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    In the process of developing a video game, many ideas are dismissed as unfeasible for one reason or another. However, if the idea is refined enough in the development process, aspects of it can still be found in the code of released games, or they can appear in trailers or interviews with developers.

    The following list covers much of this removed content. It is not exhaustive, and focuses on the most prominent elements.


    • 1 Featured removed content
      • 1.1 Kingdom Hearts
        • 1.1.1 Invocation of Bahamut
        • 1.1.2 Disney castle
        • 1.1.3 Toy Story World
        • 1.1.4 Descent to the Heart
        • 1.1.5 Crumbling Island
        • 1.1.6 PM cost information
        • 1.1.7 Alternative logo
        • 1.1.8 Fatal Centaur
        • 1.1.9 Deleted scenes
      • 1.2 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
        • 1.2.1 Descent to the Heart
        • 1.2.2 Deep and Artisan Jungle
      • 1.3 Kingdom Hearts II
        • 1.3.1 Edge of Ultima y Detection Saber
        • 1.3.2 Alternative Forms of Xemnas
        • 1.3.3 Colosseum fights
        • 1.3.4 Deleted scenes
        • 1.3.5 Ultra ether
        • 1.3.6 Lazy Afternoons alternativo
        • 1.3.7 Turntables
        • 1.3.8 Behemoth and Wyvern
      • 1.4 Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
        • 1.4.1 Summoning Buzz Lightyear and Woody
      • 1.5 Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days
        • 1.5.1 Pinocchio's world
        • 1.5.2 twisted car
        • 1.5.3 Sprites Profile
        • 1.5.4 Exchange of Colors on Weapons
        • 1.5.5 Alteration in Enemies
        • 1.5.6 Wing Party and Wind Creator
        • 1.5.7 PM and LM meters
      • 1.6 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
        • 1.6.1 Seeker of Light
        • 1.6.2 World The Jungle Book
        • 1.6.3 Pleakley
        • 1.6.4 Altered Scenes and Maps
        • 1.6.5 Aqua Design
        • 1.6.6 Loire Lagoon
        • 1.6.7 Large Chest in Tierra de Partida
      • 1.7 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
        • 1.7.1 Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo renders
      • 1.8 Kingdom Hearts coded
        • 1.8.1 Shadow Sora
      • 1.9 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
        • 1.9.1 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Talk Sprites
      • 1.10 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
        • 1.10.1 Initial Drop Bar
        • 1.10.2 Dual Link Alternative Icon
        • 1.10.3 Queen Buzzerfly as a common enemy
        • 1.10.4 Dreamcatcher Rabbit
        • 1.10.5 Cadena del Reino D
        • 1.10.6 Training toys
        • 1.10.7 Spiny Twilight
      • 1.11 Kingdom Hearts III
        • 1.11.1 Vitality Bar
      • 1.12 Worlds of Castle of Dreams, Forest of the Dwarfs and Enchanted Kingdom
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    Featured removed content

    Kingdom Hearts

    Invocation of Bahamut

    Bahamut, a character from the Final Fantasy series, was originally planned to appear as a Summon in Kingdom Hearts, but was dropped before the game was released. Through cheat codes, "Bahamut" can appear in the Summoning Menu and can be selected. However, there is no longer anything on the game disc to run, and the game will crash when chosen.

    Disney castle

    As seen in the game's beta trailer, Disney Castle was initially set to appear as a playable world in Kingdom Hearts. Removed for currently unknown reasons, the world can still be accessed via cheat codes, mainly the areas of the world are the ones seen in the game trailer.

    Toy Story World

    At one point it was considered a world based on the location of the movie Toy Story, where it would have been possible to visit places like Pizza Planet or Al's Toy Warehouse. This world appeared in Hidden Treasures: A Kingdom Hearts Design Documents, which was part of the folder proposed to Buena Vista as a presentation.

