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    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is a re-edition of the Kingdom Hearts game released in 2002 that includes some additional content compared to the original version, as well as some minor modifications. Some of its main characteristics are the presence of new scenes, objects, abilities, weapons and other extras, as well as new enemies and changes in color and aesthetics of the majority of Heartless.

    At first, it was released exclusively for Japan, where it stood out for including some optional enemies that were found in the international versions of Kingdom Hearts, but not in the original Japanese.

    In 2013, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix was relaunched, this time worldwide, as part of the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX disc for PlayStation 3. For this version, in addition to the new features already included in the original, all the high-definition graphics were remastered. definition. It also featured a remastered soundtrack, with new arrangements of the original melodies.


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      • 1.2 Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Platinum Limited Edition
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    Limited editions

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    • Depending on the store the game was pre-ordered from, customers could get a CD with the game's tracks or a card game created adorned with hearts attached to the characters and symbols. In some stores in Japan they were given a double embroidered keyblade necklace in a predetermined order.

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Platinum Limited Edition

    • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Platinum Limited Edition came in a box containing the game box, a sheet of eight Kingdom Hearts stickers, a postcard calendar with Tetsuya Nomura's artwork, and contained the CD (with a block of the Sora figure ), part of Square's minimal collection, and three badget cans. The set costs 8.800 yen.


    • This version included two secret final bosses that were present in the international versions of the game, but had not been developed in time for the Japanese original. These are Kurt Zisa, Sephirot, and the Ice Titan.
    • Most of the Heartless in the original game featured a new color palette, as well as some new ones being added.
    • Sora had new keychains for the Keyblade. There were also new weapons for Donald and Goofy, plus new accessories and abilities.
    • The trips in Gumi Ship have a new mission system that allowed to obtain objects in exchange for fulfilling certain challenges.
    • The title screen is replaced with a new picture of Sora, hooded and with a flag. On the home screen, a trailer for Final Fantasy X-2 is accessible, labeled a "Special Movie", as a third option after "New Game" and "Load Game".
    • The player could unlock three new Ansem Reports (Reports 11, 12 and 13), which gave clarifying information regarding the events that take place in Kingdom Hearts II. For example, in the last of these the concept of Nobody is presented for the first time in the saga.
    • The secret unlockable video in Kingdom Hearts had been expanded, cryptically revealing new story data that is key to the story of subsequent games.
    • Some new scenes are included throughout the game.
    • A new optional boss was added. A battle in Hollow Bastion against an unknown hooded man who without apparent context shows interest in Sora. This battle, whose identity is not revealed in this game, served as a preview in cryptic language of events that would happen later in Kingdom Hearts II.
    • The game now has three levels of difficulty. The first is called "Final Mix: Beginner". In this mode the player begins the game with a ribbon, a chain of EXP, 8 Attack, 8 Defense, and 4 AP at the start of the game. The Gummi Drill Attack Power is 9999, instead of 35. As a consideration, the secret video cannot be viewed if played in this mode. The second difficulty is "Final Mix", being analogous to the "Normal" difficulty of the previous game, although with some differences: The Gumi Ship receives double damage than in the original version and the damage inflicted by the player is reduced by one third. The last option is "Final Mix: Expert", a challenge that makes the game significantly more difficult. In this mode the attack of the Gummi Ship is reduced by half, and the damage that enemies do to Sora is four times that in the original version. A "battle report" is displayed at the end.
    • Some minor improvements were added, such as the Skip Scene option in the menus, which allows the player to skip scenes already viewed. Sora is modified so that it becomes transparent when the camera is very close to him. Fixed a layout bug by moving one of the Trio Brands present in Halloween Town as well. In the original version, if the player had already defeated Oogie Boogie without first activating the mark, it was inaccessible for the rest of the game, making it impossible to complete the game 100% in that case.


    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - New Heartless

    Kingdom Hearts final Mix

    Listed below are the new Heartless created specifically for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, as well as the color changes for the rest of the enemies.

    • Gigasombra
    • Rogue Soldier
    • black ballad
    • Wild Sentry
    • Great Ghost
    • Scorpion of Tinaja
    • Misilnauta
    • Combat Balloon
    • Quimera
    • Níscalo Rosa
    • Neoshadow


    Sora, Donald, and Goofy have two new unlockable weapons for each. These new weapons play the role of "ultimate weapon" together with those already present in the original game (Arma Artema, Long Live the King and Long Live the Queen), differing slightly in the attack capabilities and magic points they provide.

    • Sora's Keyblades: Seraphic Glow and Diamond Dust.
    • Donald's Canes: Cosmic Justice and Fantasy Wand.
    • Goofy's Shields: Guard Buckle and Seven Elements.


    Eleven new skills were added:

    • Sudden Strike
    • Sliding bid
    • Stunner
    • Gravity Blow
    • Magic Surge
    • Hurricane Pulse
    • Zantetsuken
    • Healthy Leaf
    • Extraordinary
    • Encounters ↑
    • Evolution


    Along with some minor changes to three existing accessories, the new accessories added are as follows:

    • Aro Piro +++.
    • Ice Hoop +++.
    • Aro Electro +++.
    • Umbrian Ring.
    • Blazon Moguri.
    • Cosmic Art (accessory).
    • Royal Crown.
    • Elite Cap.
    • Belt of Ifrit.
    • Belt of Shiva.
    • Lamú strap.
    • EXP Bracer.
    • EXP earrings.
    • EXP pendant.
    • EXP Ring


    Several new scenes have been added that expand and give more context to the story. Mainly most of the new scenes show the events from Riku's point of view, expanding the information on why he ended up plunging into darkness.

    • The first scene is shown after Sora fights Leon in Paso City. It shows how Riku, after being engulfed by darkness in Destiny Islands, appears lost in Hollow Bastion, calling out to his friends, while Maleficent watches him from afar.
    • The second is shown after Sora talks to Kairi in the Underground Canal in Paso City. It shows how Riku gets lost in the Realm of Darkness after Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness took his body away. There, with the help of King Mickey, he reveals that he has the keyblade of that kingdom.
    • After Sora defeats Sephirot, a new scene is shown in which Cloud is seen challenging Sephirot to duel.
    • After closing the Door to Darkness, Sora has several flashbacks to his childhood with Riku, when they both lived in the Destiny Islands.
    • At the beginning of the game, during the second day in Destiny Islands, there is a new scene where Kairi is seen constructing the amulet of shells that she would later deliver to Sora in Pass City, giving rise to the Promised Keyblade.
    • Before the battle against the hooded stranger, he talks to Sora in a cryptic way and without his voice being heard. In this conversation, the hooded man refers to the fact that Sora looks a lot like "him", without the protagonist still being able to know what he is talking about or who he is referring to.


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