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Captive hearts in the laboratory of Ansem the Wise.

"The heart can be weak and sometimes give way. But now I know that deep down there is a light that never goes out! »- Sora to Ansem

Un Heart It is one of the three parts that make up a being in the Kingdom Hearts universe, the other two are the body and the soul. Hearts are one of the key points in the game's plot, and the antagonists often try to use them to their own advantage.


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Currently the heart is a mystery in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Much research has been carried out to try to unravel the mystery, most notably by Ansem the Wise and his apprentices. However, this research only served to remove barriers between the worlds, causing the events of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II to happen, and causing many worlds to plunge into darkness.

It is known, however, that the heart is made up mostly of light and darkness, the latter of which was formed due to people's greed. The only exceptions are the princesses of the heart, maidens whose hearts are free from darkness; Ventus, whose darkness was ripped from his heart; and Vanitas, who has a heart of pure darkness: the darkness of Ven's heart.

The heart appears to be responsible for the composure of memory, will, goals, and ambitions, as seen in the transfer of Master Xehanort's heart to Terra's and the internal struggle within Terra-Xehanort.

The heart is also responsible for emotions. Beings lacking one, such as disembodied ones, cannot feel emotions.

A bond between the worlds

According to legend, the worlds were one and were united through the light that had the hearts of the people. But there was a time when their hearts were filled with darkness, which brought chaos and caused the worlds to split apart. Thanks to the light that lay in the hearts of the children, the worlds remained existing before being completely enveloped in darkness.

Ansem Research

The scholar Ansem the Wise was struck by a great curiosity of the heart and of his true nature. He began researching the subject together with his six apprentices and wrote his results in his reports. However, when Ansem realized that his experiments could bring disaster to the world, he stopped all his research.

However, his apprentice Xehanort decided to continue with the experiments and realized that when hearts were plunged into darkness, a strange creature was born, which he named "Heartless Pureblood". He watched the Heartless act on instinct, and he wanted to create his own Heartless. After several experiments, he created a machine to artificially create the Heartless, which unlike the purebloods, the heart was kept inside. To distinguish them from the purebloods, he called them "Emblematic Heartless" and differentiated them by giving them the symbol that would later become that of all the Heartless. He noted how they behaved in the same way as the others, and continued to experiment in other areas that the heart had to do with.

He had no idea that he was causing chaos while doing his experiments. However, when Ansem became aware of Xehanort's activities, he ordered his investigation to stop. This strict order spawned Xehanort and Xemnas's Heartless, as well as the rebellion of Ansem's other apprentices. Xehanort's Nobodies and the other apprentices later form Organization XIII, a group whose purpose was to uncover the secrets of the heart and become whole.

While Ansem was in the Realm of Nothingness, Xehanort wrote the Ansem Reports, impersonating his master. After he put his research and conclusions on paper, these reports spread throughout the world, helping the residents of Paso City and Sora learn about the Heartless. Ansem the Wise continued to torment himself over what had happened, even after escaping from the Realm of Nothingness. In Kingdom Hearts II it is clearly seen how he wishes to take revenge on his apprentices and his contempt for the Nobodies. Furthermore, he accuses himself of being the source of all the Heartless, and that the chaos and confusion that had occurred in recent years were his fault. He tried to code Kingdom Hearts, but this caused an explosion and his supposed death. He was actually sent to the Realm of Darkness, having lost part of his memory.

The Seven Hearts of Pure Light

The Final Lock is revealed with the seven hearts

Supposedly, there are seven maidens with a heart of pure light, whose hearts, when united, can open Kingdom Hearts. It was for this reason that the maidens, called Princesses of the Heart, were kidnapped by Maleficent and Ansem. Kingdom Hearts was only accessible through the Hollow Bastion lock. This required all pure hearts to form a People's Heart Keyblade. These hearts were released as Sora kept Kingdom Hearts protected from villains.

Powers and abilities

A cherished element throughout the Kingdom Hearts saga, hearts possess many unique powers and abilities. It is for this reason that the antagonists seek them out. Hearts are capable of producing emotion, something the members of Organization XIII yearn for. As seen in the case of Kairi and Ventus, if the body remains intact when the heart is lost, the affected person goes into a "coma" state until the heart is restored.

Hearts are also capable of merging with one or more other beings, as when Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus unite their hearts with Terra's; and Ventus, when he joins Sora's. Another temporary example is the fusion of Kairi's heart with Sora's during their first trip.

They can be divided to produce an incarnation of the light or darkness that it has, as happened when Master Xehanort creates Vanitas, which is the darkness of Ven's heart. Hearts can also be combined with each other to create unique Keyblades, the main examples of this fusion are the Keyblade χ and the Keyblade of the Heart of the People. These Keyblades allow access to the greatest of hearts: Kingdom Hearts.

