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    99 Dalmatians

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    Each filtering bag 99 Dalmatians They are the charismatic dogs that appear in the movie 101 Dalmatians. When their world was destroyed, they were lost to all the worlds Sora visits. Finding all the pups in Kingdom Hearts is not a requirement to finish the game, but doing so produces various benefits, including unlocking the Secret Ending on normal difficulty, an Aero upgrade, as well as the full collection of Gumi Blocks.


    • 1 Pepito's Diary
    • 2 History
      • 2.1 Kingdom Hearts
    • 3 Location
      • 3.1 City of Paso
      • 3.2 Wonderland
      • 3.3 Olympus Colosseum
      • 3.4 Deep Jungle
      • 3.5 Agrabah
      • 3.6 Halloween Town
      • 3.7 Monster
      • 3.8 Neverland
      • 3.9 Hollow Bastion
    • 4 Other appearances
      • 4.1 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
    • 5 Curiosities

    Pepito's Diary

    "Cubs of Pongo and Perdita. When they get together they can be very tough and fight. Since the darkness took over their world they try to reunite."


    Kingdom Hearts

    The cubs originally lived in a currently unnamed world in the Kingdom Hearts universe, raised by two adult Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita. At some point, the world of the Dalmatians was destroyed and the cubs were separated from their parents. During the chaos of their world's destruction, the cubs were somehow grouped into groups of three, and they were spread apart through the various worlds of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

    During his journey, Sora finds and frees each group of cubs, sending them to Paso City, where Pongo and Perdita had found a temporary home.


    In Kingdom Hearts, Sora will have to recover the lost Dalmatian puppies throughout all the worlds in chests three at a time, to obtain items or improvements. This is the location of the chests:

    City of Paso

    • 1 to 3: Wizard's Study, look behind the Wizard's Study, on top of a rock. You have to get the Glider ability to catch them.
    • 4 to 6: Alley, behind a wall of boxes, use the Destroyer Trio in District 1 to get them.
    • 7 to 9: Moguri Tent, use the Stunt Trio to enter.
    • 10 12 to: Sewers, use the Destroyer Trio to break the Sewer bars.


    • 13 to 15: Go to the Queen's courtyard. There is a chest on the roof near the exit.
    • 16 to 18: Go to the forest and you will discover a blue chest in the trees.
    • 19 to 21: Use the exit above and slide to the Mad Hatter Tea Party.
    • 58 to 60: In the Royal Palace. Above the bushes. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, in the Lotos Forest look for the entrance to the Tea Garden that is on the ground but do not enter, use the plants to reach an exit that is just above, you will reach the Mysterious Room. Here light the lamps until a painting appears, enter it to get to the Lotos Forest. Use Electro under the chimes.

    Olympus Coliseum

    • 22 to 24: Look for the Trio Hopper Mark at the entrance and activate it.

    Deep Jungle

    • 25 to 27: When you jump on the hippos, look for the chest near a vine.
    • 28 to 30: Go to the high jungle and look for the dogs on duty in the branches of the trees.
    • 31 to 33: In a Trio on the upper level, next to the door that leads to the tree house.
    • 34 to 36: Activate the Trio Mark near the camp exit.


    • 37 to 39: Go to Aladdin's house and look for a chest. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, they are in the treasure room, the chest closest to the door you enter through.
    • 46 to 48: Go to the Hidden Room, take Aladdin, touch the treasure and activate two chests.
    • 49 to 51: Go to the magic cave and drain to the pedestal.
    • 52 to 54: Put Aladdin in your party and activate the crystal in the treasure room. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, you must go to the castle gates, and climb to the top.

    Halloween town

    • 40 to 42: On the bridge before reaching Oogie Boogie's Mansion. On the left side on one of the platforms. Better plan to get there. Final Mix: Where you destroyed Oggie Boggie on the ground.
    • 64 to 66: On the Hill of the Moon, enter through the doors of a tree-shaped tomb.
    • 67 to 69: In the Plaza de la Guillotina, approach the gates that open and under the stairs to the house there is a chest with the Dalmatians. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, a white Trio Mark on the left side of the spreading hill.
    • 70 to 72: In the Plaza de la Guillotina there is a house with some dead trees on top, the place looks like a big monster (Pumpkin). It enters your mouth. To go up near the entrance of the laboratory there is a wall where you can climb to glide.


    • 55 to 57: In the third zone. You can see them near the top exit of area 3.
    • 73 to 75: Look for a red chest in the mouth.
    • 76 to 78: Go to the upper platforms of area 3 and look around. Jump up and slide up to the chest. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, on belly 6, at the beginning of the stairs.
    • 79 to 81: In area 5, look for a chest in a barrel, in the upper area.

    Neverland country

    • 43 to 45: In the Clock Tower. In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, you must go to the deck of the ship, they are in the white trio in the helm area.
    • 82 to 84: In the column of the cellar, the second room where you exit after entering the world, the flight skill is needed to reach the chest.
    • 85 to 87: Activate the Trio Mark inside the ship.
    • 88 to 90: In the captains' barracks, on the bed.

    Hollow Bastion

    • 61 to 63: After rescuing Kairi, In the great room, to the left of the place where the lock is located.
    • 91 to 93: Near the waterfalls.
    • 94 to 96: Outside the castle.At the main entrance, turn on the switch to the right to activate the platform, jump towards the decrease and there is a chest which you have to use Gravity.
    • 97 to 99: In the tower in a chest which you have to use Gravity Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Go to the library and go out through the cable car stop, use Gravity and reach the chest that floats.

    Other appearances

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

    Dalmatians can be found in the scratch marks of the Avatar Menu. The reward for finding them all is Piro ++ D.


    • Only fifteen of the cubs are biological children of Pongo and Perdita, the rest adopted them, because they had nowhere to go.
    • Some of the puppies have a known name: Lucky, Rolly, Patch, Penny, Domino or Freckles are the most representative.
    • If you collect them all in Kingdom Hearts, Pongo and Perdita will reward you with the complete Gumi Collection and the Aero ++ spell.
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