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    • 1 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
    • 2 Secret Episode
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    • 4 Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep Passage Fragmentary

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

    Aqua, along with Terra, was one of Master Eraqus's students. Like her partner, Aqua also had a dream of becoming a Keyblade Master.

    Aqua gifts the Always Together to Terra and Ventus.

    One sudden day, a mysterious man known as Master Xehanort arrived and gave Eraqus a new student, Ventus. Aqua and Terra end up questioning him, but this caused anxiety in the newcomer that ended in a blackout. Eraqus explains that Ventus has lost all his memories, so Aqua begins to take care of him. While countless days elapse from that moment, Aqua takes the teacher exam alongside Terra, being observed by the two masters, Xehanort and Eraqus at that moment. The test concludes with the victory of Aqua, at the expense of Terra who was unable to control the darkness that emanated from her heart. After Ventus's growing curiosity after the strange behavior that Terra gave after the completion of the test for the master, he went after him, wanting to avoid a hasty action by Ven, however, he is unable to stop him. Following the orders of Eraqus, to bring Ventus as soon as possible, also keeping a close watch on Terra, wanting to prevent the darkness of it from controlling him.

    Aqua receiving orders from the master.

    Aqua, Ventus and Terra explore the different worlds of Disney, meeting many people and with it, confronting the thousands of Nesciente that stood in their way. Aqua later ends up in Radiant Garden with Mickey Mouse where she meets Kairi who involuntarily touches the sword in a fright, doing a Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony. Protecting her from the needy, Kairi gives Aqua some flowers in exchange, which would become the Embrace of Destiny Keyblade. Next, Aqua places a protective charm on the girl to help her in the future. Aqua manages to meet again with Terra and Ventus, but the meeting is quickly interfered with by the presence of Triarmadura, forcing the three to fight. With her defeat, things are not going for the better, before Aqua can ask Ventus to return home together, she ends up arguing with Terra due to Master Eraqus's orders, revealing to Terra that she was sent to watch over him. Wounded by this, Terra retreats and Ventus scolds Aqua claiming that he has taken Master too seriously, and goes after Terra leaving a surprised Aqua alone.

    After meeting Merlin, Aqua goes to the town square and meets Vanitas, who taunts her by asking about Ventus and if he has gotten stronger. When Aqua asks what she means, Vanitas attacks her, and the pair fight a fierce battle. Aqua is victorious, but Vanitas just walks off, making a comment about her backup plan. Aqua then resolves to defeat Vanitas and to protect Ventus and Terra. Ventus then appears, asking to go with Aqua. But Aqua tells him to go home and leaves.

    Peter Pan tells him about the sword that Ventus left behind.

    While in Neverland, Aqua meets Peter Pan and the lost children, joining them in their search for treasure. Later they manage to find the treasure chest, full of wooden swords and among them Ventus's wooden keyblade. Peter Pan tells Aqua that Ventus left the toy there as if he no longer needed it. Aqua then detects someone nearby and goes off to investigate finding Vanitas again, this time stroking Ventus's Wooden Keyblade. The dark entity cruelly mocks Aqua's actions and smashes the toy gun in two. Enraged by that, Aqua fights him again and defeats him, but ends up exhausted from the fight and passes out. While unconscious, she remembers about the last starry night she spent with Terra and Ventus on the Earth of departure. She soon recovers and leaves shortly after.

    Aqua confronts Vanitas in her friend's body.

