'll see a few things change below, including the appearance of a new keyblade lock. Once you've done your job, jump out of there (you won't get hurt) you'll have another great fight ...

Boss: Reverse Armor (Difficulty: * * *)

Do you remember Armor? Well, here you have a stronger and improved version, and also, it has two transformations.
TACTIC: It's easy, but it will take longer than Armor. This one has the same modus operandi as Armor:

  1. Attack her legs first, and then her arms, but with a slight twist: try attacking her either from behind or from the sides, as she will often use a strong attack that will send you flying far away (and take some HP off you).
  2. Once it has taken enough damage, it will change shape, and hitting it will be a pain as it "backs off" every time you get close. Use Sora's AUTO-TARGET, as always, and don't bother frantically swiping until he's completely in front of you.
  3. Once you have finished with his arms, the rest will be a breeze: the body is almost harmless. Reverse Armor can be considered already defeated.

Once the fight is over, you will have new vital parts for your ship (you have to talk to CID, who has returned to DISTRICT 1). Done, the events concerning the City of Paso are over, you can go out and ... 


After this battle, and when you get on the Gummi Ship, the chipmunks Chip and Chop will tell you that the "Phil Cup" tournament is available at the Colisseum. As I have already said: At the end of the FAQ there is a separate explanation of how to win each and every one of the tournament battles.


Warm Agrabah is one of the most important places in the game, as it is a huge source of wealth. Take advantage of! Once you get to Agrabah and have control over Sora, you have to go to Aladdin's house (easy to find, but explore first) save your game there. Inside his house there will be a new hole for Sora's key ... and also the nice flying carpet that, as soon as we try to make contact with it, will flee, flying.

Once you have done what you have to do there, leave Aladdin's house and continue exploring Agrabah, there is an alley where you should meet Princess Yasmin, who is hiding from Jafar. Once there are some conflicts with her, you will have to leave the city (just in the direction where the carpet went ... don't worry, because wherever you go in the desert, you will be on the right path). You will come across the carpet, and it will lead you to a place where Aladdin seems to be in various trouble: save him, destroying the Heartless.

Back in Agrabah, try to go again to Aladdin's house to save (go through the windows above, you can climb little by little) however, you will notice that there have been some changes in the town ... Everything seems to be inaccessible now! You will see that a new path (right in front of Aladdin's house) has opened, and the only way to access it is from the "top floor" of Aladdin's house. You will reach another part of the city (where there will be another hole for the key), if you open it, another door will open on another side of the city. Go back, go through the door where you entered, you will see that a new path has opened (on the left) it is time for the first serious fight in Agrabah ... 

Boss 1: (Centipede) (Difficulty: ****)

TACTIC: Add 2 more asterisks to Difficulty if you get into this battle and don't know the tactic required to beat this strange boss. As you can see, they are trying to take Yasmín, (hit with confidence, you won't hurt her). Attack its head or rear, use AUTO-TARGET (L1), however, in a certain time, it will start to glow. Get away! If you attack him while in this mode, he will deliver a near-fatal electric blow. Solution? Patience, attack it when it stops glowing.

Once you have won the battle, save, and go back to the carpet, which will take you to a different place, because almost immediately you have to fight your second "boss battle" ... 

Boss 2: (The tiger's head) (Difficulty: * * * *) 

TACTIC: Wow, another fight in the same "world" that requires a lot of patience, and which requires a lot of tactics. Do you remember the immense head of the tiger that overlooked the underworld where the Genie came from? ;) Yup, it's this same guy (dominated by the relentless heartless) that you have to beat.

His weak point is both eyes, which glow with a blackish light. Now: if you are intelligent, you will know from the outset that even with the auto-target (L1) it is impossible to reach such a high place. The trick is to annihilate the common Heartless that appear (and win green spheres) and wait for the head to drop to land all the combos and hits you can (focus on one eye first). You can also climb its back to reach its head.

Enter through the tiger's mouth, which is open. You will see that there are some very strange catacombs. Your mission is to reach an underground and aquatic place. To get there you can jump into the void (no, it's not a practical joke) jump off the cliff and you will arrive. You will see that a very ancient culture once inhabited those places, full of statues with strange treasures (Aladdin's monkey can do you the favor of looking for them) you have to move through these areas until you enter a room with a pillar of faces and ornaments so high that goes off the screen.

Use the AUTO-TARGET and fire at it, until what has to happen happens ... a new door "up" has opened. Now you can go back up (the way is easy) you will be back in the first screen of the catacombs. Don't worry, this is no maze ... all roads here lead to Rome: they are elongated rooms where you just have to go straight (and be careful with the many enemies that will appear in your way, at the same time that you have to go wading the traps) after three screens, you'll be in a huge treasure room (if you saw the movie you'll know what it is). You can save there (do it), use Apu to reach certain treasures, and to help you, when you are ready, go through the door for the last battle ... 

Boss 3: Jafar (Difficulty: * * *)

Synopsis Jafar: He is calculating, full of hatred, and hungry for power.

TACTIC: Jafar has the help of the Genie in this fight, so stay away from him as much as possible. Jafar itself is very easy, the problem is that his main attack (a thin tubular beam of fire) is very strong (not to say that the genius is even more so). But luckily, avoiding the genie is VERY easy, because he will not be chasing you, he will only be flying around the stage, just do not get into his territory.

However; Jafar is sometimes difficult to reach (because it flies) but it won't take long to land on the ground: DON'T waste time! Hitting him will be extremely easy: up to 4 or 5 combos before he flies again. By repeating this action two or three more times, Jafar will be finished.

Agrabah Final Boss: Genius Jafar (Difficulty: * *)

TACTIC: Even though Jafar seems like a most powerful and abominable creature now, he is actually the easiest boss in all of Agrabah. Tactic? Chase Iago, his parrot, who is holding the lamp, and hit him! This will automatically damage Jafar, who will try to hurt you by launching huge meteors at you (use the high reliefs on the stage so they don't damage you). Mercilessly attack Iago, and Jafar will be finished in a matter of minutes.

Use the AUTO-TARGET (L1) Some interesting scenes will happen ... and you can consider yourself lucky, because you have finished another mission. Agrabah is characterized not only by the appearance of more difficult enemies, but (in the area of ​​the catacombs) it is a gold mine to catch many platines. Time to move to ...


Synopsis: Who is Monstro? Monstro is nothing less than the immense whale that swallowed Gepetto's raft in Pinocchio, and that has a legendary bad milk. This world will be completely inside Monstro, where a host of parasites, sausages and guts will make of it a beautiful visual spectacle (And a whole maze), but if you follow the instructions to the letter, it will not be difficult and not you will have trouble getting out of there: the order in which you must take the doors is as follows:

  • Stomach 2
  • Stomach 3
  • Stomach 2
  • Stomach 5
  • Stomach 6
  • Stomach 5
  • Stomach 4

If you hit the wrong door or fall, you will have to start over from the stomach 1. However, it is not so bad that this happens to you at this point in the game, Monster is a fantastic place to train and level up. With respect to the other events that may take place at this level, don't worry, everything will go straight like an arrow.

Boss 1: Parasite Cage (Difficulty: * *)

TACTIC: Riku will be on your team in this battle ... so things really couldn't get any easier. Pinocchio is inside the parasite cage. But don't worry, whatever you do to this boss, you won't harm Pinocchio.

Use the AUTO-TARGET to shoot the magic at him Piro (works wonders against this boss) meanwhile, you can also get in close and give him a good beating. Cage Parásty will be defeated in less time than you would like.

You will now have the "group" ability to jump high (equip it), you will be able to enter through another door that is above the door that leads to Monstro's stomachs. Take all the treasures that you stopped taking to get to Gepetto's house, on your way you will find a way to get on that second door.

