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    Guía de Kingdom Hearts/Sephiroth (Boss)

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    This article is about how to beat sephiroth. Maybe you are looking for to the character.

    Sephiroththe Sefirot, is a boss enemy that comes from Final Fantasy VII. In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, he is by far the most powerful enemy out there.


    • 1 Kingdom Hearts
      • 1.1 Fase I
      • 1.2 Phase I Strategy
      • 1.3 Phase II
      • 1.4 Phase II Strategy
      • 1.5 Phase III
      • 1.6 Phase III Strategy
        • 1.6.1 Tips in Phase III
      • 1.7 Conclusion
    • 2 Related Trophies
      • 2.1 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

    Kingdom Hearts

    You will find him in the Olympus Coliseum after beating the Hades Cup, under the name of Platinum Combat.

    The combat is divided into three phases. It consists of 6 bars of VT (although the sixth is invisible and with Libra you can only see how much damage you do when the fifth bar begins to decrease). Therefore, each phase is two bars.

    Equip yourself with all the defensive and offensive skills you can. Block, Somersault, Super Glider, Combo +1, Pound, Aspire Damage (as many as possible), Last Rattle, One More Time, and Healthy Blade are a must. Deadly Shot and Last Arcane are also very useful, as are Final Guillotine and Counterattack. In direct access, you will only need Cura ++ as essential, as it is immune to all kinds of magic (even Ragnarok's shots), although it does not hurt to also create a direct access to Aero ++ from time to time to remit the damage of some of its attacks , especially towards the end of combat. Equip yourself with a very strong and fast weapon (Lionheart or, if you have it, Artema Weapon) but that improves magic, because you will need a lot for Cura ++, with accessories that reduce the damage received from fire and darkness and with several Elixirs, omnielixirs or ethers .

    Phase I

    In this phase, Sephiroth has four types of attack:

    1. Sword from left to right. When you do, it will be static.

    2. Jump forward with a sword blow, then return to the position before the jump with another jump. It can ALWAYS be dodged with a Somersault.

    3. After disappearing, make the attack 2 coming out of nowhere.

    4. Summons three columns of fire that surround him with which you will receive a hit if you were outside but quite close and up to three if when you were doing it you were next to Sephiroth. It is best to try not to stay close to it too long to avoid it reaching you with them and to be able to counterattack when the last one vanishes, Arcano is also effective in this situation but always watching your MPs.

    Phase I Strategy

    As soon as the combat begins, it will 1 o 2. Block it or flip it forward. Get close to him and give him four hits, not one more. Sephiroth always disappears after taking four hits (That's why I recommended a single Combo +1 and Final Guillotine, so that with the fourth hit you do more damage). Before reappearing and doing 3, you can already fix it with TARGET. After making it disappear, wait a moment and then do a back flip (towards your back). Sephiroth, will 3 from your back, almost always. As you have done the cartwheel, when he returns from doing the jump, you will be behind him, which you can take advantage of to counterattack. Continue like this until you reach the fourth VT bar (The pink one), at which point you begin the second phase.

    Another technique to speed up Phase I is to use Arcane. If you manage to chain all the possible blows (Pressing X or triangle in KH 1.5 at the right moment), you can greatly lower your HP bar in a very short time, but keep in mind that you will need the MPs throughout the fight. The key is to land three hits and finish the combo with an Arcane. You will hit it with a few hits and it will disappear, prolong it when it is not as long as you can and hopefully, if you do it whole, it will appear again right at the final blow. Keep in mind that it is a risky strategy and requires patience and practice.

    Final tips for Phase I

    A) If by some chance it does not reappear from your back, but from one of your sides, do another somersault after the first one, in order to move away or stand by its side and be able to counterattack

    B) Always try to hit all four hits each time you attack. If at any point you cut the combo, it will always counterattack you with the columns of fire, without you being able to prevent it. So if you don't hit all four, do a cartwheel to get away from him quickly.

    C) If you are very close to him, you can also use Block when he is going to attack you to avoid damage, even so the blow is powerful and will knock you back, so counterattack is not a very viable option.

    Phase II

    Sephiroth will go from being practically static to running at a high speed moving constantly and making it difficult to follow. It will use the previous attacks plus a few new ones that are added to the previous repertoire.

    1. You will run from one place to another and:

    A) Static sword, keep running and disappear.

    B) Sword with jump and return, and disappear.

    C) Disappear.

    2. After C you have two options:

    A) Sword with jump and return.

    B)"Angel without a Heart": when teleporting, he will reappear at a great distance (almost always at the other end of the ring) and will move his hand making it shine and imbue himself in an aura. If the attack is not interrupted, it will leave you with a single HP and zero MP. After this, Sephiroth will run towards you and See 1.

