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Each filtering bag Informes Xehanort are a series of pages obtained in the course of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep written by Master Xehanort. The reports explain his life from his inception as wielder of the Keyblade to his plans to obtain the Keyblade χ and a new receptacle (Terra). 


  • 1 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
    • 1.1 Letter from Xehanort
    • 1.2 Informe Xehanort I
    • 1.3 Informe Xehanort II
    • 1.4 Informe Xehanort III
    • 1.5 Informe Xehanort IV
    • 1.6 Informe Xehanort V
    • 1.7 Informe Xehanort VI
    • 1.8 Xehanort Report VII
    • 1.9 Informe Xehanort VIII
    • 1.10 Xehanort Report IX
    • 1.11 Informe Xehanort X
    • 1.12 Informe Xehanort XI
    • 1.13 Informe Xehanort XII
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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Letter from Xehanort

Ventus obtains the Letter from Xehanort after leaving the Land of Departure. Dear Eraqus: Thank you very much for inviting me to be part of the tribunal in the next Masters graduation exam. I suppose that as the successor of our old Master, it will have been very difficult for you to gather his witness in the formation and training of those who are called to be our future successors, but I have no doubt that you have known how to make yourself worthy of such honor and that your work as a mentor has been commendable. I am aware that our disagreements and, in some cases, unfortunate events in the past, have weighed down our relationship for years, but I consider you as a brother and I would not like to pass up this opportunity that you offer me by inviting me to the exam without offering you my most sincere I apologize and offer you my hand as a sign of friendship and gratitude. There is no doubt that our Master chose his successor well. As custodians of the light, we have watched for generations to prevent darkness from closing in on the worlds, but you have always stood by your noble convictions and devotion to the light without questioning anything else, and that honors you. As you know, I have traveled the worlds for years and I have seen with my own eyes that the darkness that dwells between us grows stronger every day. I fear that dark times are coming, as the darkness now manifests itself more vehemently if possible. Yen Sid may have already brought you up to speed, but a new threat looms relentless. They are the so-called nescient, beings born of the most evil emotions and ignorant of everything that mere life entails. But that is not all that worries me now, since also the next graduation exam, and specifically one of the candidates, causes me a certain uneasiness. It is about Terra, in which I sensed when I met him, knowing him several years ago a great potential ... but also traces of a powerful latent darkness in his heart. Maybe it's just the ravings of my weary mind, but something tells me that granting that young man the degree of Master this time would not be the most propitious. It remains to be seen how he performs in the final test, but by then I am convinced that your good judgment will know how to discern whether he is worthy or not. Without further ado, I say goodbye anxious that our reunion is not delayed any longer. Sincerely, Xehanort.

Informe Xehanort I

Ventus obtains the Xehanort Report I in a Deep Space chest. Many years have passed since I left my home behind. In this time, I have traveled through countless worlds and learned much more than I ever dreamed of. But time passes and things are forgotten, so I have decided to start putting my experiences on paper. Looking back, I still remember the day my destiny changed ... Yes, without a doubt it was that day, the moment I arrived at that place and met those who would be my teacher and my brother, the day I found a new place to call home. It was also the time when the Keyblades entered my life, and even now I wonder why and what they were created for ... During my apprenticeship as wielder of the Keyblade, I was told that our duty as custodians of light It was safeguarding the world from the looming darkness, but something told me it couldn't be that simple. That was why my restless spirit led me to travel the worlds in search of answers, even knowing that my superiors would disapprove of my escapades.

Informe Xehanort II

Terra obtains the Xehanort Report II after defeating Braig in Radiant Garden. My mentor instructed me to always wear the armor on my travels to other worlds, as that was the only way to protect myself from darkness. However, every time I went through the Dimensional Passage, I felt a force, there was something out there calling to me, so I decided to shed my armor. As I have been taught, the darkness tries to devour the unwary, but I learned that it was possible to keep it at bay if you had the necessary power. What's wrong then? There are infinity of worlds, each and every one scattered and isolated in the breadth of what is known as the interdimensional cosmos, an immense sea of ​​space. Each of these worlds is governed by its own laws, ignorant of the others. Only we know that there is something else outside, and it must remain that way.

Informe Xehanort III

Aqua obtains the Xehanort Report III in a chest inside Merlin's House in Radiant Orchard. In ancient times, the worlds were one and the barriers of light that today separate and isolate them did not exist. It was the time of the keyblade bearers, who numbered in the hundreds and lived under the cover of the light that enveloped everything. But in a world without limits full of light, those who wanted to hoard more than they needed soon emerged. All the bearers discovered the true nature of the Keyblades, their true value. Blinded by greed, their only desire became to seize Kingdom Hearts at all costs, the Kingdom of Hearts of Light. That was the origin of a fierce war. Kingdom Hearts is itself an agglutination of countless hearts. Like humans, the worlds also possess a heart, which always remains safe from all darkness. However, if someone manages to gather the hearts of the worlds, it is possible to complete Kingdom Hearts.

