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Sora advancing through the walls with Acrobat Mode

El Acrobat Mode (フ リ ー フ ロ ー ア ク シ ョ ン Furīfurō Akushon?) Is a main element of the game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. This new system allows Sora and Riku to traverse areas with greater ease and speed and interact with the elements and objects in the area. Using Acrobat Mode, the two protagonists can jump and climb walls, take lanes, jump great heights and attack their opponents in a very peculiar way.

When Sora and Riku use Acrobat Mode, they are enveloped in a violet aura accompanied by two lights of the same color that orbit around them, leaving a luminous trail behind them.

Flowmotion activities are automatically activated on Sora and Riku's command deck when Sora meets Neku in Pass City.


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When Sora awakens in Pass City, Neku can be seen using Acrobat Mode on the rooftops, using a Wall Kick on the side of the building. After their first encounter, in District 2 Neku executes more Acrobat Mode abilities such as Pole Spin, Rail Slide, and Super Jump.

In The Web, when Rinzler attacks Riku and Sam Flynn, Riku uses Wall Kick to block Rinzler.

Back in Pass City, Riku corners Spellican in District 3 with a Wall Kick and a Super Sliding, forcing him to switch to Sora's side.

When Sora confronts the Spellican in Sorcerer's Symphony, he chases him through a starry sky and uses Rail Slides.

Spring Suspension

Riku utilizando Blow-off

Acrobat Mode is activated by pressing the button , executing a cartwheel or an aerial impulse on a wall, on an object that can be interacted with, or landing on lanes or fountains.

Additional actions can be added to Acrobat Mode to form a chain. The player can press to use Burst of Speed ​​to traverse great distances in a short time, to perform Super Jump and jump to great heights or to use a Ataque Flowmotion It depends on the Flowmotion action used by the player.

Acrobat Mode Action List

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Acrobat mode in Kingdom Hearts III
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