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    Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days

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    «The primordial memories have been forgotten.» - Slogan

    Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days is an RPG game developed by Square Enix for Nintendo DS, with the help of HAND The game is about Roxas' life between the end of Kingdom Hearts and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, discovering the events that occurred from the creation of Roxas to his confrontation with Riku.


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    Square Enix revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show that a new and unique installment of the Kingdom Hearts series would go on sale exclusively for Nintendo DS. In 358/2 Days, players can learn more about Roxas' time spent in Organization XIII by engaging in exciting single or multiplayer modes. Many unresolved answers so far about Roxas' life (while Sora slept for a year) will be explored offering Kingdom Hearts fans a totally new way to enjoy the series on various Disney worlds. In December 2008, it was announced that the game would be released to all audiences, as well as in Europe and the rest of the PAL regions.


    When Sora becomes a Heartless himself to free his friend Kairi's heart in KH 1, his Nobody, Roxas, is also born. However, unlike the rest of the Nobodies, Roxas retains a human body and remembers little bits of his past life as Sora. As soon as Roxas is found by Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, he is recruited as its thirteenth member. Every day he is sent on missions to other worlds, both accompanied by his other members and alone, to kill the Heartless, freeing stolen hearts and achieving the goal of the Organization which is to invoke Kingdom Hearts and become complete beings. While in the Organization, he is mentored by Axel, and they quickly become friends. Shortly after the incorporation of Roxas, a fourteenth member appears: Xion, who knows nothing about his past and, like Roxas, can also wield the keyblade, and little by little they begin to know more and form a trio. of friends.

    However, different events that cause the group to disperse begin to occur. DiZ and Naminé watch Sora's progress of remembering his lost memories in "Chain of Memories". Roxas begins to wonder why he can wield the Keyblade and begins to doubt about the Organization's goals. Xion, meanwhile, is confused after an encounter with Riku, who asks who she is and why she wields the keyblade, and begins to separate from her friends. Soon Xion's desire to discover her origin will cause her to abandon Axel and Roxas, turning hostile to them when they try to stop her.

    A short time later, Xion discovers the truth about her: she is an imperfect replica of Sora, created from his memories by Vexen on Xemnas' orders as a "Plan B" in case Roxas, who the Organization was trying to exploit, turns out to be of no use. Furthermore, Naminé's attempts to remind Sora of his memories, not only affect Roxas, but also Xion to the point of becoming, physically the same as him, absorbing power from Roxas and gaining it herself. Xion, helped by Riku and Naminé, decides to sacrifice herself to return the memories to Sora, at the cost of no one remembering her. To do this, he decides to confront Roxas because he also harbors some memories necessary for Sora to wake up. After a very hard battle, passing through different worlds and forms, Xion is defeated by Roxas. Although at first Roxas forgets about her, when he sees her dying his memories are reactivated and tears come to him at the same time that Xion dies, but not before asking him to stop Xemnas and release Kingdom Hearts.

    Filled with anger at Xion's death and his unsolved questions, Roxas decides to take on Organization XIII on his own, leaving Axel on the sidelines. He meets Riku and they fight. When he is almost defeated, he draws on the power of darkness that is in his heart, giving him the power to defeat Roxas, but also giving him the appearance of Ansem, which is linked to his darkness. Riku and DiZ place Roxas in the virtual "Twilight Town" in such a way that he can merge with Sora, setting the scene already known in "Kingdom Hearts II".


    As in other Kingdom Hearts titles, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days includes numerous Disney characters. All members of Organization XIII are playable in multiplayer.