    Descent to the Heart

    In the game proposal folder that was prepared by Square to present the visual style and plot of the elements to Buena Vista, a station with Alice was shown, which was later omitted in favor of the Pink Station of the Princesses of the World. Heart.

    Crumbling Island

    An area known as Crumbling Island was destined to appear on World's End as the scene of the final battle between Sora and Riku before the final battle with Ansem. It appears reminiscent of the Destiny Islands, consumed by darkness.

    PM cost information

    In the early stages of the game, the combat menu displayed the MP cost of associated spells.

    Alternative logo

    At the end of the beta trailer, an alternate Kingdom Hearts logo is shown, the word "Kingdom" is in standard gold-colored text across the top, the crown just above it, while "Hearts" is shown in a version. grayed out from the standard logo and is behind the word "Kingdom". There is no sign of a heart.

    Fatal Centaur

    Fatal Centaur was supposed to appear in Kingdom Hearts, but was eliminated because he "didn't fit" into either world, possibly due to his style. Later, he would appear in the Land of Dragons in Kingdom Hearts II.

    Deleted scenes

    In the E3 2001 trailer, the scene where the Destiny Islands are destroyed is a bit different than the end game. At the end of the trailer, Sora also manually inserts the Keyblade into the Lock of the Destiny Islands that is in the Secret Place, in the final version of the game, the Keyblade fires a beam to lock or unlock items.

    Disney Castle, as it appears in the Kingdom Hearts Beta TrailerAn image of what the world of Toy Story was going to be like, along with the first versions of Disney Castle and the Destiny Islands.Alice's deleted station.Crumbling IslandDesign of the first thought logo
    Trailer E3 2001 (Kingdom Hearts)

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    Descent to the Heart

    A screenshot of Descent to the Heart appeared in an initial magazine review pinning it to appear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, probably as a floor in Castle Oblivion, but it was removed.

    Deep and Artisan Jungle

    Deep Jungle was set to appear in-game, being shown appearing in a screenshot also verifying the appearance of the world's default Keyblade, Craftswoman, like a Playing Card, but it was withdrawn due to Disney being unable to secure the rights to use Tarzan in future works.

    Screenshot of Descent to the Heart with Sora in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.Deep Jungle in an initial concept in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.Suit of Artesana.

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Edge of Ultima y Detection Saber

    By using a cheat device, two exchanges of the color palette of the Arma artema can be obtained in Kingdom Hearts II. These are the "Edge of Ultima", a version of the original Artema Weapon with a glitched appearance, and the "Detection Saber", an exchange of the original color palette and, except for a little bigger. When these keychains are accessed in Sora's Item Menu, no images of the Keyblades are displayed, only map icons. Using the same method Goofy and Donald can achieve similar weapons called "Staff of Detection" and "Detection Shield", respectively.

    Alternative Forms of Xemnas

    In his final battle, Xemnas was destined to use two different "Super Giant Nobodies" from the World of Nowhere; King (キ ン グ Kingu?), Who is humanoid and appropriately has a crown adorned with Signs of Nobody, and Kentauros (ケ ン タ ロ ウ ス Kentarousu?), An upper humanoid body fused with a lower quadruped body. They both appear to be created from the Dark City, similar to the World of Nothingness.

    Colosseum fights

    In Kingdom Hearts II, Tetsuya Nomura thought of allowing players to fight all members of Organization XIII again in the Colosseum. This idea, however, was abandoned due to lack of time. Instead, the characters were included in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, along with the rest of the members as the data for versions based on various optional boss fights and a new location found in Hollow Bastion.