Final Boss in Monstro: Parasite Cage II (Difficulty: * * *)

TACTIC: this time Riku has left you alone, and Parasite Cage has returned stronger and with a load of deadly poison that will lower your HP little by little. But if you are careful, it will be just as easy: use Piro again, it still works great. Your characters will be poisoned whatever you do, but don't worry: Ride to the highest places and attack him. Parasite Cage will die in minutes. (Have potions nearby).


After these events ... Chip and Chop will tell you that the PEGASO Cup it is being contested in the Colosseum. So once again, for more information consult the special section of this FAQ for the Colosseum as you can dispute it whenever you want. Time to move to ...


The world of The Little Mermaid It is a very original world with several headaches ... the most detestable thing about this part of the game is the little music, which after two hours of play, begins to become sinisterly tedious. As soon as you arrive, you will meet, without many setbacks, with Ariel and Sebastián, they will give you a short course that will serve you for the rest of your "stay" in Atlántica, take advantage of it without reluctance. You have to follow Nemo every time he moves. After killing a few enemies, hit the shell.

Once all the scenes are over, head to King Triton's castle following the trident marks painted on the walls. Atlántica can be a bit labyrinthine, but the truth is that it is an excellent place to train. So do not despair if you do not reach the desired place, because when it comes to this world, it happens to all of us.

As you continue deep into a cavern, (and faithfully following the trident marks on paths that seem to lead you nowhere) you will arrive at the great palace of Triton. There will be scenes with Triton, who seems to be a very good and just king, but a stern father. Once your work is finished in this place, go out to the area of ​​the anteroom to Triton's palace, in the area after that (the open place) if you continue exploring you will see a rock that covers a path ... Sora will open it, here there is Ariel's secret room, where he methodically stores everything on shelves, in a classified and orderly way. Of course, a small scene will be dedicated to showing you a strange symbol in this place, which is neither more nor less than the Lock of this world, but that has no greater relevance now.

If you go back to the open place from before, and you follow the dolphin, you will see that (after defeating all the enemies in the area, which are not few, so be patient) you can board the dolphin (don't let it go) This will take you through a stream of water that is impossible to pass alone: ​​you will end up in an area where there is a sunken ship.

Get inside this sunken ship, look for a jewel called "ROYALTY", do not confuse it with the treasures of the ship, the time has come for a little serious confrontation ...

Sub Boss: Shark (Difficulty: variable)

TACTIC: It is easy, but if you are not careful it will finish you in less time than you can imagine. Just get away from their jaws and attack the body. That easy...

After you finish off the first shark incarnation, you can return to Ariel's secret cave. Shark will appear several more times, do not miss the opportunity to fight with him as many times as you can, each fight gives you 100 exp. Points, so take advantage. Examine the hole ... some relevant things will happen.

You have to go back to the sunken ship. Shark could reappear (this time much stronger) be careful. Explore the area outside the ship well, you will find a huge rock that is covering something important, ask Sebastián to help you. You will see that what has opened in front of you is a new path that leads to the rooms of the witch Ursula. Before proceeding to his lair, scout the area well to save your game ... when you feel ready, enter the immense Eel-Lair for your first formal "Boss" fight in Atlantica.

Boss 1: Ursula and her Eels (Difficulty: * * * * *)

Synopsis Úrsula: Úrsula, the sea witch. Definitely one of the best Disney villains. Úrsula is a classic that is torn between humor, intelligence, and acute evil. More vile and intelligent than Jafar ... Ursula will also give you more headaches.

TACTIC: Many people ask for help for this battle, because they don't know what to do to harm Úrsula ... so here are some basic requirements before facing her:

  1. Use Ariel, leave Goofy on the bench for now.
  2. Load them all (and you) with potions.
  3. Patience.
  4. DO NOT attack Úrsula directly.
  5. Knock out either of their two eels first, let Ariel and Donald take care of the other.

Okay, let's start with the tactic: Is the eel already knocked out? Well! Now what you have to do is add magic to Úrsula's cauldron, but BEWARE: not just any magic, but the magic corresponding to color:

  • Ice blue
  • Red - Fire.

You understand? Once you cast the corresponding magic four or five times (Do all this with SPEED before Úrsula casts her own magic and spoils everything) into the cauldron, there will be an immense blast that will knock Ursula and her eels out of combat, but only for 30 seconds. HURRY UP! And hit Úrsula EVERYTHING YOU CAN. Speed, speed, speed and dexterity. This it is. Eels will never be completely defeated, they will revive after one minute. Goodness! They have to revive, so that when you hit them, you earn MP points and can continue attacking the cauldron of the witch Ursula. Repeating this operation 3 or 4 times (if you apply the combos well) she will be history.

After the battle save, and equip the new ability with which you will no longer need the help of the Dolphin to navigate in the currents. Now save your game near Ursula's lair. When you feel ready you can start swimming against the current to a suspicious room ... the final battle against Úrsula awaits you.

Atlántica Final Boss: Ursula Gigante (Difficulty: * * * * *)

TACTIC: I don't want to scare you or demoralize you, but it will be the most difficult final boss you've ever faced in Kingdom Hearts up to this point in the game. Here is a very good tactic to end it, but first some requirements:

  1. Have Ariel in your group
  2. Trade Donald for Goofy.
  3. Practice English (if you don't have a translated version).
  4. Be careful, review the buttons to raise or lower well.
  5. Equip a Potion or Omniptions. It is good that you heal yourself when you need it.
  6. Don't let your PM run out.

You can do two things: 1: constantly run away and let Goofy and Ariel take care or 2: it will be necessary for you to listen carefully to what she tells you,then with a certain comment comes a certain attack, and this simple tactic will go a long way to help you avoid what's coming.

  • When she says: TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! (Look at this!) Is that it will start to shoot destructive bubbles from its mouth. Solution? RISE UP! Get closer and start hitting the head as much as you can.
  • When she says: I'M MAD NOW! (Now I am angry!) It is that he will make a multiple thunder attack. Solution? GET AWAY! After he does, it's a good chance to hit his big head some combos
  • When she says to Sora: THIS ONE'S FOR BEING PRETTY! (This is for being cute) means that it will form a whole thunderstorm. Solution? Potions or Omnipociones, it is almost impossible to avoid. Don't stop moving. (She will use this attack when her HP is low.)

Be careful of its absorptions, Ursula will try to bite you, and to attract you she will begin to suck ... use your new ability that allows you to swim against the current (but do not go too far) after that attack there is an excellent opportunity to apply two good combos . 



1. Have Sora, Ariel, and Goofy on your team.

2. Have Ariel and Goofy with all potions or Ultra Potions ect ... and Sora with 2 Elexires or Omnielexires and the rest with Potions.

3. That Ariel have active the Skills: "MP Haste", "Aspire Damage", "Iron Health" and "Healing Potion".

4. That Sora has the Keyblade equipped with the "Examiner" keychain, which is achieved by talking to Merlin in Traverse Town, telling him that you want to Practice Magic. It is also recommended that Sora have the "Ray of Light" ring equipped. The important thing is that Sora has a lot of MP, not Attack.

The battle will be easy enough, but long, very long.

  • You have to make Sora ALWAYS at the top of the battle area (Pressing O repeatedly and the joystick to the right or left). SORA DOES NOT HAVE TO FIGHT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.
  • If you can, lend Ariel an item that increases MP. Since she attacks and heals with PMs.
  • You have to watch ARIEL. You have to make Ariel always be alive (Healing her with Cure (That's what Sora's MPs are for) or with the Potions that Sora has, When Sora runs out of PM he uses elexires and so on all the time) or preferably he is if he has P.M. If she does not have MP yet dead, keep dodging Ursula's attacks with Sora until Ariel recovers completely thanks to the ability "Iron Health".
  • Ariel will heal herself when she lacks life, if she has life to spare, she will heal Goofy or Sora if she has suffered a blow (Although it should not be like that).
  • You will enter a loop until finally, Ariel and Goofy leave Úrsula's VT on the green line (the last one), just with one pixel. That's when you get close to Sora when there is a chance, you give him the coup de grace.

