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Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness is a boss that appears in Kingdom Hearts, where you can fight him up to four times. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories he can be fought twice in Reverse / Rebirth mode.


  • 1 Riku Oscuro
    • 1.1 First phase
    • 1.2 Second phase
    • 1.3 Third phase
  • 2 Ansem I
    • 2.1 First phase
    • 2.2 Second phase
  • 3 Ansem II
    • 3.1 First phase
    • 3.2 Second phase
  • 4 Evolution of Ansem
    • 4.1 First phase
    • 4.2 Second phase
    • 4.3 Third phase
    • 4.4 Fourth phase
    • 4.5 Fifth phase
    • 4.6 Sixth phase
    • 4.7 Seventh phase
    • 4.8 Eighth phase
  • 5
  • 6 Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack

Riku Oscuro

The fight takes place in the Great Hall of Hollow Bastion, after having defeated Maleficent Dragon. Sora will fight alone. Here, Riku / Ansem has 3 bars of VT. The combat is divided into three phases, one for each bar:

Riku in his Dark Form possessed by Xehanort's Heartless

First phase

It consists of three attacks and a block.

1. A forward load, little harmful.

2. An attacking jump that generates a tiny shock wave.

3. A turn on itself after taking damage, as a counterattack. It is the only effective attack it has in this phase.

4. After blocking you three blows with his sword in a horizontal position, he will make the jump attack.

Second stage

In addition to the three attacks in Phase 1, he improves them by entering a blue state after which his left hand glows. Add two attacks.

1. The forward load, much faster and stronger, and that is done very repeatedly. It looks like a blue circle.

2. Attack Jump now generates two beams, one from its left and one from its right, spreading across the ground.

3. The counterattack, more damaging, and followed by the forward charge. The same goes for blocking: jump with attack and then charge forward.

4. To get out of the blue state, perform a very high jump and fall, generating a few vertical rays from the ground that are generated wherever you are.

5. Very rarely, it will launch a projectile of darkness very fast and for which you have to be very vigilant if you want to dodge it. It only does it in the blue state.

Third phase

He will start it with the Dark Razia, and since then he will always remain in a blue state.

Dark Razia: Riku / Ansem rises with his sword raised, and begins to cross the battlefield from edge to edge, teleporting also when he reaches one edge to exit another. He will finish the attack by sticking the sword in the center of the ground, from which rays will emerge that will flood the stage. This attack is dodged first by sticking to the edges and, when throwing the rays, jumping. He will use it quite often after doing it the first time, being the most frequent attack in this phase after charging forward.

Since he no longer loses the blue state, he maintains the attacks of the second phase except for number 4.

After combat, you will receive the Ragnarok skill and 8.000 experience points.

Ansem I

The fight takes place at the End of the World, after having crossed the door of Final Rest. We will fight in Islands of Remembrance. For this occasion, Ansem will have 5 bars of VT. It is useless to try to attack him from behind since his Guardian acts as a barrier. The combat is divided into two phases.

First phase

Ansem has two attacks and one type of block:

1. Guardian sweeps his arm. This attack also serves as a counterattack.

2. While laughing, Guardian throws a series of pink discs that can be returned with a lock.

Xehanort and his Guardian

3. The blockade consists of Guardian standing in front of him, forming an impenetrable defense of about 200 degrees of coverage. Therefore, if possible, literally put yourself on Ansem's back in order to harm him.

Second stage

When Ansem has only 2,5 bars of HP left, he will add one more attack:

1. Guardian squirms behind Xehanort and then throws a scratch. If it hits any character, Guardian will disappear and latch onto the target. Then, while Xehanort is covered in energy spheres, Guardian will appear behind the hit to immobilize him (since the Attack command will sometimes change to Paralyze). This attack ends when:

a) Xehanort has made 5 protective spheres.

b) You hit Xehanort for a long combo.

If this attack catches you, see below how to dodge it.

For defeating him, you will get 10.000 experience.

Ansem II

The fight takes place after defeating the Dark Side for the third time. You will fight within what was once the massive tree of the Destiny Islands, and without companions. Xehanort now has 4 bars of VT. The combat is divided into two phases:

First phase

Xehanort can perform three attacks and the block:

1. Guardian makes his sweep.

2. Guardian squirms, tries to scratch you, and if he succeeds, Xehanort will make the protective spheres while Guardian tries to "Paralyze" you (with command). Wait just for the moment when Xehanort removes the sphere and attack him quickly, before Guardian paralyzes you.

3. Guardian fires two parallel beams that spread across the ground.

4. Putting Guardian in front, Xehanort uses him to charge you five times. After the fourth, there is another charge, but that tries to hide it by leaving a little time between the fourth and fifth.