    Deleted scenes

    The E3 2005 Trailer for Kingdom Hearts II shows scenes that were ultimately removed from the final version of the game:

    • The scene in which Roxas is chasing the thief is disturbed.
    • Axel gets closer to the back wall of the scene before his fight with Roxas, when he gets closer he looks at Roxas and smiles.
    • Donald and Goofy break free from the Pod of Memories in the basement of the Old Mansion; Donald casts an Ice ++ spell that bounces off the walls and knocks himself into place, freezing himself in a block of ice.
    • The Kingdom Hearts version of Hollow Bastion, specifically the Great Crest, appears as the place where Sora met the surviving members of the Organization, after the trio killed a horde of Neoshadows.
    • Sora meets King Mickey in his Kingdom Hearts II outfit before visiting the Tower of Mysteries.
    • Sora is shown in the Dark Margin and holding his Keyblade hinting as if he was about to close a Lock.

    Ultra ether

    The Ultraether was planned for Kingdom Hearts II at some point, but it was never put into practice, only the sprite remained in the game files.

    Lazy Afternoons alternativo

    An alternate version of the Twilight Town theme, Lazy Afternoons, is present in the game data.


    The Old Platines Sprite was used in previous trailers, but was dropped in favor of a New Sprite.

    Behemoth and Wyvern

    The promotional trailers for Kingdom Hearts II show Sora, Donald, and Goofy running towards the Heartless horde, which included a new type of Behemoth and the respective skin. Final Mix of the Wyverns. The Behemoths and Wyverns were excluded from the final game, although this version of the scene appears in the opening of Kingdom Hearts Re: coded.

    Edge of Ultima, an exchange of the original Artema Weapon color paletteDetection Saber, another exchange of the original Artema Weapon color paletteThe room from the first battle against the Armored Controller resembles the King's CrownOne of the original boss forms of Xemnas, KingAnother form of the original Xemnas bosses, KentaurosEl sprite del Ultraéter.The Battle at Hollow Bastion as it appears in early trailers and Kingdom Hearts Re: codedThe new type of Behemoth from the Battle of Hollow Bastion
    E3 2005 Trailer (Kingdom Hearts II) Lazy Afternoons — Alternativo
    Kingdom Hearts II - TGS 2003 Trailer

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

    Summoning Buzz Lightyear and Woody

    Buzz Lightyear y WoodyThe Pixar characters in the Toy Story series were at a point scheduled to appear as a new summon in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Their models appear within the game encoding, albeit without textures.

    The unused model for WoodyThe unused model for Buzz

    Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days

    Pinocchio's world

    El Pinocchio's world was originally created to appear in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, but was eventually removed due to space restrictions. Tetsuya Nomura explained that the plot planned for the world was,

    Set in a circus it is played out of the story of Pinocchio, a puppet with a heart, and the Nobodies who do not possess a heart, a sad episode was planned with Roxas and Xion seeking hope for themselves. [1]

    The world was recycled in time for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance as "Prankster's Paradise".

    twisted car

    twisted car (ロ ー デ ィ チ ャ リ オ ッ ト Rōdi Chariotto?) Is a Heartless who, judging by his pegasus-like appearance, was set to appear in the Olympus Coliseum, but was ultimately eliminated from the game. He would have used lightning as his weapon.

    Sprites Profile

    Pinocchio's World would have included Pinocchio (as a human) and Geppetto, as well as the villains, Honest John y Gideon from the original movie. Character profile sprites still appear in the final game code.

    Hades and Megara had also been scheduled to appear in the Olympus Coliseum, and Tinker Bell was apparently planned to have a role, before she became speechless. These character profile sprites also appear in the final game code.

    The first ones of the game show the first versions of the icons of the characters in battle. Unused versions of character sprites also appear in the final code of the game. Xion's unused sprite shows her hair colored blue instead of black.

    Exchange of Colors on Weapons

    The swapped color palette for Night Roar and Twilight exists in the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days data, but they do not appear as formal weapons.

    Alteration in Enemies

    A Dark Side was set to appear in the Beast Castle instead of a Dark Follower.

    Wing Party and Wind Creator

    Creator of the Wind (ウ ィ ン ド メ イ カ ー Windo Meikā?) Was going to be an airstrike keyblade when the Wing part (ウ ィ ン グ ギ ア Wingu Gia?) Was equipped. However, both the keyblade and the part were removed at the last moment, and the appearance of Creator of the Wind They gave it to Leviathan.

