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    Design Achievements!

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    Martí Micolau

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    Hello, how are you all? Good, how do you see the title? where you will be the ones to say what image there will be for each achievement so that when you win an achievement you identify yourself by your achievement that you "did" basically by your idea of ​​the image. Look in total there are about 40 achievements, therefore not everyone can choose achievements since there are many users. Then I made a table of points of the Usury or Achievements vs number of images that I could propose for an achievement.

    • 0-1000 points: 1 image for a 10 point achievement.
    • 1000-1500 pts: 2 images for an achievement of 10 and another of 50 points (in case those of 10 are finished, it will be 2 of 50)
    • 1500-3000pts: 3 images for achievements of 50 and another of 100 (in case the ones of 50 run out, it will be 2 of 100)

    Well therefore you already know if you want to propose an image for an achievement, just comment here below and try to No. se Repeat the images, choose characters, elements, objects, that have to do with Kingdom Hearts nothing more than that.

    Well I hope your participation and that everyone gives their ideas! is depide Tails!

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