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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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    «The darkness turns into light,
    light sinks into darkness. »- Slogan

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (formerly known as Kingdom Hearts 3D) is a game in the Kingdom Hearts series released on the Nintendo 3DS handheld. It was released on March 29, 2012 in Japan, and it has already been announced that it has a European release date of July 20, 2012, and in the US / Canada for July 31, 2012. The release date for Australia it has been announced for July 26, 2012. It is the fourth game in the series for a Nintendo handheld. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has been developed by the same team that worked on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and is the next game in the series after the aforementioned. Yoko Shimomura returns to compose the soundtrack.

    The game was re-released during 2016 as an HD remaster as part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.


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    Spoiler !: Below are details of the plot that you may not want to know (Skip Section)

    In Radiant Garden, Braig enters the computer area of ​​Ansem the Wise's study and finds Even and Ienzo unconscious on the ground with patches of darkness emanating from them. The only conscious person in the room is Terra-Xehanort, to whom Braig asks a few questions. Terra-Xehanort responds by invoking Master Xehanort's Keyblade and pinning it to Braig's chest, extracting his heart. When Braig loses consciousness, Terra-Xehanort declares that he is now "Ansem". Eleven years later, Yen Sid puts Sora and Riku to the test through the Master Title Exam in order for them to become full-fledged Keyblade Masters to counter Master Xehanort's upcoming return. As part of this test, the two are sent to seven worlds that were restored after the defeat of Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, but that entered a state of "deep sleep" that disconnected them from the other worlds. These worlds are affected by Dream Eaters, the creatures that are born from the darkness that seek Locks of the Sleeping Worlds. The task given to Sora and Riku is to reawaken said worlds through the Sleeping Locks found there and then return to the Realm of Light,

    Master Yen Sid instructing Sora and Riku about their Exam.

    after which they will be considered Masters of the Keyblade. The two travel through the Sleeping Worlds independently of each other after being separated at the beginning of the exam, and recruit benevolent Lucent Dreams to aid them in searching for the Locks and fighting the evil Dreaming Dreadmen they seek. destroy the Sleeping Worlds.

    Meanwhile, in Radiant Garden, Lea awakens to find that she has been restored to her original form after the destruction of her Nobody, Axel. He finds that his companions, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and Ienzo, have also been revived, but after searching the world, Lea does not find any of the other members of Organization XIII. Ienzo explains that when a certain person's Heartless and Nobody are destroyed, they go back to the world where the Heartless and Nobody were created, unless their world was destroyed, so they would wake up in Paso City. Lea, however, remembers that Braig and Isa were in Radiant Orchard when they became Xigbar and Saïx, and ventures to look for them when she sees that they are not with them.

    As Yen Sid, King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy supervise the exam, they receive a grade from Diablo, Maleficent's raven, along with Queen Minnie's crown. The three of them rush to Disney Castle via the Gummi Ship to confront Maleficent and Pete in the castle library, where they hold Queen Minnie hostage. Maleficent tells them about her first encounter with Master Xehanort and demands access to the Binarama, but King Mickey refuses, causing Maleficent to attack him, but a Dark Runner appears and two Chakram with him. First

    Lea's Chakram saves Mickey and company.

    He blocks Maleficent's attack and the second distracts Pete long enough for Queen Minnie to escape. Their plans having been thwarted, the villains leave, while leaving the corridor of darkness appears Lea, who accompanies them back to the Tower of Mysteries and makes a surprising request to Yen Sid.

    In the Sleeping Worlds, Sora and Riku come across the revived Ansem and Xemnas, as well as a mysterious young hooded man with ties to Master Xehanort.

    Finally, once all the Sleeping Locks are sealed, Sora finds himself in the Nonexistent World instead of the Realm of Light. He meets Xigbar and the young man once more. Trapped in an illusion, Sora discovers that the young man is actually Master Xehanort in his youth, who was visited by Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, who explained the future to him and guided him to fulfill a task through the ages. . The Young Xehanort thus gains the possibility of time travel and has been going to different time periods to gather various incarnations of Xehanort. Sora desperately tries to reach the castle, but the path is littered with illusions from Riku, Kairi, Naminé, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, leaving his heart more vulnerable.