The heart has a great influence on everything that lives. He has the power to produce Heartless and, potentially, Nobodies when lost or consumed by the dark. As the heart produces emotions, the negative emotions that formed when Vanitas and Ventus were divided caused the birth of the Nescient, hence its connection to the heart.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is the biggest heart of all. The heart of all worlds is a fantastic source of power and wisdom, and as such, it is sought after by many villains for different reasons. The Kingdom Hearts from Kingdom Hearts II takes the form of a heart-shaped moon, further reinforcing the fact that it is the heart of all worlds. After defeating an iconic Heartless, a heart is freed, which travels to Kingdom Hearts, making it more powerful, and in the case of the Kingdom Hearts II story, for the benefit of the Nobodies. However, defeating a pureblood heartless does not release any hearts.


How a Heartbreak is Created

When a being, whether good or bad, gives in to the darkness in his heart, it is consumed by it and becomes a Heartless. This new entity separates itself from the body and soul, which fade into Darkness, and begins to act with the primal instinct to gather other hearts and corrupt them. This results in the Heartless instinct, attacking other beings to increase their numbers, and attacking the heart of the worlds through the Lock, causing it to be completely overwhelmed by darkness. Of course, by instinct, the Heartless also seek the greatest heart of all: Kingdom Hearts.


Empty shell left by a strong heart

When an especially strong heart becomes a Heartless, the body begins to act on its own due to the strength of will it possesses. This being is called incorporeal, a being that doesn't really exist. Depending on the strength of the heart, the body may or may not take on human form. The members of Organization XIII possessed very strong hearts, which caused their Nobodies to retain human appearance. Due to the lack of a heart, Nobodies cannot feel emotions and in the case of Organization XIII they intend to fill Kingdom Hearts in order to obtain a heart and become whole again.

Collection of hearts

Xemnas found Roxas, and used him to collect hearts.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the process of collecting hearts from the was elaborate to a great extent. In various missions on different worlds, the Organization members hunted as many iconic Heartless as possible, in order to obtain the captive hearts by defeating them. These liberated hearts would be absorbed by Kingdom Hearts, more specifically, the synthetic incarnation of the world cast by Xemnas. Organization XIII was completely ignorant of the Pureblood Heartless, as they lacked the hearts they sought.

The collection of hearts could be carried out when Xemnas found Roxas, Sora's incorporeal, who was the only one among his ranks capable of freeing the heart, since he carried the Keyblade. Xion also possessed this power, having Sora's memories, and being to a lesser extent, a replica of Roxas.

Xemnas planned for Xion to absorb Roxas and thus have the full power of Sora's Keyblade, but in the end, he desperately wanted Roxas back after Xion was defeated and Sora's Nobody fled the Organization. However, Xemnas did not count on Roxas being captured by Riku. This forced him to use Sora himself as an alternative to his plan.

Hearts captured by Organization XIII

In Kingdom Hearts II, Organization XIII changed tactics and used

Moment in which Xemnas Kingdom Hearts is destroyed and the hearts fall.

Sora for collecting hearts. Sora were unaware of their role in Xemnas' plan, sending the hearts of the defeated Heartless to Kingdom Hearts. When Saïx reveals his role to Sora, he becomes cautious about defeating the Heartless, as he did not want to help his enemies. However, he had no other choice, during his journey to the Non-existent World, bastion of Organization XIII.

When King Mickey encountered Ansem the Wise, the old man attempted to encode Kingdom Hearts with a special device. But he realized that the machine was going to destroy itself, since the heart could not be encoded in data. The explosion led to the destruction of the artificial Kingdom Hearts of Xemnas, so it was released from all the hearts that were inside; his supposed death and Sora and Riku's final fight against Xemnas.

It is unknown what became of the hearts released in Kingdom Hearts. While Organization XIII existed, they were unable to collect hearts until Roxas was born. It is logical to think that these hearts returned to their original bodies and returned to their original form.

Not knowing

The Nescient lack a direct connection to the heart. Instead, they are created due to the bad feelings released when Ventus's heart was split in two. Master Xehanort drew the darkness from Ven's heart to create Vanitas. The nescient have a strong connection to Ven and Vanitas' hearts, but they only obey the dark half. Vanitas 'destruction in the final fight inside Ventus' heart caused him to lose his heart. In turn, he eliminated all the Nescient that existed.

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Vanitas has been considered as one of the people accompanying the Stranger through the seven worlds in the Kingdom of Dreams, perhaps symbolizing his return and the recreation of the needy.

Sword Keys

At present, one of the known requirements for wielding a Keyblade is to possess a strong heart, whether the heart is in the dark or in the light.

There is a type of keyblade made from hearts. The only known of this type are the Keyblade X, which is composed of a heart of pure darkness and a heart of pure light, and the Keyblade of the heart of people, which is made from the hearts of people. seven Princesses of the Heart.

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