    PM and LM meters

    In the 2006-2007 beta of the game, it featured a MP meter to execute magic spells and an LM meter to trigger Limit Breaks.

    Pinocchio SpriteSprite de GeppettoSprite de Honest JohnSprite de GideonMegara SpriteSprite de HadesTinker Bell SpriteRoxas's Battle Sprite showing his hair is a darker shadeAxel's Battle Sprite showing his hair is a darker shadeMarluxia's battle sprite showing her hair is a darker shadeAxel's Ally SpriteXion's ally sprite with lighter colored hairHooded Roxas Ally Spritetwisted carAlternate Version of Night RoarTwilight Alternate VersionA Dark Side in Beast CastlePre-release screenshot of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days showing Creator of the Wind Keyblade.

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    Seeker of Light

    A version of the Chain of Kingdom D, Seeker of Light (ラ イ ト シ ー カ ー Raito Shīkā?), Was created to be an equippable Keyblade for Ventus. It can still be equipped through the use of a cheat device in the Japanese version.

    World The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book was initially set to appear as a playable world in the game, but was removed. The world is still accessible through the use of cheat codes. Several areas are accessible, including Louie's Throne Room.


    Pleakley from the original movie Lilo & Stitch, was created to make an appearance in Deep Space, but was pulled for unknown reasons. His model is still in the game's coding, although without textures.

    Altered Scenes and Maps

    Certain scenes that appeared in early trailers, shown at events such as the Tokyo Game Show and Jump Festa, were later modified for the final version of the game. For example, the scene where Master Xehanort reveals his plan to forge the χ-Blade to Ventus was originally intended to appear in the Olympus Coliseum, rather than the Keyblade Necropolis. A few rare scenes were omitted as well, including one where Terra watches young Sora and Riku engage in a sword duel, as well as individual lines, such as one in which Terra tells Aqua about Master Xehanort's search for light. after he will take it with him, or Ventus in the Destiny Islands telling Aqua to eliminate him.

    Some worlds had areas that are inaccessible to some of the characters in the final version of the game. Examples include Ventus in the Palace Courtyard of the Castle of Dreams and Terra in the Dwarfs 'Cabin in the Dwarfs' Forest.

    Aqua Design

    The rear of the Aqua team remained ambiguous for some time due to the series creator Tetsuya Nomura being unsure of its completion. Until mid-2009, the back was exposed until the game was officially released, in which only the upper back was exposed due to censorship. Also, Aqua's hair and eyes were a dark shade of blue, and she lacked the shine that her final model has.

    Loire Lagoon

    Originally, the Virtual Coso was meant to have a light story element, rather than being completely aloof from the ancillary characters. The developers thought that Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII would appear in the Virtual Coso as the Boss of the Coso. However, the team was also planning Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy at the same time, and it was decided that if Laguna Loire appeared in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, she could not appear in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. The team finally decided that they preferred to have Laguna Loire in the second, and thus Laguna Loire was ultimately left in the final product. [2] As of yet, no in-game data has been found for her intended appearance.

    Large Chest in Tierra de Partida

    The texture of a large chest in Land of Departure appears in the game files, but does not appear in this game.

    Seeker of the Light.Modelo para Pleakley en Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.Ventus confronts Master Xehanort in the Olympian Coliseum.Ventus asking Aqua to eliminate him.Ventus in the courtyard of the Castle of Dreams.Terra in the Enchanted Kingdom, by the area of ​​the bridge with thorns.Aqua team before the censorship.Aqua in the Pre-2009 Trailer. It can be seen that the hair and eyes are darker.Large Chest from Tierra de Partida.
    The Jungle Book
    (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)
    Deleted scenes
    (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo renders

    Renders for the demo version of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance were within the game data of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, including Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and the Spiny Twilight along with various elements of the demo badge.

    Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, his leftover render of Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix data.Xemnas, your leftover render of Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix data.Sora, his leftover render of Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix data.Riku, his leftover render of Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix data.Kairi, her leftover render of Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix data.Spiny Twilight, your leftover render of Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo in the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix data.El logo de Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo en los datos de Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix.

    Kingdom Hearts coded

    Shadow Sora

    A first screenshot reveals that Shadow Sora was initially set to appear in Ciudad de Paso, but was removed for unknown reasons.

    A first screenshot showing Sombra Sora

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Talk Sprites

    In Kingdom Hearts Re: coded, Conversation Sprites were to be used in the same way as in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The idea was scrapped in the final version, but the Conversation Sprites are still available within the game's encoding.

    Deleted Conversation Sprites found in game encoding

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Initial Drop Bar

    In the first Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer, the Drop Bar originally had a purple and magenta fade to cream.

    Dual Link Alternative Icon

    In early Kingdom Hearts 3D, the icon on the touch screen to activate Dual Link was represented as a purple rounded rectangle with the word "Dual Link" in orange text. This icon was later replaced with a white circle containing the Embelama of Spirits.

    Queen Buzzerfly as a common enemy

    Queen Buzzerfly was originally created as a much smaller and more common Dreamcatcher before being reintroduced as the boss of the Dive Mode. During battle, the Queen Buzzerfly sits on the eye of a needle and spins like a top. [3]

    Dreamcatcher Rabbit

    The design of a pen-like dreamcatcher was thought to be included at a certain point, and was depicted in Ultimania. He would have fought carrots ripped from the ground.

    Cadena del Reino D

    The Chain of Kingdom D continues to appear as one of Riku's Keyblades in the game files. Like every other comparable Keyblade in the game, it changes its appearance when visiting The Grid.

    Training toys

    The Windmill (ウ ィ ン ド ミ ル?) Is an unused training toy that appeared in Ultimania magazine, which claimed it was a special gift from Streetpassing. The sprite of a second unused toy is present within the game data.

    Spiny Twilight

    A screenshot from an initial trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance showed Sora about to face a Thorny Gloom in District 2 of Paso City. In the final game, the Thorny Gloom does not appear.

    The Kingdom Chain D.The Chain of Kingdom D in The Grid.The Drop Bar, as seen in the first trailer for the game.The first Dual Link icon in the early days.Artwork of a Dreamcatcher in the shape of a Rabbit.The Windmill toy.Another toy that was not used.A Thorny Twilight seen early in the game.

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Vitality Bar

    The promotional trailers for Kingdom Hearts III show Sora, Donald, and Goofy's Vitality bars in a version that is different than the one we were recently shown in the E3 trailer.

    Sora, Donald and Goofy's Vitality Bar, as seen in the first tralers.

    Worlds of Dream Castle, Dwarf Forest, and Enchanted Kingdom

    these three worlds were planned for Kingdom Hearts III. In Castle of Dreams Sora would stop Lady Tremaine's plans where Saix would watch Cinderella saying a similar dialogue that Marluxia says when seeing the death of Gothel in Kingdom of Corona, The world was Eliminated because it could confuse the fans While Forest of the dwarfs and Enchanted Kingdom were erased for failure to Create a story when visiting said Worlds


    1. ↑ Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Fan Powered Q&A
    2. ↑ Interview "The hero of FFVIII was actually supposed to appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, as revealed by Nomura. They had even partially prepared a scenario in which Laguna appeared as the Boss of the Virtual Ring. In the end, they decided if they were going to have a new FFVIII character in Duodecim would end up being Laguna, so they left him out of BBS "
    3. Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania: Mamoru Ohashi: "Of course, halfway through the development of the Dreamcatcher many felt my extreme sadness deeply. Among them was the Queen Buzzerfly, which started out as a normal little enemy, but made a miraculous recovery as a boss of the Dive Mode, which was rare. By the way, when I was little I attacked sitting in the eye of a needle and spinning like a top. "
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