Finally, Úrsula will have an end as swift as her own evil. Congratulations! You've beaten Úrsula ^ ____ ^ Time to move to ...

Halloween town

Based on the Tim Burton-directed film "A Nightmare Before Christmas" which was translated as "The Nightmare Before Christmas". This movie is a true classic.

Always use Jack in this world, because he is very strong. Leave Donald on the bench for now. Once you arrive (take a look at your appearance) and your team has a little chat, follow the hallway to the Guillotine gate and out into the plaza. Once you enter, things will happen by themselves, after this, you can go to the Laboratory ... that's where you can join Jack to your game, and by the way meet a request from the Doctor. Talk to him. Well, an advantage of Halloween Town is that it is difficult to get lost: you have to go now to the Cemetery, where (after killing a strong flock of Heartless, which will be much easier with Jack) his girlfriend, scared, will be seeing him. all behind a grave, along with Jack's dog.

Talk to her, she will give you the object that the teacher longs for. Now go back to the laboratory ... new scenes and conflicts occur, and you have no choice but to go find someone: the Mayor of Halloween Town. To find it, go to the cemetery ... examine the coffin in the background, it will take you to a new section of the cemetery: voila, the mayor was there, waiting for you.

  • MINI GAME: Ghosts. Read well, because this little part managed to confuse many people. With a little determination and patience, it won't take you a minute to finish this mini-game; It turns out that you have to observe exactly the grave where HE LEFT a ghost. If you fail, everything will start again, stay tuned. After doing the same 4 or 5 times, you will have succeeded.

Go back to the lab, some scenes will happen ... damn children. Zero, Jack's dog, will go straight to the graveyard ... go there. Get into the part where you found the Mayor ... you will see that a new "exit" that takes you to a different area (the area where the three children escaped) is available. When you get here be patient, be very patient, for a host of 60 or so heartless will appear to give you a good headache. Kill them all. Now look well on the "rolled" hill, you will see that there is a kind of device: (use the AUTO-TARGET) activate it and you will be able to enter Oogie Boogie's rooms. However; The tree house is one of the most iconic scenes in this game and, although there is no loss, you will have HUGE difficulties to keep your balance and fight. If you fall do not despair, try again, press the SELECT button to see the complete scene, to get on the platforms that take you to the higher points.

Once you fully climb the tree house and enter a rib path, your first Boss Battle in this world will take place ...

Boss 1: Lock & Shock & Barrel (Difficulty: * * *)

TACTIC: A funny threesome. But even if they seem easy, do not trust yourself, because they can easily lower your VT. They are also fast and small, so they are difficult to locate. Solution? AUTO-TARGET (L1) so you don't get lost. Don't play hero - take care of just one and let Goofy and Jack take care of the other two. (Equip some potions) and apply combos mercilessly. Whoever you catch; fix it. The battle site is a small, closed room. It will be easy ... they won't go very far.

After the battle, the trio will tell you that they were being manipulated by Oogie Boggie, and they are afraid to help you because they fear that he will eat them. Activate the lever, save your game, and go to the rib path that precedes the room where you fought with the children. It's easy to find Oogie Boogie's door, see the rib that's on the left side, closer to the door? Jump out there, and you will fall in a place that you have not seen. Explore the area, for there is the path that leads to Ooogie.

Synopsis Oogie Boggie: One of Disney's villains with the most gloomy and at the same time funny appearance: Oogie Boggie is nothing more than a large sack of potatoes filled with worms and insects, with cuts that simulate large and dark eyes. Always jealous of Jack, Oogie Boggie thinks that he should be the king of Halloween (he is right).

Boss 2: Oogie Boogie (Difficulty: * *)

TACTIC: Wow, after defeating Úrsula, how easy things are, huh? Unfortunately, Oogie Boogie will annihilate you IF YOU DON'T KNOW how to deal with him. And the truth is that it is very simple: You are in the middle of the immense Russian roulette of Oogie, his game room, it will begin to roll, releasing a series of deadly traps. Solution? Jump and dodge, and DO NOT lose sight of Oogie Boggie (while you are down you will not be able to hit or hurt him, do not waste time) and always follow him so that you are always under him. Eventually, the "piece" of platform where you are located will rise as if it were a mechanical shovel, and now you can reach Oogie Boggie: Hit him without mercy (he cannot hurt you) you can apply up to 4 combos if you want ... after a time, it will push you back to roulette. Repeat the tactic until you finish him off.

Careful with:

  • The soldier-dolls that shoot you.
  • The huge spider-shaped multi-blade that sometimes jumps or turns.
  • The Heartless.

Halloween Town Final Boss: Giant Oogie Boggie (Difficulty: *)

TACTIC : Can this be considered a final battle? Seems that if. Oogie Boggie has begun to absorb power directly from the Heartless becoming gigantic (and forming several masses of shadow distributed throughout the entire length of the immense black tree and the house) as you can see, the fabric from which he is made did not hold much to say, and it broke ... Oogie Boggie is immobilized. Find each and every one of the shadow masses and destroy them. Once you've done that, Oogie Boogie is gone forever. To gain some experience you can block the fireballs he throws, which give you 49 pts., But be careful, they can be very unpredictable. Let's move now to .....

Never never land

Once you're on Captain Hook's ship, an important scene will take place, pay attention to it. Things happen too fast for you to even react ... and before you know it, you will be imprisoned with Peter Pan. Save the game and escape ... explore the area, it is not a difficult maze, it does not have science: you will arrive at a place that looks like the fridge of the ship because it is completely cold ... and as you imagine it, it is the ideal time to destroy heartless. When you're done with everyone, go up to the next floor, where another important scene will take place.

Activate the camera (SELECT) you will see that, somewhere in the room, there is a hole through which you can pass, and that takes you to Captain Hook's room ... do not hesitate to go through there. Activate the Green Trio that is there ... the place seems somewhat suspicious ...

Deputy Chief: AntiSora (Difficulty: * * *)

TACTIC: What makes this battle somewhat complicated is that Dark Sora can be exasperating, since he has the same modus operandi as the first type of Heartless you faced: he is able to teleport as if he were a black spot on the ground. which makes it invulnerable. Solution? Jump! Jump up and hit him from the air. Peter Pan and Goofy will do an excellent job helping you. Dark Sora is strong, take care of yourself and don't approach confidently.

Examine the suspicious hole in the ground ... oops, it's a trap (there was no way around it). Go back to the captain's room and this time exit through the correct door. The scenes that follow are extremely funny ... pay attention to them as some have something of importance.

Final Boss of Neverland: Captain Hook (Difficulty: * *)

Synopsis Captain Hook: Captain Hook is one of the most iconic villains in the animated universe. And even though he sometimes seems like a simple and somewhat childish villain, we are surprised to see that the truth is that this guy likes to throw people overboard to drown, or shoot his own pirates when they sing songs that he does. he doesn't like them.

TACTICConsidering the fact that you can fly, Captain Hook is a breeze. (If you didn't have the option to fly, I would easily add three more asterisks to the difficulty factor) Reason? Hook's combos are powerful and devastating. So be careful. Solution? I think you would let Peter and Goofy take care of Hook, while you take advantage of flying around the ship to annihilate the Heartless Flying Ship as many times as you can, since it gives you a not inconsiderable amount of Platines. When you get tired, simply launch yourself against Hook, apply a combo, and immediately JUMP off the boat and flies. Hook will soon find himself face to face with what terrifies him the most, thus sentencing his end.