    At one point during her touring, Aqua arrives at the Destiny Islands and meets two young men by the name of Sora and Riku. Aqua sees the strong bond between the two friends and advises Sora to help Riku if he ever falls into darkness; Even though she initially sets out to grant Sora the power to use the Keyblade, she is quick to object upon discovering that Terra had already done so with Riku, and did not want to put the two innocent children through the tests that she and Terra have clashed. Aqua later encounters an unconscious Mickey adrift in space and takes him to the Mysterious Tower, where she learns from Yen Sid's words of Master Eraqus's death and heads to the Keyblade Necropolis to meet with Terra and Ven. Confronting Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Vanitas; a great battle is taking place. After Ventus headed towards Xehanort, the latter ends up freezing the apprentice, throwing his icy body into the abyss, being grabbed by Aqua before he could hit the ground, and then face Braig. After beating Braig she ends up knocked out by Vanitas and later wakes up to find Mickey. Ventus up on the cliff, seeing happily that his friend was safe, Aqua goes towards him, but Mickey feels the evil in the blonde's heart and deflects the attack towards her. Revealing that it is Vanitas manipulating the body of his friend, exerting control of the Keyblade X.

    Aqua promises to return for Ventus.

    Revealing Xehanort's plan to open Kingdom Hearts and recreate the War of the Keyblades. Aqua commands the needy to be silenced, demanding that he release Ventus's heart, unleashing a battle that would end with the destruction of Keyblade X and the death of Vanitas. Aqua falls unconscious and ends up in Yen Sid's tower alongside Ventus, who has lost his heart. She carries his body, who guides him to the Land of Departure, now destroyed by Xehanort's influence. On her way, she is obtained with Eraqus's keyblade that would help her turn the Land of Departure into the Castle of Oblivion. Leaving Ventus in the Chamber of Awakening with the promise that she would return for him, Aqua follows Terra's clues to Radiant Garden.

    Aqua trying to get Terra to regain control.

    Finding Terra, Aqua discovers that her friend is being controlled by Master Xehanort, confronting him to get her partner back. In the battle, Aqua manages to regain consciousness of Terra momentarily but Xehanort takes control again next to a portal of darkness that begins to engulf him, sacrificing himself instead of his friend, Aqua plunges into the Kingdom of Darkness leaving behind his armor.

    Aqua decides not to give up.

    Now trapped in the realm of darkness, Aqua begins to walk in the dark realm until she is cornered by a group of Dark Sides. Despite being determined to face, quickly loses her spirits believing that she had lost everything, Aqua surrenders willing to wait for death. However, at the last minute, Aqua is rescued by Terra and Ventus' Keyblades. Believing that it was not yet time to give up, she continues on her way while remembering all the friends she has met.

    Secret Episode

    Aqua speaking to her Forever Together, probably referring to Terra.

    Aqua continued on her way into the Realm of Darkness observing her Forever Together which emanated a bright light. Then, Aqua watches as a wave of Darkness is absorbed into a kind of Portal, before which Aqua looks at her Always Together worried, wondering what was happening.

    Aqua advanced through the Realm of Darkness, fighting the Heartless, being aware that they were not mere Nescient.

    Finally, Aqua arrives at a place where she faces what appears to be a pureblood heartless, the Creature of Darkness, amazed that she is not just any enemy.

    After the fight, Aqua continued to advance until she found what appeared to be the Castle of Dreams shrouded in darkness.


    Aqua meets Ansem the Wise.

    After a long time walking, Aqua ends up in the Dark Margin, where she finds Ansem the Wise, being thrown there after his machine was destroyed in the elimination of artificial Kingdom Hearts from Xemnas. Revealing to Master what was the realm of light 12 years ago, and the events that occurred in Aqua's absence, including Sora's actions. Knowing now that Sora and his friends would come to rescue her, she begins to cry while saying Sora's name now with renewed hope.

    Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep Passage Fragmentary

    After Riku leads Kairi to the Mysterious Tower, Mickey tells the story of how he found Aqua and teamed up with her to find the Key to Kingdom D and seal the Door to Darkness. Riku being frustrated, demands to know why Mickey did not tell him earlier, but Mickey clarifies that he had to respect his choice, his claims reinforced by Yen Sid's insistence that if Riku had found out earlier, he and Sora would have arranged an unsuccessful Rescue Mission - Yen Sid then assigns Riku and Mickey the mission to rescue Aqua.

    Riku, Kairi and Mickey in the tower of mysteries with Yen Sid

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