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    • 1 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
    • 2 Entre Birth by Sleep y Kingdom Hearts
    • 3 Kingdom Hearts
    • 4 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
    • 5 Kingdom Hearts II
    • 6 Kingdom Hearts coded
    • 7 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    • 8 Kingdom Hearts χ
    • 9 Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0,2 Passage Fragmentary
    • 10 Kingdom Hearts III

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    In Birth by Sleep, Kairi resides with her grandmother in Radiant Garden. She is a carefree girl, who loves to listen to the stories that her grandmother tells her about hearts and worlds.

    During the events of said game, she appears for the first time surrounded by a group of Nescient who are eliminated by Aqua and the newcomer King Mickey. At that moment Kairi touches Aqua's Keyblade, inadvertently causing Kairi to wield a Keyblade at some point.

    Kairi en Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    Aqua perceives a great light in the girl's heart. Mickey confesses that this is because she is a very special girl, referring to the fact that she is one of the Princesses of the Heart. Before he can say anything, Mickey disappears, leaving Aqua and young Kairi alone. Kairi, in gratitude for her help, gives Aqua a bouquet of flowers. Aqua feels flattered and therefore decides to apply a spell to Kairi's heart that will serve as protection. That's why when the Destiny Islands were engulfed by darkness, Kairi's heart went to Sora, for protection.

    Entre Birth by Sleep y Kingdom Hearts

    At some point between the events of Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts, Kairi is kidnapped by Xehanort, who for the benefit of his research on the darkness of the heart, decides to transfer her to another world, more specifically, Destiny Islands. Upon arrival, she was adopted by the mayor of the Main Island.

    Kingdom Hearts

    «Hey, Kairi, what is your hometown?» - Sora to Kairi

    Kairi en el opening de Kingdom Hearts

    In Kingdom Hearts, Kairi is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in the Destiny Islands with Sora, Riku, as well as Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka. Kairi appeared on the islands years ago, without knowing anything about her past or her previous life, even so, she does not show much interest in recovering that fragment of her life, nor is she too interested in knowing where she comes from, because she is happy with her life. in the islands. Despite everything, she is willing to join Riku's idea of ​​creating a raft to discover new worlds and, incidentally, also learn about her past. And taking advantage of the trip she makes an Always Together so that her journey is safe and that she is never separated from Sora and Riku. But before leaving the islands, a storm plunged the place into darkness and Kairi was separated from Sora and Riku. The next time Sora crossed paths with Kairi, she was in a comatose state, unconscious. It was later discovered that Kairi was one of the Princesses of the Heart, sent from Radiant Orchard to Destiny Islands by Xehanort to confirm her theories that the Princesses of the Heart are connected to the Keyblade. Later, Maleficent, in Hollow Bastion, came to the conclusion that the only way to awaken Kairi would be to reunite her with Sora, who has possessed her heart since the destruction of Destiny Islands. Because of this, Maleficent was unable to open Hollow Hold's door of darkness. After all this, Sora finally saved Kairi, giving her his heart at the cost of his own life, which led to him becoming a Heartless.

    Sora hugging Kairi after regaining his normal appearance.

    Kairi recognized Sora among the Heartless, prompting her to protect him, thus making the young man see a ray of light and regain his human appearance. After this fact, they both returned to Ciudad de Paso. After an explanation with Leon and others, she has a conversation with Sora saying that she wants to accompany him but Sora tells her that it is very dangerous and she understands and decides to give Sora the Always Together and Sora promises that he will return it to her and Kairi tells her that is always with him. After this, Kairi stays with Leon, Aeris, and Yuffie, waiting for Sora to defeat Ansem and return normalcy to the world. Unfortunately, once this was done, Sora and her parted ways at the end of Kingdom Hearts. Sora promised to meet her again, so Kairi would wait for him in the Destiny Islands until that day.

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    Kairi doesn't actually appear - at least directly - in Chain of Memories, but she has a pretty big role nonetheless. Mainly, because Kairi is the most important person to Sora, leading Organization XIII members Marluxia and Larxene to try to rewrite the memories of the Keyblade holder in order to make him forget about her. Thus, Sora would also forget his mission and stop being a hindrance to them. The tool to achieve this is Naminé, a young witch capable of doing such things, temporarily turning Sora into her puppet and thus using him at will. The plan failed when one of the members of Organization XIII, Axel, betrayed them and convinced Naminé to do what she considered right. Naminé promised to restore Sora's past memories by introducing him into a mental restoration capsule, thus managing to erase all memories of having been in the Castle of Oblivion and, even, of having met Naminé. Naminé does the exact same thing in Reverse / Rebirth mode, the story starring Riku in Chain of Memories. His role was once again to make Kairi forget the character, posing as her so that Zexión, another member of the Organization, would not kill her. Riku did not fall into the trap anyway, and from the first moment he knew how to differentiate the young Naminé from her friend Kairi. Naminé is actually Kairi's Nobody, born when Sora's heart transcended into the body of the young redhead in Hollow Bastion. Thus, both are connected, not only on an aesthetic level but also on a personal and emotional level.