City of Paso (III)

To get to the next world (which is further from the limit that the Gumi Ship can cross) you will have to talk to the expert, and you already know who he is: Cid Highwind. He will install some new pieces in the ship with which you will have no problem getting through the portal beyond Neverland. Save, and talk to Cid again ...

After the visit to Pass City (this time there will be no new version of Armor waiting for you) it is time to finally go to what is perhaps the most visually impressive world of all in Kingdom Hearts:

Hollow Bastion

Well, many people have had problems in Hollow Bastion since it is the most complicated world, but do not worry, if you follow the guide exactly step by step, you will not get lost, and everything will be nothing more than a fun walk (last words they said in Jurassic Park before they were lost forever and died without any helpful help).

As soon as you arrive, there will be a scene - pay attention to it - the way to the top of the floating rocks is very easy and totally straight, here there is no loss ... there will be some surprise that will cause you indignation. Once you have reached the top, you can find the "transporter" that takes you to the castle of Maleficent. The area in which you will find yourself now is large and open ... and the enemies are very powerful, do not wander or get distracted, go to the side RIGHTThere will be a path where you can take a "Cage" (the shape of elevators) to the floor below. Now take a good look at the place where you are ... Do you see a floating bubble? Play it, it will let you go to a place where you can save.

There will be walls blocking your way, but that will be taken care of by the Beast (you can use a special command like the Trio). Once you "break through" a wall, explore and you should see another bubble - tap on it. Now you are inside an even more closed place that looks like a dungeon with strange walls and several switches. Do not be afraid to explore here, because you could not get lost even if you wanted to. If you see well, you should sooner or later meet another bubble, touch it.

You will hear some sounds (new roads opening) or maybe you can see it yourself: go down the new open road, and soon you will find a switch: activate it. Once you have done this, you will see a platform start to float, get on top and you will see, without effort, another switch: activate it. You've done everything you had to do ... you've opened the doors of Maleficent's castle.

Go exactly where you came from (it won't cost you anything and it sounds much more difficult than it is) tap the respective bubble (save again where you saved before, when you entered this dark place) and exit again. Go up, and this time take the road hand Do you see that huge door? Well now it's open.

Dismember all the Heartless (beast is a great help, and you will have a lot of experience) and enter ... Emotional events take place now, and you come face to face with Riku, to whom it is time to make things clear and put him in his place, showing him who is the true master of the Keyblade.

Sub-Boss: Riku (Difficulty: * * *)

TACTIC: It can be difficult if you don't pay proper attention to their attacks, and it would also be nice if you took some potions with you. First of all:

Do not attack him directly (like the first time you faced him), jump as much as you can so that you can avoid his blows. Of the rest, what remains is to take him by surprise, attacking from behind or the sides, and executing a good combo and then moving away and repeating the tactic.

Another effective tactic would be to use Aero magic and attack him as much as you can, as it will increase your defense and take less than half that his attacks would take away from you. When the effect ends, use it again, so you must have some ethers on hand, Donald will heal you when you have a critical state, but do not trust only Donald and do not neglect your health !!.

Now you're in a big place ... don't bother exploring yet, look for a door on the left side that will lead you to Maleficent's library ... it's time for a boring (but quick) puzzle. Once you enter the Library, take the red book, and put it right with the rest of the volumes of the same color.

New paths will open that will lead you to the second floor. On the second floor there is a book which you will have to put in its place: as I told you, the puzzle here is boring, but it is fast, and you can do it yourself without help. There are books scattered around the library (6 or 7) that you will have to put in their place, this is determined by:

  1. COLOR

There are books of the same color (of the same volume) but they will be distributed as 1-4-2-3, you have to take them out and put them in the corresponding numeral form. It really has no science, thank God the puzzles in this game are very simple. Once you finish your work in a few minutes, you will be able to access the door on floor 2 of the Library, (which will lead you to the top floor of the room where you had your first sub-boss battle) where you will have to complete another Puzzle yet more easy; go collecting pieces to open the great door. If you looked closely, at the entrance where you fought with Riku, there was a main door at the top which you would not have been able to access ... to access it, you have to do the following: break the pots that are on the sides of the statue (all you find), they will give you a piece.

Light all the candles you see (AUTO TARGET and Piro), they will give you another piece, push the Statue, which will reveal another piece. And finally (the fourth piece) activate a Trio that is in front of another statue.

Once you have them all, go back to the library, use the save point, and enter through the main door ... put all the pieces that make up the puzzle. Once you enter (things get easier here) activate a "Cage" and go up to the second section of the great castle. Go for him left path and follow the narrow path (they will probably appear heartless, be careful not to fall ... and if you do fall, you already know which way to take). If you follow the straight path, you will find a Cage large enough to carry about twenty people.

Get on and activate the mechanism, and fight against everything that appears to you. (Or fight and then activate the mechanism, as you prefer). Slowly the Cage will move. Once you reach your destination, follow where the path indicates, be careful not to fall, possibly more enemies will appear.

Climb into another cage that will take you to a third section of the castle. This cage will take you to a place where, if you look closely, there are two gigantic blocks, and one of them you can make it "lower" by means of a mechanism that is nearby: do it. Fight against enemies DO NOT you fall.

Once you've done your homework with the giant block, turn around, but this time don't go through the Cage: Don't you happen to see an entrance to the castle? That's where you should go. What remains is not only simple, but rather a straight path ... there are no mazes here anymore: your gamer instinct will take you to Rome without the need to continue activating mechanisms or anything ... now get ready ... 

Boss 1: Maleficent (Difficulty: * * *)

Maleficent Synopsis: One of Disney's favorite queens when it comes to villainy. Nomura is said to have been inspired by her to draw and make the sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII. Maleficent is a terribly powerful witch, even on par with the god Hades. It is no wonder that of the Disney villains, she was the boss. Smart, strong and self-confident; Maleficent is a work of art.

TACTIC: Even though her attacks are impressive, she is not at all difficult to defeat. It is always mounted on a platform that floats all over the stage (but sometimes it stops at a certain point), but if you attack the platform you will make it fall. Maleficent will spawn several Heartless Defender, while being able to open two huge portals that spit out black meteors. (You can avoid them if you do not enter the hallway of the room and stay on the sides of the open area) Your mission is to be patient and wait for Maleficent's platform to stop, in order to break it, make it fall and apply 3 to 4 combos in a row. By repeating this operation, the powerful sorceress will finally give up.

Once you finish this battle, you will see that a SAVE POINT has appeared, do not even think about entering the portal that Maleficence still left open: save first. Then get ready (read the guide for the next battle) and when you feel ready, enter the portal ... something impressive is about to happen.

Boss 2: Maleficent Dragon (Difficulty: * * * * * *)

Requirements: Your first REALLY difficult battle since you faced Giant Ursula. His attacks are powerful, as are his bites. So before facing her, meet these requirements:

  1. Have Beast on your team ... once again, Donald is benched.
  2. Load your team with potions, and you too. Without a doubt, Aero will come in handy, both as a defense and as an attack.
  3. Haven't you learned to use the last arcane special move? Well, it's about time! Keep AUTO TARGET (L1) activated.
  4. Last Arcane: Like other powerful special combos, this is a very special attack (which is equipped in the skills menu) that will cost Sora several MP points, but is really worth it. It will be selectable at the bottom of your attack menu during battle just when you stand still. Get as close as you can to the Dragon's head (AUTO-Target), hit him some normal blows and, just when you stay still, you will see that Last Arcana (or another special combo, but always better than Arkanum comes out) will be selectable. APPLY IT and give it a beating. Remember this is a running attack, so try to get his head close to the ground before using the 3 MP it costs.

