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Aurora , Also called Pink , is one of the Princesses of the Heart. Originally from the Enchanted Kingdom, she was captured by Maleficent and her world fell into darkness.


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Terra and Ventus

At birth, the maleficent witch lost a hex on Princess Aurora. To protect her life, the three fairies hid her in the forest and raised her low in the name of Rosa. On the day he turned 16, he went to the castle to find out his origins, but the spell was fulfilled and he fell into a deep slumber. Aurora possesses one of the seven hearts of pure light that can grant dominion over the worlds to whoever gathers them.


Due to the arguments of the maleficent witch, Princess Aurora is the victim of a curse that plunges into a deep slumber. Luckily, Prince Felipe appears, who with a loving kiss breaks the spell. Aurora possesses one of the seven hearts of pure light that can grant dominion over the worlds to whoever gathers them.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

A young woman with a beautiful voice. She is loved by three good fairies and cursed by Maleficent. The sorceress has captured Aurora to open the final lock. He had his first encounter with Maleficent in "Sleeping Beauty (1959)". Aurora first appears (chronologically) in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, along with her world. Her role in the game is pretty much like it was in the original Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. In a screenshot, I can see her sleeping in a bed, which means that you have already pricked your finger with the use of the spinning wheel and the curse was fulfilled. Terra in a scene from this game is seen stealing her heart and giving it to Maleficent. She will then be saved by Aqua and scenes very similar to the movies will be shown, also with this a new world will be introduced to Kingdom Hearts, the Enchanted Kingdom.

Kingdom Hearts

Aurora, I know as part of Sora's awakening. It is unknown when in Aurora's original story she was brought to Hollow Bastion by Maleficent, but the crown and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep may be after the "Sleeping Beauty" story (as there is a ten-year gap ) between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts). Aurora first appeared in Kingdom Hearts in the Red Dream Station on Awakening. She was depicted in a dream state, which could have been captured and imprisoned by Maleficent at this point. She was first seen in Hollow Hold, with Maleficent when she tried to open the final lock. Maleficent had placed Aurora in a display case supported by brambles at her feet, alongside the other Princesses of the Heart. Her heart joined the others in the heart keyblade when she opened the lock, but returned to her when Sora sacrificed his own heart to save her and the other princesses. Upon awakening, Aurora stayed in Hollow Bastion with the other five princesses to stop the world's darkness. He also revealed Maleficent's origins to Sora. When Sora finally sealed Kingdom Hearts, Aurora was returned to the Enchanted Kingdom.

Kingdom Hearts II

Although Aurora does not physically appear in Kingdom Hearts II, her name was used in the password to access the DTD in the world of Tron. Additionally, many characters from her world appeared in the game, including Flora, Fauna, and Primavera, and Maleficent with her pet, Diablo.


  • Because Aurora is a princess at heart, her heart has a part of the ability to open the Final Lock that leads to Kingdom Hearts, which can only be opened when reunited with the other six princesses.
  • She also has the power to stop darkness, use the light stored within her heart, a power that she and the other princesses can use alone.
  • Additionally, her heart (along with that of the princesses) can be used to create the Keyblade of the Heart of the People, which allows the bearer to open the heart to anyone.
  • Aurora (along with the other princesses) can bestow the fire spell on Sora.
  • She also has the ability to sense darkness, as shown when the princesses warn Sora of a great darkness that is approaching.


Aurora is the only daughter of King Stephanos and the Queen. In childhood, Maleficent had put a curse on her, proclaiming that, on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Thanks to the help of the three fairies (Flora, Fauna and Primavera), Aurora's curse was softened. Instead of dying, Aurora would fall into a deep sleep, one that could only be awakened by a "true love kiss." To keep her safe, they named her Rosa and moved her to the forest of their world with the three fairies who raised her as an orphan. In a chance meeting, Aurora found Prince Felipe, to whom she was engaged. After this, Aurora went to the castle where she pricked herself with the spindle and fell into a deep sleep and was taken to the highest tower of the castle. When Prince Philip killed Maleficent it was an awakening to Aurora. When he awoke they went to the throne room and there they danced together.


  • It's quite possible that Princess Aurora was the first to be captured, as Maleficent was the one who started the search. And Maleficent is from her world.
  • You might expect Aurora to have appeared somewhat aged in Kingdom Hearts, as the game takes place ten years after Birth by Sleep, which (as it has shown so far) appears to revert to Disney's version of Sleeping Beauty. This could be due to the fact that Maleficent's spell does not age its victim, as mentioned in the original 1959 film, "Sleeping Beauty".
  • Also in "Sleeping Beauty", Aurora's age was revealed, she was 16 when Maleficent's curse was fulfilled. So, in Kingdom Hearts (when she was captured), she should be 26 years old.
  • In a camera capture it is seen as Aurora, she is scared to see Prince Felipe, this scene occurs as an illusion that the demonstrations occurred to Ven.
  • Aurora is the only princess to lose her heart twice. The first time he was taken from him by Terra induced by darkness, in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and the second time along with the rest of the princesses.
  • In the movie ´´Sleeping Beauty¨ her dress is pink but in the game it appears blue, the reason why they changed it is unknown.
  • In the scenarios of Terra and Ventus in Aurora's room when completing Enchanted Dominion the bed and aurora vanish although she is supposed to be asleep although it may be that aurora is awake if we take the story of Aqua although the brambles in the clear backwater are not disappear

Stained glass window of AuroraAurora in KH1
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