    Finally, he meets Xemnas and Xigbar, who explain to him the original plan of the first Organization XIII. What Master Xehanort had planned was to place a fragment of his own Heart inside each of the Nobodies, who were tricked into thinking they lacked Heart in order to guarantee their loyalty to Xemnas, but the independence of each member. It was unforeseen for the plan, this was mostly demonstrated by Axel and Roxas, and it made their plan impossible to carry out.

    Sora talking to Xigbar, and contemplating Xemnas appearance.

    Refusing to become one of Master Xehanort's recipients, Sora confronts Xemnas. Although he manages to win, his heart is damaged and he falls into a coma, after which he is kidnapped to the Non-existent Castle by Young Xehanort. Sora falls into Darkness, but his broken heart is engulfed by Ventus's Armor, found within him.

    Riku arrives at the Non-existent World, where he finds Sora's comatose body floating within a force field of Darkness. After fighting a mysterious enemy born from Sora's darkness, Riku is dragged by Ansem into the darkness. He then explains to Riku that he had been fighting in Sora's dreams from the beginning, acting as an Oneirid to destroy the nightmares within him. Ansem, seeing that Riku has accepted his Darkness, asks him to join forces. Riku explains that he had initially doubted whether he could wield the Keyblade after having fallen to darkness by becoming a Heartless. He recalls a conversation he had with Terra as a child that stimulated his desire to see other worlds. Riku accepts that he can contain the darkness in his heart and still be worthy of becoming a Keyblade Master, yet he still refuses to join forces with Ansem. After the fight between the two, Riku is transported out of Sora's dreams to reach the real world, where he continues to search for Sora.

    Riku locates Sora in the throne room, where he meets Young Xehanort. He has been assembling various incarnations in Master Xehanort's time in order to create the New Organization XIII, and its members thus far are Young Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas, and Xigbar, apart from the other incarnations from various eras of Xehanort. Only Master Xehanort is missing, who is about to revive, and a thirteenth receiver, who according to the plans of the New Organization XIII, will be Sora. Suddenly, King Mickey arrives and uses Paro +++ (Stopgun), thus stopping time to save Riku and Sora. However, Young Xehanort is unaffected by this Magic, and attacks Riku, full of anger.

    Young Xehanort takes out his Keyblade.

    Despite Riku managing to defeat him and force him back, Master Xehanort is revived. Master Xehanort explains his past efforts to King Mickey and Riku, his failed attempt to create the Keyblade χ, and his intention to create the New Organization XIII in order to form Thirteen Darknesses and come into contradiction with Seven Lights, thus recreating the Keyblade χ and starting another Keyblade War. With Ansem and Xemnas trapping Riku and King Mickey, Master Xehanort prepares to place a fragment of his Heart inside Sora, but Lea arrives on the scene and protects Sora.

    Master Xehanort orders one of the members of New Organization XIII to take care of Lea, and that member turns out to be Saïx.

    Ansem summons his guardian, who grabs Riku and King Mickey, one with each hand, but Donald and Goofy come through Mickey's Star Shard and stun him. With his plans temporarily derailed, Master Xehanort retires with his New Organization XIII, but vows revenge.

    Sora's comatose body is brought back to Yen Sid's tower. The old man explains that Riku, having been in Sora's dream for so long, is the only one who can save his heart from its beating state. Thus, Riku uses his Keyblade to enter his friend's Heart. There, in the Descent to the Heart, he finds Sora inside Ventus's Armor. It has been covered with the Darkness that Sora succumbed to.

    Riku fights the armor and wins. Although Riku manages to defeat Armored Ventus Nightmare and free Sora from the armor, he does not return to the real world but instead appears on the Destiny Islands within Sora's Heart, where he encounters facsimiles of Ventus, Roxas and Xion, and finally, Ansem the Wise, who gives Riku the real Ansem's research data, he hid it inside Sora during his dream a year ago.

    Riku is surprised by Ventus's Armor covered in Darkness, which locks Sora inside.

    Ansem explains that Sora's love will save all those linked to his Heart.