TACTIC: Maleficent will give you serious headaches, and you have to take special care of yourself when she launches her green fire attacks (Stay away !!) and when she bites. Always attack her from the side, and use Last Arcane when you see that you have the opportunity to land all the blows (which will be mainly when you can hit her without interruptions).

Choose your attacks very carefully, be patient, let Beast and Goofy deal with it on their own (they will probably die, but since they revive without any special potion, this should not worry you). Attack and immediately run, because it will begin to "sweep" the landscape with its special attacks.

If you don't have patience and you attack her too much, she will start to "follow" you. Leave for dead if this happens. Eventually, Maleficent will lose her strength. Congratulations.


Have Goofy and Donald in your team ... Summon Tinker Bell, use the Aero spell and hit her like there is no tomorrow ... Aero will protect you (remember to renew it or it will kill you quickly) and the magic is maintained because you hit Maleficent. Do not worry about your life because Tinkerbell is enough to keep you alive ... In just two minutes you will defeat her without even breaking a sweat.

Save again ... important scenes will begin, pay close attention, because all the conflicts in the game are summarized in what you will be told now. Use the same Save Point that you previously used before fighting Maleficent and exit through the entrance that has been opened in front of it ... be careful not to fall: the right path will take you to the most important room of all: the Great Hall, where you will begin to understand many things.

Hollow Bastion Final Boss: Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness (Difficulty: * * *)

Ansem Synopsis: When you defeat Ansem, he will reveal his true form: Nothing less than a Hawaiian version of Sephirot. Your main enemy in Kingdom Hearts, with a heart corrupted by the Heartless. Ansem was a good man, but like all previous Disney villains, he was blinded by the power of the Heartless. Final comments? It has nice handwriting (check their reports).

TACTIC: Even though many say that Ansem is a terribly difficult boss, the truth is that he is not. The problem is that many are tempted to attack him recklessly, without putting intelligence and cunning into battle. Keep these requirements in mind, and Ansem will be history.

  1. Equip Sora with Ultra Potions only. (And if you wish, equip an Aether as well.)
  2. AUTO- TARGET (L1) always.
  3. Last Arcane! Apply the Last Arcane combo against Ansem as many times as possible. (If you get other combos, it is because you do not have enough MP, hit it until you have the possibility to choose the last arcanum). But BEWARE, take advantage of it wisely: First do a combo to Ansem (a three-hit combo) and then (when you still have a chance to hit him one more) apply the last arcanum. This will take considerably more VT from you.
  4. Jump and run, jump and run, and after each attack from him, take advantage and attack him with SPEED. Do not cure yourself with your own magic (saving MP is the secret here, because without enough you will not have Last Arcanum) so use your own ultra potions.

Once Ansem has taken enough damage, things will start to get more difficult, but you can always count on your potions. Eventually, Ansem will fall. Wow, Sora transformed into ... "one of them". What you have to do is very simple: you will not get lost, there will be no mazes, there will be no complications: do not make life bitter. Just go your way ...jump off the cliffs (you won't get hurt) and you will eventually go back to the room where you fought Riku when you entered the castle, the entrance.

City of Paso IV

Go to Cid Highwind's house in the DISTRICT 3. There will be a long talk about the events, things become clearer and the final mission becomes clearer. You will have to go talk to CID at the DISTRICT 1, enter through the door of DISTRICT 3 that leads directly to 1 and speak with CID (he is not in his store, he is at the top, just below the huge advertisement with a happy face), he will tell you an important secret (this old pilot is prepared for any eventuality), returns to DISTRICT 2 to enter through the hotel (or through the door below, next to the fountain) to the place where the waterways are. There is what you have to look for ... and also another important person for Sora. Once you have everything in order, go back and talk to CID. Save your game, buy ultra potions, and ... 

Visiting the Hollow Bastion again

Obviously you are not going to start from the beginning: transport yourself to the SAVE POINT of the room where you fought the witch Maleficent for the first time. Enter the huge room where the princesses were locked up.

Boss: Behemoth (Difficulty: *)

Synopsis of Begimo: Any veteran of Final Fantasy will know this nice and sinister "creature", in a version to the "Heartless" (which measures about 20 meters). Many are scared because, in addition to having a lot of VT, he has powerful attacks. But in reality, Begimo is an extremely easy boss.

TACTIC: Following this simple tactic, Begimo will be no problem. What is there to do? Very simple: Get on his back, and let Goofy and Donald commit suicide by fighting head-on against him. From here, Begimo won't be able to harm you and, as his weak point is his forehead, you can harm him. So hit him the way you want: with normal combos or with last arcana. With this tactic all Begimo will do is give you enough experience to level up. If you fall off his back, get on again.


The next battles are the final bosses of Kingdom Hearts ... and also the final world of Kingdom Hearts: THE END OF THE WORLD. I congratulate you if you have managed to get here, because it means that you have practically finished the game. However, so that the bosses that come do not give you any problems, I advise you to carry out the secondary missions that include several Secret Bosses that I will explain later- (and everything that has to be done in the Colosseum) so that you are very well prepared. The END OF THE WORLD, the final level, is, compared to any other world, very simple. Why? Because although it has frankly powerful enemies, this world does not represent a labyrinth, no nook, or any threat to get lost for more than 3 seconds. I have not put the tactics to beat the final 5 bosses of the game, nor the guide for the END OF THE WORLD. The reason? Why, if I told you who they are, it would be the same as hitting a gigantic SPOILER head-on (and why spend time telling you where you have to go?

On the other hand: they are ridiculously simple (you can finish this game with relative ease being at a level below 60, if you go higher than that, the truth will be neither grace nor challenge). As I told you before: Once you finish everything that needs to be done in the Hollow Bastion, it can be said that you have virtually finished Kingdom Hearts.

After doing so, the last tournament will open at the Colosseum: The Hades Cup, where you will face bosses (whose tactics I write later) that are a challenge countless times greater than any of the final battles in the game. -Special mention to the "Platinum Combat" and to any of the Secret Bosses- (I don't know why Squaresoft loves to do things like that). If you still want to know how to defeat the true final enemy, look here.

End of the world

This is the final phase of Kingdom Hearts, quite easier than the bosses in Hollow Bastion ...

  • Behemoth (*)

It is a Surprise Boss, since the giant balls fall without you noticing and when you are going to finish the first map comes out and gives you a surprise.

  • Chernabog (****)

This ferocious Monster is not a normal heartless, but is from a Disney movie, and few people will know ... (the movie is "Fantasy" (1940)).

The strategy is to stand up on the volcano and summon Tinker Bell, so it will be easier, because if you fall into the erupting volcano, goodbye. Approach without mercy and attack.

  • Another good tip is to take the Last Resort Keyblade from Wonderland and throw Gravity attacks on it while wearing Aero.
  • If you have Low HP let your teammates attack and charge it.

To find out how to beat Ansem, visit:

Sincorazon of Xehanort

Olympus Coliseum

Synopsis: In the coliseum you will find the most difficult battles in the game, and they are a true visual delight for the eyes, as there are simply priceless scenes. Let's start our tour with:

Phil's Cup

Phil (the short goat-footed guy who looks a lot like actor Danny De Vito (who did his voice in the original film) will give you several headaches, because as the best hero trainer in the world, his expectations for what should really be a true hero are very tall. Phil Cup is really easy and none of the battles (combinations of weak and strong heartless) should give you trouble. On the other hand, you will not be facing any special bosses. Most of the Enemies in this and all tournaments are heartless who have decided to compete in the tournaments forming teams, each team has its name, and there are some so funny that it is really worth transcribing here the translation of all of them.

