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    This article is about Maleficent in her Dragon Form. Maybe you are looking for Maleficent in Normal Form.

    Maleficent has the power to transform into a monstrous dragon, which is a boss in various games. She first accesses this form after Riku unlocks her heart in Kingdom Hearts, using this new form to fight Sora. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, he uses it again to fight Sora and Riku. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Maleficent uses this transformation to stop Aqua and Prince Philip. It also appears in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re: coded.


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      • 2.1 Kingdom Hearts
      • 2.2 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
      • 2.3 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
      • 2.4 Kingdom Hearts coded


    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep


    Under the protection of the magical power of darkness, Maleficent transforms into this horrible dragon. He manages to put Aqua and Prince Felipe in a loophole thanks to the green flames that he spits from his mouth, but finally falls defeating when the Prince uses his sword of truth.


    Kingdom Hearts

    For this battle there are three main strategies, the safest is the third:

    Before the battle, trade Goofy for Beast, and fill your inventory with Megaelixirs, Ethers, and Mega Potions. Put Aero ++ and Cura ++ as shortcuts on the controls and activate the Deadly Shot and Last Arcane abilities. Enter the black hole that Maleficent has created and do not forget to heal yourself.


    When starting the battle, you must avoid his fire breath with a jump. Donald's job will be to heal and Beast's job to attack. Attack with Sora's most powerful magic and have good healing items on hand in case Donald is not useful or is defeated, as you will need the magic for other things. Keep up the magic barrage on Maleficent and everything will be quick. If Sora runs out of magic, he attacks Maleficent in the head. If Beast is defeated do not revive him, instead try to revive Donald, as he will be your healer.

    A good option is to summon Tinker Bell to gradually restore the health bar. This is also useful as Tinker Bell can revive Sora if he is defeated, but only once.


    As a second option to defeat Maleficent, you can jump and slide between the dragon's legs and climb onto its back. Run down the dragon's back until you reach its neck, then use Death Shot as soon as you are close to the head, chaining several hits in a row by pressing the button at the right time. If you fall you can try to go back up or use Last Arcane to reach his head again and finish once and for all with Maleficent.


    The third option and the slowest but the safest, you will need to use magic a lot so it is convenient to equip the Examiner Keyblade and carry a good number of ethers and elixirs to recover it when necessary.

    The strategy consists of, as soon as the combat begins, run to the roots that are in a corner of the stage and summon Tinkerbell. From there attack Maleficent with magic (Pyro is the most effective) and leave the work to your companions and go healing them as needed.

    For this strategy, it is also useful to invoke Bambi when we run out of elixirs or ethers since Bambi releases a large amount of MPs throughout the battlefield that will help us to recharge the magic.

    The only attack that can damage you while in the branches is a series of green blasts of Maleficent's fire breath, but they are not very damaging. To avoid this, use Lock or Aero. When Maleficent is about to succumb, you can go down to land the killing blow. By following this strategy, the dragon will be an easy boss to beat.

    When you win you can summon Mushu as a reward.

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    In Chain of Memories Sora fights Maleficent again but only in her dragon form. His fighting style is similar to the battle in Kingdom Hearts, but leaving more time between attacks. When Sora fights her, he uses his cards to create a pile of bricks that allows him to reach the dragon's head (his only weak point) more easily. This also prevents Sora from taking damage from Maleficent's footsteps. However, each stomp destroys one of the bricks.

    In Reverse / Rebirth, Riku also fights Maleficent dragon, being basically the same battle as Sora. However, it is an easier fight since it happens at the beginning of the game.

    In Re: Chain of Memories, the pile of bricks is replaced by a moving platform. Sora can move it freely towards Maleficent's head while on it.

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    Only Aqua will fight against Maleficent dragon and will be helped by Prince Felipe. In addition, the Right Shots and the Command Styles will be available. Keep in mind that Aqua is not good at hand-to-hand combat, but she is good at using magic. As in Chain of Memories, the head will be the only weak point and it can only be damaged by attacking the head when you are close to it, so use this to your advantage. If a hit and run strategy is used, you will hardly take any damage.

    At the beginning of the battle, roll to the side of the dragon and occasionally use Electro, Ice, or Pyro against Maleficent. Doing this for a while will activate the Spell Weaver command style, although we won't be able to use it to benefit. If you are too far from the dragon you can defend yourself against its attacks with Cuirass. Maleficent can start a combo with bites, but they are easily dodged with Speed ​​Wheel. If the dragon is nearby, use Mine Box and quickly walk away. The dragon will occasionally land on the ground to create shock waves with its legs and the mines will do a lot of damage to it, while we avoid being hurt by the shock waves.

    During certain moments in the battle Maleficent will use her characteristic fire breath. When this happens, try to be close to Prince Felipe. When the flames are getting closer, Felipe will throw Aqua on the flames when we activate a new command with and then , causing Aqua to land on the dragon's head. We will then continue with the hit and run strategy, bombarding the dragon with magical and physical attacks only when it is safe. When Maleficent's life gets low enough, she'll start flying around the area.

    Returning to using the command with Prince Felipe we will land on Maleficent's back, being able to use physical attacks against her until we fall.

    As an alternative, we can run after Maleficent at the start of the battle. If we have good magic equipped, all we have to do is use it against the dragon without moving from behind it. In this case it is almost impossible to take damage, but it is a slower strategy.

    Kingdom Hearts coded

    Maleficent Dragon has 3 major moves, all of them devastating if the proper strategy is not used.

    • Fire breath - Maleficent spits out several green fireballs that fall on you. Wait for the balls to start falling and run to one end of the screen. The balls can chase you, so be careful.
    • Stomp to the ground - This creates a green shock wave in your direction. Jump over it to avoid it. If you are at one end of the stage you will have more time to react when Maleficent makes this attack. It can take a third of your life if it is enough.
    • Nibble - Maleficent tries to bite a total of 3 times and each one can take a third of life. Run away from the dragon to avoid the first two bites and run towards the dragon's legs to avoid the third.

    Maleficent sometimes kneels after the bites, a moment that must be used to reach his back and hit him on the head with your best combo. Soon the dragon will recover and continue to attack.

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