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    Guide to Kingdom Hearts II / Eternal River

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    Pete comes to the Eternal River as part of a desire to return to simpler days, Maleficent taking advantage of him and working on her plans to invade the sacred land and capture the Cornerstone of Light. This is because the Disney Castle in the future would have no way to protect itself leaving it vulnerable to the Heartless. The Heartless found in Eternal River are surreal and strange.


    • 1 Tour
      • 1.1 Deputy Boss: Pete from the Past I
      • 1.2 Deputy Boss: Pete from the Past II
      • 1.3 Boss: Pete del Futuro


    Going up the hill you will find a chest with the map of the area: Cornerstone Hill Map. Near that same hill is a chest in the Northwest part that contains a Drive Recovery. Now go to the southern access that is marked "Pier" to enter the next area. There, open the chests that are behind the trees (Hi-Potion and Mytrhil Shard), and then go to the dock and talk to the character that is there, you will have to fight with him.

    We will see more scenes and then you will end up in the first world in the area. You now have several sub-events available. We will start with the one to the North, and continue clockwise (Every time you complete a sub-event it will start a scene): 1) Construction: Kill all the Heartless before they knock down the platform. When you have a Reaction Command available, be sure to use it, because when it takes you up into the air it will allow you to perform a powerful attack. 2) Town: Defeat all the Heartless. If you stand next to the tower in the center you can use the Reaction Command to fire the cannons. 3) Fire: Defeat the Heartless, making sure to hit the flames of fire in passing so they don't burn the building. Cars can be a big problem, so focus on them and jump to dodge them, and when they crash run and hit them. 4) Room: Defeat the Heartless. When the black hole starts sucking the furniture, focus and hit it to make it small, and then continue fighting the Heartless.

    When you finish the four sub-events you will receive the Window Map: Window of Time Map. Then save your game, and then go to the access that is in the Northeast and that is marked "Waterway". It will start a cutscene and then you will have a fight again with Pete from the past.

    When the cutscene is over, open the three chests in this area (Mythril Stone, AP Boost, and Hi-Potion). Then proceed through the access that says "wharf". Here get close to the two Petes and the final battle of this world will take place.

    Deputy Boss: Pete from the Past I

    This fight is quite simple. Focus on Pete and hit him. After your combos it will fly off and fall to the ground (watch out for the wave it creates when falling). Immediately after this it will start running. Stay still and when it approaches you use the Reaction Command to throw it away. Start hitting him again, and repeat until you defeat him.

    Deputy Chief: Pete from the Past II

    Stand in front of where the ship is and wait for Pete to throw objects at you. When he does, press the button when prompted (it will be twice) to throw the box back at him. Repeat until the boat floats to shore. When this happens, run to where the ship is and use Quick Command to get on the crane and hit the box where the giant sphere is. Then No Hearts will appear. Kill them, and repeat until you defeat Pete.

    Boss: Pete del Futuro

    The Pete of the time (Young Pete) will be helping you against the invader (Old Pete) in this fight. Focus on Old Pete and hit him with combos. Keep going until Young Pete starts rolling. When this happens, wait for him to approach you and use Reaction Command to launch him at the Boss. The Boss will be unconscious, so take the opportunity to hit him more. Continue with the combos. As scenarios change, take advantage of Reaction Commands to make it easier to fight the Boss (especially in the construction scene). The ideal is to attack Pete with aerial attacks, because in this way you will avoid the wave that he makes when he hits the ground, and also you will not be hit with the bombs that he occasionally throws.

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