  1. Team I: Vice of the Jungle
  2. Team II: Monkeys and Magic
  3. Team III: Big Feet
  4. Team IV: Magic Alert
  5. Team V: Nightwalkers
  6. Team VI: Hard Hitters
  7. Team VII: Indomitable
  8. Team VIII: Wild Corps
  9. Team IX: Shadow Battalion
  10. Team X: Sora, Donald and Goofy (Your position when you finish climbing the ranking)

Pegaso Cup (Difficulty final round * * * *)

Synopsis: Things get more difficult here than in Phil's Cup, much more difficult in fact, if we consider that now the Heartless teams are much more powerful and that this time for the final round we will have to face Yuffie and Lion together. Below I indicate the special tactics to beat them, however, I do not recommend that you enter this cup if you are not at level 29 or 30. (If you want to win easily).

PEGASO CUP FINAL ROUND: Leon and Yuffie (Difficulty: * * * *)

TACTIC: They're going to give you a lot of trouble, even when you're at Level 29 or 30. Leon and Yuffie are a true dynamic duo. First of all, equip a few potions (for this fight only) before entering the Pegasus Cup. Now your first goal is Yuffie, no Leon. Why? Because despite being weaker, she is fast, and Leon is slow. And besides, she will kill you more likely than Leon. Teach yourself against Yuffie and always keep the AUTO-TARGET marked on her. He will throw some shuriken at you, if you are skilled you can try to hit them and return them to him. Attack her and apply all the combos, chase her wherever she goes, since almost all her worst attacks are made while she is away from you.

Now, Leon is powerful (and is capable of making several moves with the Lionheart) but if you are fast you do not have to fear much. Heal when you need it and every time he uses a special attack jump so he doesn't grab you. Make all the combos and attack with patience. Eventually Leon will fall.


  1. Team I: Phantom Bandits
  2. Team II: Marauders
  3. Team III: Boxers
  4. Team IV: Tinajas and Saetas
  5. Team V: Great Combo
  6. Equipo VI: Venenosa Silk
  7. Team VII: Jars and Barrels
  8. Team VIII: Giant Impact
  9. Team IX: Leon and Yuffie
  10. Team X: Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Hercules Cup

Synopsis: this time the battles to reach the final fight of this cup ARE a real challenge. The Heartless teams are more advanced than the Pegasus Cup, and you might as well load up your team with some good potions before entering. I recommend you be at level 35-40 to enter this tournament.

  • Round VI HERCULES CUP: Cloud (Difficulty: * * * *)

TACTIC: Cloud is back and this time he is much stronger than before. However, the tactic to defeat him is relatively easy: dodge (or shield, if you can -if you took the shield at the beginning of the game, you most likely already have it-) his attacks, and after that, Cloud it will have a "blind" spot where you can proceed to hit it as hard as you can. Simple: Dodge and hit. When Cloud loses enough HP, he will start to make his best attacks, in this case forget about the ability to cover you and focus mainly on dodging him (and jumping and healing you) and hitting him. You will eventually finish him off.

  • Final round HERCULES CUP: Hercules (Difficulty: *)

Synopsis: Despite being your final opponent, Hercules will be (if you know the tactic) the easiest fight of this cup. However let's face it; You have neither Goofy nor Donald in this fight, and despite being terribly slow, Hercules is a true bull. So always stay away from him when he's going to pout.

TACTIC: Hercules' worst flaw is his vanity. At all times he will be showing you his muscles (the ideal time to attack him). However: you will see that it has a kind of golden halo that surrounds it, and that makes it absolutely invulnerable. Solution? Do you see the barrels that appear? Grab them (don't hit them) and confidently throw them at Hercules when he makes his arrogant little display. The golden halo will disappear BINGO! Attack him without mercy! (Taking care that he doesn't hit you, of course) you can give him a real beating. Repeat the operation when using the golden halo again. There are times when Hercules will be "dizzy" and without his golden halo, take advantage of it!  


  1. Team I: Shadow Vanguard
  2. Team II: Pawns of Horror
  3. Team III: Buccaneers
  4. Team IV: Lost Ghosts
  5. Team V: Angry Truffles
  6. Opponent VI: Cloud
  7. Team VII: Dark Squad
  8. Team VIII: Flying Pirates
  9. Opponent IX: Hercules
  10. Team X: Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Hades Cup

Synopsis: Congratulations! You have reached the final tournament of the Colosseum, this time things are very different from past tournaments: There are no longer 9 fights, but 49, and you will find yourself face to face with the most powerful Heartless of Kingdom Hearts. However do not worry, if you have managed to win the first 10 battles and lose in the eleventh, you will not have to start everything from the beginning ... you can start from the "ten"

  • (49-39)
  • (39-29)
  • (29-19)
  • (19-9)
  • (9-1)

Giving you the opportunity to search for ultra potions. So just worry that you don't get killed in the first 9 fights of each segment. Sometimes they tell me that I exaggerate a bit with the levels, but keep in mind that I am only ensuring that you manage to beat these bosses without much difficulty: I recommend you be level 45-55 to enter this tournament. Good luck! Requirements to enter the Hades Cup:

  1. Have the skill somersault equipped.
  2. Skill that increases MP recovery while taking damage equipped ... so you can heal with great constancy, as many times as you want.
  • Enemy 1: Yuffie (Difficulty: * * *)

TACTIC: It's the same Yuffie you faced in the Pegasus cup, but stronger, faster, and with more HP. Tactics? The same, but with at least 10 more levels than before. Remember to equip the TUMBLER ability and return her little Shurikens back to her. Yuffie is capable of healing, so don't let her breathe.

  • Enemy 2: Behemoth (Difficulty: * *)

TACTIC: Begimo will be the last hurdle you will have to go through to complete the first segment of the tournament. Tactic? Well, exactly the same one that I have written to face the one of the Hollow Bastion. But BEWARE: don't be confused by the two difficulty asterisks; Begimo is easy to beat, but his attacks are devastating. Be careful.

  • Enemy 3: Cerberus (Difficulty: * * * *)

TACTIC: Many find it almost impossible to beat the second Cerberus. Reason? Because they don't have a good level. Do you remember what I wrote in the first battle of Cerberus, that little "dirty tactic"? Well, it's time to apply it! Goofy and Donald should already be powerful enough to fight him alone. Get on Cerbero's back and enjoy the show. (Don't worry if Cerberus knocks out Goofy or Donald, eventually they will revive the minute and keep fighting.) Be very patient, it will take Cerberus at least 20 minutes to fall with this tactic. You might want to climb a few levels for Donald and Goofy before venturing into this battle. If you decide to fight Cerberus yourself, then the tactic is the same as with the first one.

  • Enemy 4: Cloud and Leon (Difficulty: * * * *)

TACTIC: If two years ago they had told you that you would be facing Cloud and Squall together, having Donald Duck and Goofy as a team, would you have believed it? Heh, what ironies life has. Now, the fight is not easy at all, I hope you have a good level, because this pair will not give you any respite. I advise you to annihilate Squall first (Cloud will focus on Donald and Goofy). Squall is still the same as always, but with more powerful attacks: Solution? I hope you have an MP increase when taking damage activated ... because the best way to defeat it (and the fastest way) is by applying the last arcane combo and running. Execute a combo, and automatically get off his "ground". He is slow, you can hit him without problems, having applied the last arcane three or four times, and Squall will be history.