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Kairi at the Openning

    A year has passed since the events narrated in Kingdom Hearts, so Kairi is fifteen years old. Now, he goes to school with Selphie, and talks to her regularly about his lost friends. Memories haunt Kairi, who is unable to endure a day without remembering her friends Sora and Riku in Destiny Islands. This is amplified when the young woman mysteriously hears Sora's voice calling out to her. Like Sora in Chain of Memories, Kairi has slightly forgotten the names of her friends, only remembering their faces and their voices, which adds a "romantic" and sentimental addition to the argument of being all connected and that when one loses one thing also happens to the other. Her first appearance in Kingdom Hearts II is dressed in a school uniform, with a T-shirt, miniskirt and high boots, having abandoned the costume from the first game. In addition, now she has long hair, and it looks much more stylized, having a much more humanized figure than before. Since she cannot remember Sora completely, Kairi accumulates her memories until, one day, she manages to remember him completely and decides to send him a letter: he puts it in a bottle and throws it into the sea, hoping that his friend will find it and I answered.

    Kairi hands Sora the letter from King Mickey

    Later in the story, Kairi crosses paths with Axel, who offers the young woman to see Sora again. Hopeful but fearful, Kairi is kidnapped by the eighth member of Organization XIII later on. Later, Saïx imprisoned the young woman with Pluto in a cage of the Castle of Organization XIII in the Non-existent World. She managed to escape with the help of Naminé, and was saved from Saix by Riku (introduced into Xehanort's Heartless body. Near the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Kairi received a Keyblade from Riku and fought against the Heartless in order to open herself step and find Sora.

    Finally, when Kairi and Sora meet again, the young woman says "This is real"; he cannot believe that they are facing each other after all. The connection between Naminé and her was resolved when it was discovered that Naminé was her Nobody, created when her heart was transferred from Sora's body. With this, Naminé managed to discover her existence beyond being a dependent entity of Kairi.

    Kairi finally returned with Sora and Riku to Fate Islands. At the end of the game, after the credits, Kairi finds a bottle on the beach with a message from Disney Castle, written by King Mickey.

    Kingdom Hearts coded

    In a "flashback" in which Data Riku shows Data Sora, Kairi appears alongside Riku in Neverland.

    After Mickey sends his letter, the real Sora, Riku, and Kairi read it, and Sora prepares to leave.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Kairi appeared in the trailer for this game, sitting next to Sora near the Paopu tree. He also made an appearance in the Jump Festa trailer, along with Naminé.

    In the secret ending, Yen Sid sends Riku to bring Kairi to his tower. Yen Sid claims that he can handle a Keyblade and that he needs to talk to her, leaving Riku and Mickey confused without knowing why they want to talk to Kairi. Yen Sid actually wants to start training Kairi in combat so that she can defend herself against the newly revived Organization XIII which according to Yen Sid is trying to capture the 7 princesses of the heart to create Keyblade X.

    Kingdom Hearts χ

    Kairi appears as a child at the beginning of this game in Radiant Garden listening to the story that her grandmother tells about the ancient battle that existed in order to monopolize the light. Darkness swept through the hearts of those who fought and their light was swallowed up. This darkness covered everything and the world disappeared, although some fragments of light survived inside the hearts of the children. With these fragments, the worlds were rebuilt.

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0,2 Passage Fragmentary

    Kairi appears in Yen Sid's tower, set immediately after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. She stands with Mickey and Riku and listens to the flow of conversation between the other three for the most part. When it comes to the subject of her training as a Keyblade wielder, Yen Sid reveals that she will be training with the wizard, Merlin alongside Lea. Although surprised that he was Axel, the guy who kidnapped her, she agreed when Riku assured her that everything would be fine.

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Kairi continues her training with Lea in a place created by Merlin, the Secret Forest. There, time does not exist, so they can take all the time they need for training. When Kairi writes a letter to Sora (she explains it's more for her), he surprises her with a sea salt ice cream to celebrate the Keyblades being summoned. Kairi notices him looking at her and asks if he's still trying to remember something, which he admits. She tries to change the subject by expressing excitement about her duel in the ring, while telling Lea not to stop, which makes him remember something. Overwhelmed, Lea begins to cry and Kairi tries to comfort him. You try to wipe away your tears and tell him it's nothing. Before leaving, Kairi asks him to stop apologizing for kidnapping her, to which he agrees on the condition that she call him "Axel" for now.