Informe Xehanort IV

Aqua obtains Xehanort Report IV after speaking with Yen Sid in the Tower of Mysteries. When Kingdom Hearts is completed, whoever opens its doors receives the gift of being the architect of a new world. However, this task exceeds the limits of the earthly, so the individual is reborn as an entity beyond the human condition. Darkness is inherent in the light, heads and tails of the same coin that would not exist if one of them were missing. There were many keyblade holders who joined the fight that took place, although their motivations were very different. Some watched over the light, others sided with the dark, there were those who chose to defend that both should coexist in harmony and, even, there were those who fought out of simple greed and lust for power. The fact is that the war even extended to the worlds that had remained on the sidelines, neutral in the face of the conflict, until finally the darkness finally invaded everything. This is how the fateful Keyblade War came to an end. And no one to this day has ever managed to open the door to Kingdom Hearts. After that, the few hearts of light that survived gave birth to the worlds we now know. And so that the shameful events that led to that situation would never be repeated, each of those worlds was isolated by a protective barrier.

Informe Xehanort V

Terra obtains Xehanort Report V after defeating Relentless Jailer in the Virtual Ring. Today, only the wielders of the Keyblade and those who have totally succumbed to the darkness of their hearts are able to travel from one world to another. Our duty as bearers is to watch over the worlds and prevent darkness from closing in on them again. Unfortunately, there are not many of us left today who are capable of wielding a Keyblade, although I am convinced that numerous aspirants yet to be discovered await on the worlds. There are many worlds that exist: the kingdom of light, the kingdom of darkness ... and even a borderline limbo that unites both. But without a doubt, the kingdom of darkness is a forbidden place that no one should venture into. In fact, no one who has ever been able to return to tell the tale.

Informe Xehanort VI

Aqua obtains the Xehanort Report VI after defeating Maleficent in the Enchanted Domain. I have discovered that there are three types of Keyblades: those of light, those of darkness, and those of hearts. The nature of the first two is determined by their origin and use. Thus, the keys related to darkness are forged in the realm of darkness, while those of light (the ones we bearers use) are born in the worlds of light. The most interesting is the third type, the keyblades of hearts. These "keys" originated when the worlds reorganized at the end of the Keyblade War; and without them it would be impossible today to reach Kingdom Hearts. Only by gathering seven hearts of pure light is it possible to forge a Keyblade of Hearts and, with it, open the doors that lead to Kingdom Hearts. And not only that, whoever achieves it will obtain absolute control over all the worlds and those who dwell in them.

Xehanort Report VII

Aqua obtains Xehanort Report VII after defeating Ventus-Vanitas at the Keyblade Necropolis. I have managed to unravel the ultimate mystery of the Keyblades… There is a fourth type! They are called Keyblades X and, although they are easy to confuse with common Keyblades, their nature is entirely different. While Keyblades are man-made as a means of reaching Kingdom Hearts, Keyblades X coexist on their own alongside Kingdom Hearts itself. Its conception is produced by opposing in a balanced way two forces of great power: a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness. At the same moment that both forces merge, the real Kingdom Hearts appears. Unlike the one that is generated from, we could say, artificially by the action of the keyblades, this Kingdom Hearts houses the perfect communion of the hearts of all the worlds. In other words ... I'm afraid the Keyblade War that once ravaged the worlds was fought precisely to get to that Kingdom Hearts. If that were true, it would not matter that the worlds are protected by barriers, it would be enough to get hold of a Keyblade X to invoke Kingdom Hearts, which would probably unleash a second War of the Keyblades.

Informe Xehanort VIII

Terra obtains the Xehanort Report VIII after defeating Master Eraqus in the Land of Departure. My friend and colleague Eraqus is stubborn. He defends light as the only absolute truth, but forgets that light cannot exist without darkness. My theory is that the balance between the two forces is what makes the harmony of the worlds possible. And it is precisely in circumstances like the ones we live in now, a moment in darkness has been relegated to practically the minimum expression of its existence, when harmony is broken. It is necessary to end the prevailing sovereignty of light to resurface darkness and bring a new balanced order to the worlds. After my disagreements with Eraqus, I put land in the middle and began my pilgrimage through the worlds ... Without a doubt, for the first time after leaving my homeland in my youth, I felt truly free again. I had already passed the graduation exam and was considered a Master of the Keyblade, but I was not chosen to succeed our former Master in his responsibilities ... That honor fell to Eraqus, so the only path left for me was to transmit as a mentor the teachings. It was tradition for each Master to take disciples in order to perpetuate the traditions of the Keyblade bearers and ensure the future of generations to come, but was he really willing to follow that fate after all that he had sacrificed for years since I left? my home when I was just a kid? No ... I was not willing to let my last years be consumed with something so banal. Not when there were still so many things I had to see with my own eyes. And yet, I already felt that my forces were not what they were and that fatigue was suffocating my body ...