Now, Cloud is fast and at the same time much more destructive than Squall for the simple reason that he has an attack (like the one before) in which he shoots like an arrow all over the stage! And he can do it as many times as he wants, from 2 to almost 15! Solution? Do not run: JUMP! Jump and jump again, touch the ground as little as possible. There is a group ability (like PLANE) that allows you to "float" for a limited time with Sora. In this battle it would be very useful. Cloud will eventually stop running, and therein lies his vulnerability: his defense is much lower than Squall's, so almost all of your punches will hit the mark. The last arcane combo is capable of taking a lot of energy from him, but it will make him angry by making him run all over the stage again, do not worry, because in the long run it will be worse for him, each time he finishes executing that attack he becomes much more vulnerable.

  • Enemy 5: Hades (Difficulty: * * * * *)

Hades Synopsis: The almighty God of the underworld, ready to make a good barbecue with you and your team. The voice of Hades in the Disney film enjoyed the participation of the great actor and Oscar winner James Wood (he played the villain in the Silvester Stallone film "The Professional"). Hades, even being one of the most powerful villains conceived by Disney, is not as bad as Maleficent, Snow White's stepmother, or Frollo of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, however, he can become potentially dangerous when he gets angry (which happens often) when he is able to destroy entire cathedrals with a snap of his fingers or to melt huge steel silos just by touching them. Hades is quite a visual spectacle and the fight against him is up close one of the most spectacular in the game.

TACTIC: Lots of people have problems with Hades. And it is that if you do not enter with a good level, simply this one, can become the most difficult battle of all. Hades has a ton of HP, but it's easy to hit him and apply any number of combos (last arcane the best, of course).

There is a special attack from Hades where he starts spinning sending recurring pillars of fire and magma down his arms. Solution? Walk away?? NO! Get as close to him as you can! And it begins to turn in his direction, so that he does not reach you, because the closer you are to him, the more speed you will gain so that he does not reach you when turning in his direction. Take a good look at Hades' words because, as with Ursula, each comment precedes a special attack. For example: the magma pillars attack will be executed after you start to "snap" your fingers slightly inclined. Another comment precedes a large charred ball of magma. (The one you can avoid by running in Zig-zag or jumping at the right time). With Hades it's all about ANTICIPATING his attack, Solution? Pending each and every one of your comments! And do not let him breathe: last arcanum combo, combo combo and if you can again: last arcanum.

There are times when Hades throws "small" jets of fire through his arms and begins to float, be patient and wait for him to finish, do not hit him while he does this, because in the process he will end up hurting you too. Eventually Hades will be history ... just be patient, and remember that he is a boss with a lot of VT.

  • Enemy 6: Rock Titan (Difficulty: *)

TACTIC: It's almost impossible to believe that, after fights as tough as Cloud, Squall, and Hades, such a ridiculously easy guy is their final stumbling block in the tournament. The most difficult part of the last segment of the Hades Cup is not the final battle (which is given away) at all, it is the immense teams of Heartless that you will have to face. Now: You have to hit the Titan of Rocks in the legs WITHOUT MERCY. Execute up to 8 combos in a row if you can (it won't hurt you, you just have to take care of its footprint and consequently its shock wave, which are capable of doing a lot of damage). Once Rock Titan falls, get on top of him and start hitting him on the head with your last arcane combo (you will have the opportunity to execute it up to two times). Rock Titan will get up and you will have to repeat the operation (the blows to the legs do almost as much damage as the ones to the head) so you hit him where you hit him, you will be killing him. After that "fight", they will be a more powerful level, and you will have won the maximum cup of the Colosseum ...

CONGRATULATIONS!! A new hero, Sora, has been born! You are the undisputed champion of the Colosseum. If you have won the Hades tournament, it means that you already have enough power to defeat Kingdom Hearts. But ... Have you beaten the toughest enemies yet? No. The best (and the true elite of Kingdom Hearts Bosses) is yet to come. Be very careful because from here on out there are huge spoilers ... and also the tactics to beat the most powerful bosses in the game with relative ease.


  • Segment I
  1. Team I: Shadow Brothers
  2. Team II: Wild Dance
  3. Team III: Terrible Feet
  4. Team IV: Dirty Claws
  5. Team V: Angry Truffles (again)
  6. Opponent VI: Yuffie
  7. Team VII: Bandits
  8. Team VIII: Dark Garrison
  9. Team IX: Bad Union
  • Segment II
  1. Battle I: Bégimo
  2. Team I: Red Legion
  3. Team II: Blue Legion
  4. Team III: Sorceress Armor
  5. Team IV: Angry Mushroom
  6. Team V: Spiders and Magic
  7. Team VI: Optical Trick
  8. Team VII: Magic Force
  9. Team VIII: Summoners of Shadows
  10. Team IX: Mystical Wizards
  • Segment III
  1. Batalla II: Cerberus
  2. Team I: Sky Invaders
  3. Team II: Scarers
  4. Team III: Terrible Knuckles
  5. Team IV: Shadow Storm
  6. Team V: Avengers
  7. Team VI: Dark Knights
  8. Team VII: Black Flex Wing
  9. Team VIII: Wizards of the Night
  10. Team IX: Air Corsairs
  • Segment IV
  1. Team I: Cloud and Leon
  2. Team II: The Long Trio
  3. Team III: Flame Bandits
  4. Team IV: Imposter Angels
  5. Team V: Dark Storm
  6. Team VI: Air Brigade (again)
  7. Team VII: Violent Tribe
  8. Team VIII: Heavy Warriors
  9. Team IX: Interceptors
  10. Team X: Elder Force
  • Segmento V
  1. Enemy: Hades
  2. Team I: Night Delusion
  3. Team II: Requiem
  4. Team III: Invisible Fear
  5. Team IV: Angry Mushroom
  6. Team V: Black Storm
  7. Team VI: Twin Mirage
  8. Team VII: Dark Soldiers
  9. Team VIII: Final Battalion
  10. FINAL FIGHT HADES CUP: Titan of Rocks.

Special Chiefs

Olympus Colosseum Gold Cup: Ice Titan (Difficulty: * *) (Repeatable)

TACTIC: If you have already faced the Ice Titan (Or if you are most likely reviewing this guide in search of a tactic to defeat him, you will say that I am crazy for having only two asterisks of difficulty, eh? TITAN is devastating, but if you follow this simple tactic, you can beat him as many times as you want. Requirements:

  1. Have MP increase equipped when taking damage (required)
  2. Have equipped the ability to cover yourself (required) Well: ICE TITAN's weak point is its head, but it is simply unattainable. Solution? Do you see the stalactites in a single file that he throws at you? Well, with the ability to cover yourself, you will be able to give them all back. And that's what it's all about: as with Yuffie's shurikens; return to Ice Titan everything he throws at you ... which will fall on his immense head ... and you will automatically hurt him.

Avoiding its stalactites that come out of the ground is easy: keep moving and, when a blue circle lights up below you (watch out!) Jump and move. Each time it damages you, your MP will increase (in fact, it needs to damage you) and you can heal as many times as you want. There will come a time when ICE TITAN will fall "passed out", but this is a trap: it is simply ridiculous that you are going to hit him, since the very last arcane combo, applied twice, does not take an inch of his energy bar. What should you do? Get away! Ice Titan will wake up really furious, and will start throwing stalactites like crazy. (And beware of the hail that rains) but always heal yourself as soon as a single hit ... and that way (no matter how much it hits you) you will be safe. Okay? Get on the steps to the top, and wait for him to throw new rows of stalactites at you, return them all, and repeat the operation until he dies.

Remember and keep in mind: ------------------------- - Dodge, but it is also good that you take damage, so your MP will not run out and you can heal as much as you want. Get on the stands as high as possible so that his two attacks (snow trail and ice storm) do not reach you.

The huge hailstones will be a great nuisance (they will fall out of nowhere), don't worry, just heal when necessary.

Don't bother (as long as you're a newbie to ICE TITAN) to return the thrown stalactites in a "messy" fashion.