5. To attack him while Guardian protects him, try to get on Xehanort's back.

Second stage

Starts when Xehanort has 2 bars of HP remaining. To the three above, he will add a single attack:

1. As the screen darkens, Xehanort lights up and moves to the center. Guardian stops protecting him, as he is now invulnerable, and is dedicated to charging from the bottom up from the ground, teleporting when he has risen very high and reappearing from below the ground. Every time it comes out, it generates a shock wave. Perform this exit 10 times. Finally, Guardian returns to Xehanort and they both propagate four simultaneous rays in the four cardinal directions.

As a reward, you will receive 20.000 experience.


Evolution of Ansem

This combat takes place immediately after finishing Ansem II, so you will not be able to modify your equipment. We are at the door to the Kingdom of Darkness, Kingdom Hearts. Ansem is mounted in the World of Chaos, a kind of giant ship that is nothing more than a transformation of its Guardian. To facilitate your understanding, I have subdivided the combat into seven phases.

Ansem mounted in the World of Chaos, evolution of his Guardian

First phase

You will fight Xehanort alone. He will have 5 bars of VT. Note that you are floating so unless you land you will not be able to use abilities such as Ragnarok, Blockade or Arcane. It has a total of four attacks:

1. Using his dual Soul Devourer spear, he will whirl it from (his) right to left and end with a horizontal sweep from (his) left to right.

2. Perform a four-hit combo in which you go up and down over and over again.

3. Summons pairs of pink lasers that damage you if you are at the point where they meet.

4. With a smooth movement of the left hand, summon Bit Snipers, pureblood Heartless that come in handy to gain 120 exp each and recover HP.

Second stage

It consists of defeating a few shadows that will restore you VT and that drop Omnipociones. After eliminating them all, attack the red eye that has appeared in the center of the room. So you will get out of here.

Third phase

Xehanort is now protected. Destroy all the mounds in front of him. There are three attacks:

1 The mounds, big and small, shoot you, some fireballs and other lasers, respectively.

2. Guardian moves his arms to create a shock wave that drives you away. This does not subtract HP but it does generate the next attack.

3. The pairs of pink lasers.

Once all the mounds have been destroyed, approach the cloud of darkness that takes you to the Dark Realm.

Fourth phase

Now you have the help of Goofy, and you will face a group of Dark Balls that will drop spheres of PM and Omnethers. Destroy the eye to get out.

fifth phase

You will have to defeat the head of World of Chaos. It consists of 4 bars of VT and has the following attacks:

1. Throw vertical rays.

2. When you have 2 bars of HP remaining, your eyes will glow and when you snap your mouth open, a veritable lightning storm will strike. Be careful with this attack, it is unblockable.

Under the head, in what would be the chin, there are mounds that may dare to disturb you. If you don't have anything better to do, delete them.

After defeating her, you will get 3000 experience points, and she will open her mouth and you can enter the Dark Realm again.

Sixth phase

Although the trio is already complete, your enemies will be Invisibles, who will drop spheres of both VT and MP and the occasional Omnielixir. Destroy the eye and get out.

Seventh phase

You will see how the head explodes and thus you can attack the central nucleus, protected by a few mounds. Eliminate them and then focus on the core.

Eighth phase

Xehanort will now be available to fight again. He will have 5 HP bars again and will add the following attacks to the ones he already had:

1. When Xehanort raises both hands at the same time, Guardian will appear three spheres of darkness: one in the mouth and the other two on the shoulders. If you don't destroy them, they will start stealing MP from the party.

2. Pink lasers will be incredibly prevalent in combat, cutting you off most combos.

3. With 2,5 bars remaining in HP, Xehanort will summon a sphere that he will launch forward (from your point of view, you will be attacking him, it will appear that he is crouching for a moment) and then he will stand up and raise his right hand towards him. heaven. You will begin to see yourself attracted to a sphere that also launches small remote-directed meteorites. The closer you are to the ball, the more meteors will hit you. Ultimately, the ball will explode, and its blast wave is an attack you can't avoid unless you get as far away from Xehanort as you can.

After the fight, you will receive a well-deserved 20.000 experience and the final video: enjoy it!

In this combat, you can find mounds throughout most of the World of Chaos. If you get bored or need VT spheres, you can dedicate yourself to looking for them. Don't be confused by the terminologies:

1. The set of enemies that I have called Ansem Evolution can be found on this page as Ansem (Machine).

2. World of Chaos is a Guardian state in which it appears to be a huge heartless ship. When I speak of World of Chaos, I mean the whole of the body, and when I speak of Guardian, I mean the anthropomorphic being linked to Ansem, who is behind Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts soundtrack

1. When fighting Riku II (Dark Riku), Forze del Male sounds.

2. Contra Ansem I, suena The Deep End.

3. Fighting Ansem II, Forze del Male is heard again.

4. When facing Evolution of Ansem, the background song is Guardando Nel Buio.

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