    • Roxas (ロ ハ ス): He is member number XIII of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Key of Destiny". Roxas is a completely new character introduced to the game series in Kingdom Hearts II. He is the main character of the game and Sora's Nobody. You can use the Keyblade. Roxas is actually Sora's Nobody, born when he drove the Keyblade of Darkness (belonging to Riku) into his heart, turning into a Shadow during the events of Kingdom Hearts. He and Naminé are the only Nobodies whose originals are still alive, which initially piqued DiZ's interest. Roxas has feelings, which makes him different from the more disembodied. His name comes from Sora.
    • Axel (ア ク セ ル): It is number VIII of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Burst of Dancing Flames". He is one of the few characters in the group that has a great plot weight, being present in both Sora and Roxas' history. Her red hair draws attention, thus reminding her of her element: fire. He is the most humane of the members of Organization XIII, almost coming to possess a heart of truth. He and Saïx already knew each other and were even friends. Her name comes from Lea.
    • Xaldin (ザ ル デ ィ ン): It is the number III of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Whirlwind of the Spear". He uses six spears that allow him to control the wind element. Its name comes from Dilan.
    • Zexión (ゼ ッ ク シ ョ ン): It is the number VI of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Veiled Conspirator". Use a Lexicon causing illusions. It only appears in the first days. Its name comes from Ienzo.
    • Saïx (サ イ ッ ク ス): It is the number VII of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Lunar Diviner". He is the second in command in Organization XIII. Control a Nobody named Maddening. He uses a kind of ax / scepter called a Claymore, which "opens" in the middle when its wielder enters a state of Insanity. Use the power of the moon to be in its "maddening" or berserk state (thus in English in the game). Its name comes from Isa.
    • Xigbar (シ ッ グ バ ー): He is number II of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Sniper" because he uses laser guns, and he was one of Ansem the Wise's assistants. Its name comes from Braig.
    • Demyx (デ ミ ッ ク ス): He is member IX of Organization XIII, nicknamed "The Melodious Nocturnal" because he uses a sitar as a weapon. He is usually assigned recon missions, but when he is required to kill Heartless he is constantly rewarding Roxas for him to do them. Its name comes from Dyme (it is not official).
    • Xion (シ オ ン): She is the XIV member of Organization XIII. It can be controlled in multiplayer. You can use a keyblade. Although Riku tells him that it is false. She is part of a project led by Vexen and Xemnas to copy Roxas's powers and thus have the full power of the Keyblade. His name is an anagram of his codename as a replica. No.I = NOI + X = Xion.
    • Riku (リ ク): He was Sora's best friend, but they parted ways when he was sucked into darkness by Maleficent's persuasion. This fall to the "dark side" is symbolized with a blindfold that covers his eyes. Symbolizing: "Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel"
    • Naminé (ネ ミ ネ): He was a key character during Chain of Memories and Re: Chain of Memories. Now he appears in a white room (equal to the Castle of Oblivion) ​​in the Twilight Villa mansion, he seems to know Xion or know something about her.
    • King Mickey (ミ ッ キ 王): He is the king of Disney Castle, little is known about him. It doesn't play a big role in this game, but it is manageable for missions mode.
    • Sora (ソ ラ): Main character in most of the Kingdom Hearts games. He can be played in Mission Mode.


    • Agrabah
    • Beast Castle
    • Castle of Oblivion
    • Halloween town
    • Olympus Coliseum
    • Destiny Islands
    • The Non-existent World
    • Neverland country
    • Wonderland
    • Twilight Town simulation
    • Twilight villa

    CoverTitle imageA Roxas wallpaperOther wallpaperA sub-volume of the manga with information about the charactersFirst volume of the KH Days mangaSecond volume of the KH Days mangaThird volume of the KH Days mangaFourth volume of the KH Days mangaFifth volume of the KH Days manga


    Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days " Apertura "


    Dub Proof KH - Roxas vs Riku (with FanDubSpanish)

    Final battle with Riku (voices in Spanish)

    Dub Proof KH - Goodbye to a Friend

    Goodbye to a friend. KH2 exclusive, prior to Sora's awakening (voices in Spanish)

    Unlockable characters

    In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days there are many secrets: theater mode, secret reports and characters for mission mode such as King Mickey or Sora.

    Here are the unlockable characters and the requirements to unlock them:

    Characters Requirement
    Xion Get rank apprentice
    Riku Get rank Agent
    Donald Get rank Expert
    Goofy Get rank Maestro
    King mickey Complete all missions and purchase the Royal Return item from the Moguri Shop.
    Sora Complete all missions to 100% and purchase Sora's Awakening item from the Moguri Shop.


    • The dialogue of the game was written almost entirely by Tetsuya Nomura himself, who acknowledged that to do almost all of these dialogues he spent two weeks without speaking to anyone. According to Nomura, "he will never do such a thing again."
    • The last conversation that Xion and Roxas have before facing each other at the Clock Tower in Twilight Town (KH 358/2 Days), is quite similar to the one Sora had with Kairi before the Destiny Islands disappeared (first KH); the four characters have their backs facing the sunset, the girls are standing and the boys are sitting.
    • When Roxas is knocked unconscious, Xenmas says "so sleep has taken over you again" referring to Ventus sleeping in the Chamber of Awakening.


    To know how to finish any mission you can consult Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Missions.

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