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    This article is about the complete being of "Saïx". Maybe you are looking for to Saïx, member n ° VII of the Org. XIII.

    Isa he is the complete being of Saïx, and Lea's friend, the complete being of Axel. He is about the same age as Ventus and is a native of Orchard Radiant.


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      • 3.1 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep


    Cautious and composed, this young man also has his funny side, although he usually only shows it when he is with his friend Lea.


    He has blue hair with a dotted front. His eyes are also bluish. On the jacket, which is rolled up to the elbows, you can see a yellow crescent at the height of the Heart. He has long white pants and black shoes.


    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    When Ventus goes to Radiant Garden in search of Terra, he meets Isa and Lea. Lea challenges Ventus to a duel, while Isa looks at them and smiles. After the battle, Isa asks Lea not to try to make excuses for her defeat, and declares that he should have been her best friend Ventus instead of Lea, causing Ventus and Isa to laugh. After having a little conversation, Isa and Lea walk away and look up at the castle, apparently "ready." Some time after Xehanort is defeated at the Keyblade Necropolis, Lea and Isa's plan is revealed, as they were both seen being driven out of the castle of Ansem the Wise, by Dilan, as Aeleus watches. Later, Lea buys a Sea Salt Ice Cream from McPato, and gives one to Isa, and then they look up at the sky.

    Entre Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep y Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    At some point in his life his heart was consumed by darkness turning into a heartless. His strong heart left behind a disembodied, Saïx, who was accepted into Organization XIII as number VII and with the stage name "The lunar diviner", whose weapon is a greatsword, and his power is based on the moon, for what you could say that the moon that he had on his chest makes him a small reference.


    Isa displays a cool and calm demeanor equal to that of her incorporeal. However, this is greatly contrasted by the friendly and mocking character, which Saïx does not possess. He seems to be very responsible as he rushes Lea to hurry to finish his fight with Ventus so he can continue on his way. Being human, Isa also shows a sense of humor and a good attitude, as well as a certain disdain for the rules that her disembodied form does not have (in the final credits she flees with Lea, from Dilan who was chasing them to throw them out of the castle).

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