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    A Fragmentary Passage

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    A Fragmentary Passage, also known as the Secret Episode (シ ー ク レ ッ ト エ ピ ソ ー ド Shīkuretto Episōdo?), Is a secret ending to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Unlike other secret endings, A Fragmentary Passage is playable, as is the Final Episode.

    In A Fragmentary Passage, Aqua is controlled, who is trapped in the Kingdom of Darkness, where she fights against a multitude of Pureblood Heartless carrying Master Eraqus's keyblade: Salva from the Master.


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    The secret ending begins with an image of Sora sleeping on the beach of the Destiny Islands with Kairi approaching to wake him up. It symbolizes the beginning of Kingdom Hearts.


    Aqua appears approaching Ansem the Wise in the Realm of Darkness.


    Patchwork scenes are shown, including Braig and Xehanort, Terra and Master Xehanort and Aqua in the Realm of Darkness.

    Zero Point

    Aqua appears exploring the Realm of Darkness, when suddenly everything begins to shake. At that moment, a portal of light emerges above her, but a beam of darkness ends up covering it. Aqua looks at her Always Together and realizes that it is ceasing to shine, so she decides to investigate this strange event.


    Aqua continues to explore, when suddenly, she runs into a mysterious enemy. Aqua invokes her Keyblade preparing to fight. At that moment, he realizes that his rival is not a Nescient. Finally, he defeats him.

    Still wandering around, Aqua spots a large castle, which has been swallowed up by darkness. It is about the Castle of Dreams.

    A Fragmentary Passage

    King Mickey can be seen walking through the Realm of Darkness with the Star Scout Keyblade, Riku in the clock tower of Neverland with Kairi in his arms, Donald and Goofy in Pass City, Kairi, with Hayner's gang, in front of the Old Mansion, DiZ in front of Sora, trying to restore his memories and Roxas and Xion being watched by Riku in Twilight Town. Finally, young Xehanort appears on the beach of Destiny Islands, turning around and transforming into Ansem and Xemnas respectively. Later, Sora can be seen sitting on the Paopu fruit tree and Ventus sleeping in the Awakening Chamber, although he disappears, thus leaving the room empty.

    Birth by Sleep -Volume Two-

    Characters in order of appearance

    SoraKairiAquaAnsem the WiseBraigXehanortMaestro Xehanort.pngMaestro XehanortLandKing mickeyRikuDonaldGoofyHaynerpenceAreRoxasXionAnsem, the Seeker of DarknessXemnasVentus

    How to unlock it

    The conditions to unlock A Fragmentary Passage depend on the difficulty chosen for each player's story. First you need to unlock the Final Episode by collecting all the Xehanort Reports.

    • Beginner mode: Inaccessible
    • Normal mode: Complete the Sticker Album with the three characters and get the Gladiator trophy.
    • Expert mode: Complete the Sticker Album with the three characters
    • Master mode: Complete the Final Episode.

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