    After Sora manages to wake up, only Riku is declared Master of the Keyblade by Yen Sid. Undaunted by his failure, Sora embarks on a new journey of his own to train, while Lea surprises everyone by invoking his Own Keyblade: His request for Yen Sid was to become a wielder of the Keyblade, and he has only mastered the invocation of it.

    Sora later returns to Pass City, where he finds himself alone, but is immediately reunited with all of his Dreamcatcher Spirit friends. Meanwhile in the Chamber of Awakening, inside the Castle of Oblivion, Ventus, while still sleeping, moves slightly.

    Another Guardian of Light

    Not long after what happened, Yen Sid plans to gather seven Keyblade wielders to fight New Organization XIII and prevent Master Xehanort's plan to provoke another Keyblade War. To this end, Yen Sid asks Riku to bring Kairi before him so that she can be trained to wield the Keyblade that she previously inherited from Aqua.

    End of spoilers


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    Game Screens

    Sora with the KeybladeRiku and King MickeyQuasimodo and EsmeraldaBeat y JoshuaNeku and Kingdom Hearts DDDSora y Riku escuchando al Maestro Yen SidRiku and Joshua in Paso CityAll Kingdom Hearts Heroes AssembledAqua, Terra and Ven in KH 3D


    Promotional videos and trailers

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - English Promotional Trailer - "Vignette 1"

    Promotional Trailer "Vignette # 1" (English)

    HD KH 3D Dream Drop Distance Trailer Jump Festa 2012 Sub. Español

    Trailer Jump Festa 2012 Sub Español

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Premiere Event Video 1 (HD 720p)

    Video of the 1st Event of the Premiere

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Premiere Event Video 3 (HD 720p)

    Video of the 3st Event of the Premiere

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Floor Report E3 2012 has uploaded a report on KH: 3D at E3

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance - ¿Rinzler es Tron?

    Rinzler is Tron? (subtitled in Spanish)

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Nintendo Direct 6-21

    New demo


    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Sora Demo

    Sora gameplay demo

    Kingdom Hearts Re Coded - Final Secreto - Spanish Subs

    Xehanort Theory and KH: 3D Argument


    • On September 21, 2010, in an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the story of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was set after Kingdom Hearts Re: coded.
    • On January 18, it was confirmed that the game is called Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and that Sora could visit Notre Dame.
    • The confirmed launch date in Spain was July 20, 2012.
    • On June 20, it was confirmed that the game will only be available with texts in English, French and German and with voices in English.
    • Nintendo refused to distribute the game for not coming in Spanish so it was distributed by Koch Media on July 20.
    • As Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is an important title within the storyline of the saga, it will not have a “Final Mix” version.
    • KH: 3D in Spain is number 1 in sales in Game, while in England it is 11.


    • In an interview Tetsuya Nomura explained that the end of this game will feature the longest scene in the entire saga, where the true form of Ansem and Xemnas, as well as their objectives and other revelations, will be discovered. [1]
    • In the game trailer you can see the "real" Axel: Lea.
    • The battle tracks for Ansem, Xemnas, Nightmare, Young Xehanort, and Nightmare Armor are remixes of previous tracks.
    • Characters that would otherwise be dead will be seen in the dream world.
    • In the opening of the game Mickey is seen as a magician's apprentice and some books appear that may be pages of Pepito's Diary (except for Aqua, Ven and Terra, Roxas does have a diary similar to Pepito's in Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days).
    • In the end credits the characters of the worlds appear along with some letters that if you put them together, it says: And this brings us to Kingdom Hearts III.
    • The intro of the game is inspired by the movie Fantasy, since the scenes of the same are made to combine with the music (Dearly Beloved KH2ver.) When it is regularly the other way around.
    • With 338.812 copies sold, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has ranked number 25 on the list of best-selling video games in Japan in 2012.
    • In the first trailer of the game certain contents of Flowmotion appear later eliminated, like sliding down the roofs or jumping on the awnings.
    • This would be the last game in which Chikao Ōtsuka and Leonard Nimoy give voice to Master Xehanort (Japanese and English respectively) since in 2015 both actors would pass away.


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    and references

    1. Tetsuya Nomura assures that many truths will be revealed at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D
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