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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

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    This article is about the psp game. Maybe you are looking for the video.

    «In destiny there is no chance.» - Slogan

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep It is the sixth game in the Kingdom Hearts series exclusively for the Sony Playstation (PSP) laptop. The name of the game is the same as the secret video for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, "Birth by Sleep", which depicts a stylized version of a scene from the game. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was developed by the same team that created Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.

    The game is the prequel to the first Kingdom Hearts, the events of which will take place ten years earlier. The story focuses primarily on Terra, Aqua and Ventus, three young Keyblade wielders prior to Sora's generation, although the game also focuses on the origin of Sora and Xehanort, delving into the mysteries of Xehanort's dark past, as well as the way Sora and Riku came to wield the Keyblade.


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    Spoiler !: Below are details of the plot that you may not want to know (Skip Section)

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep begins in the World of Departure, where three key bearers

    sword, close friends, Terra, Aqua and Ventus (better known as Ven), attempt to become Masters of the Keyblade under the tutelage of Master Eraqus. To achieve this rank, apprentices must take the Master's Title Exam once they reach an age. Terra and Aqua take the exam together, but while Aqua passes, Terra is declared unfit to be a teacher due to the abundant darkness in his heart. After this, a group of Nesciente begin to appear on other worlds, and another Keyblade master, Xehanort, disappears without a trace. Terra is sent to destroy the Nescient and find Xehanort, who earlier encouraged Terra to embrace the darkness of his heart if he desires the strength to be a Keyblade Master.

    Meanwhile, Ven is encouraged to follow Terra by Xehanort's mysterious apprentice Vanitas, disobeying Eraqus' wishes. Aqua is sent by Eraqus to speak to Terra and keep him safe from falling into darkness, and also to bring Ven back to the Land of Departure.

    Traveling through different worlds, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus encounter various Disney characters, new and old, fighting hordes of the needy along the way. Among the characters they meet is Mickey Mouse, an apprentice to the magician Yen Sid, who is on a mission to destroy the Nescient. Terra ends up attracting the attention of many Disney villains, who offer him the whereabouts of Master Xehanort in exchange for help for their evil purposes. Terra thinks that Xehanort is going after the seven Princesses of the Heart, who lack darkness in their hearts, and encourages Aqua to help them strengthen the light in their hearts, hoping that will make Xehanort appear. However, Aqua and Ven become suspicious of Terra upon hearing rumors that Terra commits evil deeds on other worlds. The three briefly meet in Radiant Garden, where Aqua meets Kairi, a young girl who contains the strength of a pure heart and light within her, and helps her increase the strength of her light. Aqua and Ven also confront Terra, who distances herself from them and her attempts to prevent her from falling into the darkness of the evil power that grows within her. Terra, and Aqua try to convince Ven to return to the Land of Departure, but he refuses until he is sure that Terra will not fall into darkness.

    Terra and Aqua eventually reach Destiny Islands where they meet two young men Sora and Riku. Terra sees the potential within Riku and believes that he deserves to one day carry the Keyblade, while Aqua feels strong ties between Sora and Riku as with Ven and Terra respectively. Meanwhile, Ven reaches out to Master Xenahort who reveals his intentions to use Ven's heart to create an ultimate Keyblade known as the χ-Blade, something Xehanort says Master Eraqus knew all along. Ven returns to the Land of Departure to confront Eraqus, who attempts to kill Ven so that Xehanort's plans to create the χ-Blade fail. However, Terra, who had been sent there by Xehanort, attacks Eraqus to defend Ven, teleporting Ven to safety. Terra kills Eraqus and Xehanort appears, who tells Terra to go to the Keyblade Necropolis, destroying Partida Land and plunging it into darkness. In Destiny Islands, Ven meets Vanitas again and discovers his true past: Ventus was once Xehanort's apprentice, but Xehanort decided that his heart was weak enough to be used by him as planned, so he brought the darkness out of the world. Ven's heart and used it to create Vanitas. After this, Vanitas tells him to go to the Keyblade Necropolis. Meanwhile, Aqua discovers, disappointed, that Terra killed Eraqus because Yen Sid tells her, and he tells her to go to the Keyblade Necropolis as well. Aqua wants to ask Terra about the bad things she has done in the other worlds and about her master's death.

    Terra, Aqua, and Ven arrive at the Keyblade Necropolis, where the remains of the Keyblade War lie. Master Xehanort appears with Vanitas and reveals his plan to use the χ-Blade to unlock Kingdom Hearts and thus possess all the worlds, united in a single world without barriers. He also wanted to use Terra's body as a new container for his heart so that he could survive long enough to see his plans fulfilled. An epic battle ensues, once he manages to freeze Ventus and Vanitas knocks Aqua unconscious. At this point, Terra releases the darkness in her heart, unaware that this would allow Xehanort to unlock her heart and successfully transfer to Terra's body, which ended in Xehanort's favor. However, Terra's soul continues to be attached to her empty armor, which comes to life and defeats Xehanort. Ven, as he manages to free himself before Vanitas kills Aqua, he discovers that his dark side is the source of all Nescient. Vanitas merges with Ven and creates the χ-Blade. Aqua awakens under Mickey's care and the two fight the possessed Ventus while Ventus fights Vanitas in his subconscious. Aqua destroys the χ-Blade when Ven destroys Vanitas, bringing the end of the Nescient. Despite this, Ven's heart is lost in the process. The destroyed χ-Blade unleashes a savage light, consuming everyone present and scattering them through the corridors of space.