The more you "eliminate" ICE TITAN the more expert you will be and the more you will improve in future battles against him, and the faster you will defeat him. And above all and very important: Every time you return stalactites to ICE TITAN, you will be leveling up slowly (and when you kill him, they will give you 5000). Always, ALWAYS go to Ice Titan if you want to level up quickly! If you plan to get to level 100, he is your best (and really fast) option.

If you lose fighting Ice Titan, DO NOT RESET, because whatever you have done, what you have leveled up (and keep in mind that Donald and Goofy are increasing with you) will not go away because you have lost. This is an open bar, and win or lose it all goes for the best.

Platinum Cup: Sephiroth (Difficulty: * * * * * * *) (Repeatable)

Explanation: According to Squaresoft, the most difficult battle in Kingdom Hearts. Sephirot is capable of completely annihilating your VT bar with just two hits, and if I managed to put the seven asterisks in the menu bar at the beginning of this FAQ, AUXILIOOO difficulty, it was only because of Sephirot. However; I don't want what I just said to be a placebo effect to try and tell you that this battle is impossible: It is not. And you can get to beat Sephirot with ease, how? Simple: Level 85 and up.

Kingdom Hearts is an action-rpg, so having a good level and a good team, no boss is difficult. If you want a fabulous challenge, try to beat Sephirot at level 55-65. If you want a free battle, and send it back from the hole it came from, it reaches level 85 or 90: Sephiroth will be no match for you. In fact: even though he is fantastically powerful, Sephiroth is a great coward; If he sees that your blows are very strong, he will do everything possible so that you do not reach it. (Even running from you) Now, here is a list of requirements to beat Sephiroth without difficulties, and this is the best tactic I can give you:

  • Level 85+. (He trains a lot with the Ice Titan.)
  • Distant Memories Keychain: the second most powerful weapon after the Artema Weapon. Weapon Artema is very good, but a real bummer to get it ... Far Memories is, for only a fleeting point less, just as strong, and you can get it in the room where you fought with Ansem for the first time (that is; the room where There is the heart-shaped entrance where you got into for your first match against Begimo). Activate the AUTO-TARGET and you will automatically be told where the trunk containing this fabulous weapon is.
  • Arm yourself with many elixirs before the battle against Sephiroth. This is the most difficult fight in Kingdom Hearts; Believe me, the elixirs you have you can spend in this battle ... don't waste time saving anything for the final battle to finish the game, because the power level of the final bosses is absolutely lower than the special enemies of the Colosseum.
  • Do you have a ring called Omega Ring? Equip it on Sora, even if he drops his MP level! It's worth it, because it raises your power level a lot. At level 85+, with Omega Arts and Distant Memories equipped they make a strictly deadly combination.
  • Save your game in the waiting room of the Colosseum before facing Sephiroth ... perhaps on your first attempt you will spend several elixirs, and after you lose you will not have them again once you reappear in the waiting room.
  • Ability to recover MP when taking damage and Block equipped.
  • Update all the combos in your menu. Remove the weakest, place the strongest.

By following all these steps, Sephy's difficulty will drop to four asterisks. And if you reach level 90, three asterisks.

TACTIC: Sephiroth only has two movements at first: sword blow with the Masamune (which you can avoid by rolling) and a wave of fire that reaches a good part of the stage (but this is only in its first stage). However, whatever this "mama's boy" does, it won't be enough to give you too much trouble at level 85+.

  • SIN HARVEST: Harvest of Sin, an attack similar to Kefka's FALLEN ONE, or Artemis or Ultimecia's HELL JUDGMENT. It lowers your VT to 1 and clears the MPs completely. Solution? You can use fast flight and have Sephiroth ALWAYS IN SIGHT, ALWAYS, and when he says "SIN HARVEST" fly at full speed towards him to "interrupt" the attack. If you can't, then heal yourself (FAST) with an Elixir or Ultra Potion. For if his attack succeeds, Sephiroth will run towards you at full speed to hit you and finish you off.
  • WEATHERS: As I told you; there is nothing to fear if you have a good level. "Cast on" AERO magic for added defense. Sephiroth will be invincible for a bit (don't let the blue aura fool you) constantly try to hit and heal you.

LAST COMMENTS: gives you 18.000 experience points if you defeat him. Sephiroth, like any other boss in an ACTION RPG, is not HARD if you have the RIGHT level. In fact; From being the deadliest battle, it will turn into a whole "cookie" when you reach level 90. (Get all the chests at the beginning of the End of the World that contain items that raise your level of strength and defense. Good luck!

For more detailed information, see Sephiroth.

Secret Bosses  

Synopsis: Kingdom Hearts has a total of 2 very high difficulty secret bosses. Even though they are inferior to Sephirot, they are the second strongest enemies in the game, and an unmatched graphic and visual spectacle. Both Secret Bosses will be available after you close the Hollow Hold.

Secret Boss 1: Kurt Zisa (Difficulty: * * * * *)

  • Location: Agrabah
  • How to get it: Transport yourself from the Gumi Ship to Aladdin's house, you will see that the magic carpet is jumping hysterically, talk to her and agree to ride on it, it will automatically take you to Kurt Zisa.
  • TACTIC: First of all, I advise you to be at least level 70+ before facing him ... equip your characters with ultra potions and summon Tinkerbell if you can as soon as you arrive. Kurt Zisa has two stages:
  1. In the first one, he incapacitates your MP (for this reason I advised you to carry a lot of ultra potions and Tinkerbell) and you have to hit him in the spheres that he carries in both hands. When it starts to spin slowly, STAY AWAY from it because it will start to do a very powerful Spinning Attack. Once you have destroyed the spheres in both hands he will fall unconscious. Don't waste time and use your best combos and attacks to hit him savagely on his cobra head. Soon he will recover and the second stage will begin
  2. Kurt Zisa will be protected inside an immense sphere of fire, which when hit launches bubbles of PM. (you can use magic again) Solution? Cast your best ice magic into the fire sphere until it disappears, Zisa will fall unconscious once again: attack him without mercy or remorse. When he gets back up, he will incapacitate your MP again and do a full-body Spinning Attack again. much more powerful. Solution? Get away from him, jump, get away, jump, get away, dodge, jump! Zisa will be history in a few minutes.

Secret Boss 2: Specter (Difficulty: * * * * *) 

  • Location: Never Land
  • How to get it: Go to the huge clock tower section talking to Tinker Bell in the cabin while you have Peter Pan on your team.
  • TACTIC: It can be very complicated if you don't know what to do to damage it and to stop its main attacks: Always use magic corresponding to the given color of your magic sphere:
  1. If you see the yellow sphere, use Electro magic
  2. If you see the red sphere, use Pyro
  3. If you see the blue sphere, use Ice.
  4. Finally, when the sphere is white ... you can make a physical attack, hurry up and apply a combo to this insane enemy.
  5. There comes a time when he casts a magic from his cape that chases you, solution? stay away from it, and once it reaches you (something unavoidable) it literally flies towards it, and it will disappear instantly.

Many people are confused because they think they have to launch the opposite attack (ex: fire-ice) to the given color.

Be careful. DOOM: This boss loves to apply Doom, but luckily, it is very easy to stop. Solution? When you apply Doom and the countdown begins, use the AUTO-TARGET to signal the clock to mark a different time than the others, and use the magic "STOP" (which at this point in the game you should already have, don't worry ). BE CAREFUL !!: PARO does not last forever, count to 20 and reapply it to the watch.

Never let the effects of magic pass. It is not convenient for anyone on your team to die. (To more comfortably apply PARO to the watch, which sometimes becomes extremely heavy to "locate" with the AUTO-TARGET because Spectrum will not let you, run away from it and go to the other end to apply it) .adiooooooooos

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