    3. Columns of fire.

    4. "Octacorte": The sky will darken (even more) and he will launch a combo of 15 hits, while he is invulnerable, the last hit will end against the ground and will launch four columns of lightning. This attack is of darkness.

    Phase II Strategy

    Now Sephiroth is much more difficult to reach, but calm, everything is a matter of patience so arm yourself with her to get ahead. To protect yourself from the "Heartless Angel", you have to use Super Glider and catch up with him in time. If a pink halo appears above your head, you can still survive: just before it closes, use a healing item, as while it closes the item will be in the air, you will be left with a HP point, the item will fall and it will give you x life points, depending on what you have used. The most recommended is an elixir, to also replenish the PM. If the object heals you before the halo closes, Sephiroth, when he comes for you, will kill you without remedy unless it disappears to make you jump with the sword from behind.

    To defend yourself from the Octacorte, continuously use blockade, and for the final blow, Counter Attack. You can use Aero ++ to mitigate the damage if you find yourself unable to block the entire combo.

    Tips in Phase II

    There are no variations of strategy that you can take advantage of in this phase, except for that if you constantly move to make yourself a much more difficult target for their attacks. If you are in a hurry and have too many PMs, take advantage of Aero ++ but do not abuse it.

    Phase III

    It will start when darkness emerges from the ground around it. It will take on a bluish glow, and all its attacks will be dark element. Now moving running will also generate dark orbs that will damage you, and the same will happen when he uses his basic swords, the rest of the attacks are described below:

    1. "Supernova": As the sky darkens, a cluster of meteors will fall causing huge shock waves while Sephiroth conjures a ball of energy. The meteors will begin to spin around Sephiroth, and when the ball is ready, the meteors will explode and Sephiroth will launch the ball at you, generating a massive explosion.

    2.Angel without a heart.

    3. Octacorte.

    4. Again, he will run from one place to another, generating spheres behind him, to make one of his three blows:

    A) It gets a new whirlwind cut that will reach you no matter how far away you are, as it gets close to you as it flies. Although it is very long, you will only take one hit. Always followed by disappearance. It can be blocked but it is very difficult to do it due to its speed

    B) The leaping sword stroke remains, but the trail left by the sword generates spheres of darkness that will scatter slightly from their focus to explode. Generally followed by c).

    C) The static swash, which also generates spheres that move away. Generally followed by A).

    5. Columns of fire, very rare in this phase.

    6. He stands still and, while moving his hand, summons the spheres around you.

    7. Disappear, to make any attack except Omni-whip, the static sword and the columns. Obviously, if he does one of the two blows he will do it from your back.

    Phase III Strategy

    As soon as you start, when darkness is surrounding you, do Arcane or attack directly if you are close to it. If you hit him and he is at your mercy, you will have prevented him from summoning Meteorite or generating spheres of energy instantly.

    After this it will disappear as always and will make the whirlwind from your back. You, as always, do the back flip but this time give an additional one to the side as well. The reason for this is because its combo is very long and even if you do the first somersault it can reach you and then hit you leaving you with no opportunity to counterattack, it will disappear. If it doesn't hit you, wait for it to hit the ground and attack relentlessly, and if you have too many MPs, use an Arcane. In this phase it is even more essential to move without stopping with jumps and cartwheels and to manage well the MPs in Cura ++, Aero ++ and arcana to achieve victory. In this phase, especially Aero ++ will bring you damage reduction benefits but be careful in the same way because some of Sephiroth's attacks could be more powerful during its use. Of course, in this last phase blocking is almost obsolete, making it more important to dodge and counterattack all your actions.

    Tips in Phase III

    A) Dodge Supernova can be a challenge but it is possible, when you see it glow fly away to one of the corners of the ring while the meteors fall to avoid their shock wave and when the meteors rotate do a somersault to avoid the outside first and then return to your position to dodge the interior with a somersault, after that you will be in a very good position to avoid the following explosions from both the meteors and the final supernova with another somersault. Again Aero ++ can be your salvation if you can't avoid any of the explosions

    B) If it hits you with a blow, don't go desperately, keep a cool head and wait for it to disappear (but stay alert to use Block). Upon respawning, he will be relatively exposed to counterattack.


    Try to bring the appropriate equipment as well as many healing objects to make things easier for you, the skills, Haste PM and Aspire Damage will bring you a lot of help when it comes to recovering the lost PM making the battle easier so remember to activate them.

    If you have come this far it means that you have managed to defeat the most dangerous enemy in Kingdom Hearts. As a reward, you will receive 18.000 experience points and in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD you will also receive the Keyblade, Seraphic Glare.

    Finally, a minimum level of 60 is recommended to defeat it, although the newest ones can give many problems even at levels as advanced as 90, courage and patience, in the end you will win.

    Related trophies

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

    Defeating Sephiroth unlocks the trophy Unialado Angel.

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