    Mickey saves Aqua and Ventus and takes them to Yen Sid's tower, where Aqua discovers that Ven has fallen into a deep sleep and will not wake up until his heart returns. Aqua leads Ven back to the ruins of Tierra de Partida, guided by him, where she finds the Keyblade of Master Eraqus and, remembering what he told her, uses it to unlock the Chamber of Awakening and the Castle of Oblivion, sealed by the ancients. teachers to use it as a defense in case the place was attacked: whoever enters the Castle of Oblivion, forgets everything, which prevents it from being destroyed. Only those who activate the Castle of Oblivion can remember and deactivate it. After dropping Ven inside the chamber, Aqua goes to Radiant Orchard where she finds that Xehanort is inside Terra's body, but that she has lost her memories. Aqua fights Xehanort to free Terra. After this, Terra's body begins to sink into darkness, but Aqua plunges into darkness and saves Terra from disappearing. She ends up being trapped in the Realm of Darkness and begins a journey to return to her friends. Xehanort is discovered unconscious and amnesiac by Ansem, remembering only his name. Ventus' lost heart finds its way into young Sora, merging with the young boy's heart.


    The most relevant characters are:

    • Terra: is the oldest of the apprentices. He is a quiet and serious young man with great skills as a swordsman.
    • Ventus: He is the youngest of the three protagonists and has a great resemblance to Roxas. This wielder of the Keyblade is agile and fast in battle.
    • Aqua: She is the most mature and responsible of the group. She is an expert in the magical arts.
    • Master Eraqus: Master of the 3 protagonists.
    • Master Xehanort: Enemy of the protagonists.
    • Vanitas: Mysterious warrior who serves Xehanort. He wears a helmet and the costume is very similar to the one Riku wears in Kingdom Hearts. It is the dark part of Ventus's heart.
    • King Mickey: The king of Disney Castle. Travel the worlds to protect them from darkness.
    • Riku, Sora and Kairi: They appear as little children, but they are not together. They are the protagonists of the entire Kingdom Hearts saga except in this installment and 358/2 Days.


    The game worlds together with their characters:

    Castle of Dreams
    • Cinderella
    • Jaq
    • Hada Madrina
    • Charming prince
    • The grand duke
    • Lady Tremaine (Madrastra)
    • Anastasia
    • Drizella
    • Lucifer
    Deep space
    • Experiment 626
    • Dr. Jumba
    • Experiment 221
    • Gantu
    • Grand Councilor
    Disney town
    • Brooms
    • Chip and Chop
    • Daisy
    • Queen Minnie
    • Pete (as Captain Justice and Captain Dark)
    • Juanito, Jaimito and Jorgito
    • Horacio

    Destiny Islands

    • Sora (Child)
    • Riku (Niño)
    Enchanted kingdom
    • Aurora
    • Maleficent
    • Diablo
    • Flora, Fauna and Spring
    • Prince Felipe
    • Servants of Maleficent
    Neverland country
    • Peter Pan
    • Captain Hook
    • Smee
    • Bell
    • Lost Children
    • Crocodile
    Olympus Coliseum
    • Zack
    • Hercules (Young)
    • Hades
    • File
    Forest of the Dwarfs
    • Snow White
    • La Reina
    • The seven dwarfs
    • Magic mirror
    • El Príncipe
    Keyblade Necropolis
    • Land
    • Aqua
    • Ventus
    • Maestro Xehanort
    • Vanitas
    • King mickey
    Castle of Oblivion
    • Ventus
    100 Acre Forest
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Tigger
    • Rabbit
    Radiant Garden
    • Xehanort
    • Braig
    • Dilan
    • Equally
    • Aeleus
    • Ienzo
    • Isa
    • Lea
    • Ansem the Wise
    • Kairi (Girl)
    • Kairi's grandmother
    • Marline
    • Tío Gilito
    • Moogle
    Tower of Mysteries
    • Yen Sid
    • King mickey
    • Donald
    • Goofy
    Land of Departure
    • Master Eraqus
    • Aqua
    • Land
    • Ventus

    Sora, Ventus and Roxas

    In the secret episode of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Sora finds Ventus's heart while stargazing with Riku, sitting on the beach (Ventus loses his heart in the battle with Vanitas). Sora doesn't know why he's crying, and Riku explains that there must be some otherworldly lost heart that needs help. Sora offers that help and merges with Ventus. Later, in Kingdom Hearts (first game), when Sora realizes that he has Kairi's heart, he decides to nail the Keyblade of Darkness creating Roxas, his incorporeal, and since Sora had Ventus's heart, Roxas adopted his shape.

    Regarding why Vanitas is physically the same as Sora, it's very simple. When Ventus is seen early in the game talking to a stranger who fills his fractured heart, this "stranger" turns out to be the heart of the newborn Sora who he says found Ventus following the light of his heart and offers to help. to complete his heart, at least until he is powerful enough again to handle it for himself. This part of Ventus's heart, which Sora helps to complete is the part of the heart in which Ventus's darkness resided, that is, Vanitas. Vanitas is a being of absolute darkness. Vanitas has the appearance of Sora because when Sora was born, his heart also crossed with Vanitas' giving him what would then be his future appearance, although this is not entirely assured.



    KHBbS manga volume 1KHBbS manga volume 2KHBbS manga volume 3



    • In the PSP version of this game, when Aqua meets Kairi in Radiant Orchard and the Nescient appear, two Kairis are seen behind Aqua. This bug was fixed in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.
    • In the opening of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, you can see two rings on Ventus's fingers that are the ones Roxas wears in Kingdom Hearts II, but in the rest of the game, Ventus doesn't use the rings. This happened because they forgot to remove those items.
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