Xehanort Report IX

Ventus obtains Xehanort Report IX after leaving the Destiny Islands. The Masters of the Keyblade have a gift. We have the ability to extract the essence of hearts, either our own or that of others. By doing that process over and over again, it is possible for us to live forever in this world. When I was a child, I always dreamed of seeing the ends of the world. I always wanted to go somewhere no one had ever been before; a world unknown to all living beings. And I know how to achieve it… Kingdom Hearts is what I have longed for all my life. It is my destiny to be the first to open its doors to create a new world, a place where light and darkness coexist in perfect harmony. By then I already had the necessary knowledge and a new goal, but my body was old and weak to undertake such a task. The next step was clear: he needed a new receptacle. It was then that I met Ventus and placed him under my tutelage as an apprentice. It seemed that fate had allied itself with me by placing myself before that young man, since from the beginning I felt great potential in him, but I also perceived that there was too much goodness in his heart. I decided it was too fragile to use as a receptacle, so I reserved it for another experiment I had in mind. The goal was to extract all the darkness that was inside and separate it into two completely independent entities: a heart of pure light and a heart of pure darkness.

Informe Xehanort X

Ventus obtains the Xehanort Report X after defeating Vanitas at the Keyblade Necropolis. I was eager to carry out my experiment. I finally went through the process of extracting Ventus's heart and created Vanitas, a being with a heart of pure darkness, but just as I predicted, Ventus's fragile body could not resist it and he ended up in a deep lethargy. Ventus, a being with a heart of pure light, and Vanitas, pure darkness. I already had the two instruments necessary for my plan, but they had to be raised until the moment to face them and thus create Keyblade X. However, the darkness of Vanitas's heart also eclipsed the light of Ventus, which was rushing slowly but without remedy. towards its total extinction. That poor boy deserved a place to end his days in peace, and only one place came to mind: my homeland. Almost without thinking, I set off for the beach that long ago saw me make the decision to leave, leaving my home behind. It was the first time he had stepped on that arena since then, but nothing seemed to have changed. It was as if time had stopped to rest peacefully in that place; a perfect place for Ventus to find peace. But just at that moment, still asleep, Ventus raised his hand and a Keyblade rested on it ... Incredible as it seemed, the light in his heart had not been extinguished.

Informe Xehanort XI

Terra obtains Xehanort Report XI after defeating Terra-Xehanort at the Keyblade Necropolis. The powers and abilities of Ventus and Vanitas were so disparate that he could not train them together. Each day they passed close to each other, the darkness of Vanitas corroded Ventus more and more. He needed a suitable place for the light of Ventus's heart to grow and develop untethered. And then it dawned on me ... What better place than with Eraqus, champion and staunch defender of light as the only means and end! After our confrontations, I expected a cooler reception from Eraqus, but far from that, he was pleased with my visit and accepted Ventus under his tutelage. It was done. It only remained to wait for the young man's heart to grow strong and full of light. It was the first time I had stepped on what I considered my second home, and it turned out that Eraqus already had two other disciples. One of them, Terra, caught my attention… I felt something inside him… He was a good boy, but he had a thirst for power, something that would undoubtedly sow his heart with darkness. He was my perfect receptacle.

Informe Xehanort XII

Ventus obtains the Xehanort Report XII in a chest in the Keyblade Necropolis. A lot of time has passed. I have received a letter from Eraqus inviting me to the graduation exam for Master of his pupils, Terra and Aqua… Perfect, this way it will be easier for them to travel to the other worlds. But what about Ventus? He is central to my plans. Vanitas can feel part of what Ventus feels. According to him, Terra is the key to everything. When Ventus began his training, Terra gifted him with his wooden Keyblade and has considered him his older brother ever since. Perhaps that could be our entry point to the heart of Ventus. The first move should be to isolate Terra and convey that feeling of unease to Ventus. Let the young man in the dim light chase his brother on his way into the dark. The stronger the darkness, the stronger its light will become; and as its light brightens, the darker will be the darkness. Only then will it be time to provoke the legendary showdown that the new order will bring us.

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