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Riku diving to realize an Alternate Reality

La Alternate reality (リ ア リ テ ィ シ フ ト Riariti Shifuto?) Is a game item that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. When an enemy or a certain object on the field is marked with a pink circle, the player has to press + or use the stylus to activate it. With this attack you fully interact with the Nintendo 3DS, you have to use the stylus to perform certain attacks or reach new areas. The attack does not take effect until the Alternate Reality is completely over.

The Alternate Reality changes depending on the world the player is in.


  • 1 List of Alternate Realities
    • 1.1 Slingshot
    • 1.2 Sacred Bow
    • 1.3 Decryption
    • 1.4 Pop Bubbles
    • 1.5 Cartoon
    • 1.6 Beat Beat
    • 1.7 Dual Illusion
    • 1.8 Dual Fantasy
    • 1.9 Dream Line

List of Alternate Realities


The object or the enemy is surrounded by a bubble that can be launched using the touch screen, the bubble will be launched to the indicated point. Deals significant damage to enemies the bubble is thrown at. It can also be used to reveal the location of various Chests.

  • Location: City of Paso
Slingshot View

Sacred Bow

When used on an enemy, white and blue icons will appear on the touch screen, representing enemies on the battlefield. The player must draw a continuous line joining the icons. Once finished, the line will begin to connect the Dreams and with it, damage will affect them. If you make a turn and go through the same place twice, the damage will be double.

Sacred Lasso can also be used on the floating white orbs that appear in the City of Bells to traverse the map quickly, or explore new areas.

During the battle with Velitárgola (Riku), the Dreamlike icon will be a kind of reddish demon face, and you have to turn around it to damage it.

  • Location: City of Bells
Sacred Bow on the game screen


Some codes similar to the digits of a computer will appear on the touch screen, eventually, colored words or fragments of colored words will appear on it. You have to use the Stylus to select the words you want to use or combine. When the selected words or fragments match, they will appear on the top screen of the game for a few moments, after which they will disappear and cause the effect.

  • EXAMPLE: SWITCH TARGET can make a Dreamcatcher or Sentinel, or a turret ally with you for a time.
  • Location: The net
Decryption View

Pop Bubbles

A bubble will appear on the touch screen, around a ring, and the selected enemy will float on said screen, you have to tilt the bubble to the opposite direction of the objective so that other small colored bubbles surround the enemy. When many bubbles surround the enemy, on the upper screen, Sora or Riku will be up in a bubble, you have to get closer to the other enemies to surround them with the same bubble. The effect will end over time or by pressing A causing a damaging explosion.

  • Using the Reality Shift Pop Bubbles is necessary to defeat Gelivante.
  • Location: Prankster's Paradise
Burst Bubbles in operation


The target appears in the center with the Three Musketeers from the comic on the touch screen. The player must move the touch screen in the way and direction indicated by the arrows that appear on the page, in a linear movement or a spiral movement. After a few of them, the target will be thrown back onto the field.

During Sora's battle against Pete and the Grouper Gulfs, the player is required to use the Comic about the three Grouper Gulfs after each one has been defeated to launch them against Pete and have him join the battle, and then again against Pete. until the end of the battle.

  • Location: Country of the Musketeers
Running cartoon

Beat of Rhythm

The player must complete a rhythmic game on the touch screen, tapping on the blue icons and rubbing on the purple ones to the rhythm of musical patterns. Doing it right will result in some fireworks going off at the end, which will ultimately damage Enemies.

Doing this in Sinfonía del Brujo will make the world change and we can move forward.

  • Location: Sorcerer's Symphony
Rhythm Hit in use

Dual Illusion

The player must break the locks using the touch screen. If we do it right, an image of Riku will appear, Sora and Riku will create a colorful Keyblade, causing a large cut. Sora can use it to break Skyscrapers in his story, including in the battle against Xemnas.

  • Location: The Non-existent World
Dual illusion in use

Dual Fantasy

The player must break some rectangular white locks, using cuts, as in the Alternate Reality above, if we do it correctly, an image of Sora will appear and both will create a powerful Keyblade that will make a large cut. Riku can use Dual Fantasy to break a kind of switch in The World Without Existing and also, in the battle against Ansem and Young Xehanort.

  • Location: The Non-existent World
Dual Fantasy in use

Dream Line

Dream Line is a temporary Alternate Reality, used by Sora and Riku's Lucents, when Riku has to cross into the Non-existent Castle.

It is exactly the same as Sacred Ribbon, but uniting allied spirits.

  • Location: The Non-existent World (Temporal).
Dream Line in operation
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