    Later, as Lea watches the sunset, Kairi shows off her new haircut and dress. He also got a new outfit, but he's not too interested. Kairi then explains the desire to free Naminé, a similar case that she shares with Roxas. He mentions to her about meeting Ventus as a kid and how they quickly became friends but never saw him again. Over the years, he almost forgot about Ventus until Roxas joined Organization XIII as the two were identical. Roxas was never told, because he didn't want Roxas to disappear as well. Lea is concerned that Ventus won't remember, but Kairi gives her peace of mind when her training comes to an end.

    At the Yen Sid Tower, all the Seven Guardians of Light (Lea included) meet, as well as Donald and Goofy to catch up. Aqua remembers when he saved her from Unversed, but admits that she still doesn't remember her time before reaching the Destiny Islands, but thanks him anyway. Yen Sid then told the Guardians to get ready

    Sora, Riku, and Kairi return to the Destiny Islands to relax before their big fight with the Royal Organization XIII. Riku leaves her and Sora alone, saying that he needed "time to himself. Sora is curious what he meant by that, but Kairi grabs his attention by offering to share the Paopu Fruit with him. The two promise to stay safe and share the fruit together

    The Seven Guardians of Light head to the Keyblade Graveyard, where they confront Master Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas, Vanitas, and Young Xehanort. They fight a wave of Heartless before being confronted by Terra-Xehanort. The Keyblade holder attacks the group, facilitating their work. He goes to attack Kairi and she freezes in fear, causing Sora to protect her with his body. Donald then defeats Terra-Xehanort with Zettaflare, but this knocks him out. The group is attacked by a Heartless hurricane, which drives Kairi away.

    Fortunately, Sora used the Power of Waking to undo this, freeing the other Guardians of a powerful Heartless. Kairi uses her princess powers to enlighten Sora before they are attacked by Terra-Xehanort. The same scenario unfolds until a mysterious knight appears and attacks Terra-Xehanort, taking him away. The group is overwhelmed by the Heartless, but Merlin appears and creates a path forward, allowing them to confront the Organization.

    Kairi ended up paired with Lean, facing Xemnas, Saïx, and a mysterious figure. During their pre-battle talk, the mysterious figure suddenly attacked Lea, but Kairi protected him and realized that the figure was a girl. The five of them fought, but the Guardians began to feel overwhelmed. Sora came to help, but even then they were overwhelmed by Saïx. Eventually, the mysterious figure was revealed to be Xion, Lea's forgotten friend, who begins to remember who she is. As Xemnas prepares to kill her despite Lea's regrettable attempt to stop him, Roxas's heart emerges from Sora in a beam of light, immediately traveling to Radiant Garden to obtain a replica of the body before forcing Xemnas to jump back as the force of his return to the graveyard creates a cloud of dust. As the dust settles, Xemnas is horrified to see Roxas, questioning how he has returned. Roxas reveals that, like Xemnas, he is wearing a replica, and it was through his connections with his friends and their hearts that he was able to return.

    Suddenly, Sora attacks Xemnas, prompting Roxas and Xion to do a double attack. This fails, but leaves Xemnas open long enough for Kairi to attack him. She does quite well, but is eventually contained by Xemnas. After Lea, Roxas, and Xion fight the two Seekers to stop, Xemnas realizes that he was outmatched. Xemnas comments that he doesn't need hearts and that he would scatter them to the winds before warping behind the heroes and kidnapping Kairi, telling the guardians that although they have more lights, the Organization has more darkness to replenish their ranks before walking away. Kairi

    They then take her to Xehanort and use her as a means to make Sora, Riku, and Mickey fight. With Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort defeated, Xehanort takes down Kairi to motivate Sora to collide with him, breaking his Heart into seven crystal shards for insurance purposes. Fortunately, Sora's time travel from the future travels through the Guardian Hearts and retrieves these fragments, and Kairi is brought back to life. But the two are almost immediately faced with an apparition from Xehanort. The two fight together and eventually defeat this enemy with the help of the other Guardians, before disappearing into The Final World. Sora then introduces her to Chirithy, and they convince her to come home and meet up with her friend. The two embark on a victory tour of the world, leaving Chirithy with Ventus in the Land of Departure and restoring Naminé in the process, eventually meeting the other Guardians on the Destiny Islands.

    She and Sora sit together on the palm tree where they always hang out and watch the sunset. Sora says something to her that makes her cry, before she fades away as punishment for messing with fate. Kairi is so upset by this that she allows Ansem the Wise to put her to sleep soundly for a year for him to analyze her dreams in hopes of finding Sora.

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